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Seems a lot ot people liked this weeks Angel. And I'm dying to know why. But, I'm also trying to be good. I know next to nothing about last night's ep and attempting to remain 'pure' until I can see it this evening.

As for what I do Wednesday nights because I can't watch or discuss Angel...flipped back and forth between The West Wing and The O.C. I definitely think something is wrong with TWW's writing when The O.C. comes off as more realistic. :p

And could someone clarify something for me? How old are those kids on The O.C. supposed to be? I swear I heard Seth say 16 and I just about fell off the couch.

I also continue to watch Enterprise. Though God only knows why. Oh, wait, Trip. ;) If it wasn't for him I'd have quit at the start of the season what with Rick Berman never having met a cliche he didn't like, turning every enemy the human race has ever faced into an ally, and Scott Bakula's constant looks of constipation which is meant to signal a crisis I guess.

Anyway, after watching the promo for next week, and knowing how misleading UPN promos can be (and, yes folks, this one was very misleading), I went online to search for any info on upcoming eps.

Apparently an early draft of Episode 15 (which would be February sweeps) is floating around. Long story short - Trip and T'Pol finally hit the sheets. Now, I'm all for ships and shirtless Trip, but how all this comes about I have a bit of a problem with. Unlike Spock, T'Pol is not half human. And while they've hinted at her difficulty keeping her emotions in check, they haven't given a clear explaination as to why. (Or, have they? I have missed many episodes.)

Anyway, the hook up occurs after (cue Rick Berman cliche) T'pol becomes jealous seeing Trip with another woman. She's forced to confront her feelings for him and one thing leads to another, blah, blah, blah. So, I guess the moral of this story is, if the guy's hot enough, Vulcan's can just chuck aside their beliefs, teachings, and culture. Uh-Huh.

Oh, I caved in and bought extra icons. I blame _jems_ who I just discovered. I don't think I'll use 50, but it saves me from having to add and delete all the time.

And I redid the color scheme for my LJ. I'm pretty happy with it though I may tinker a bit more.
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I definitely think something is wrong with TWW's writing when The O.C. comes off as more realistic.

I haven't seen last night's TWW, and I don't watch The OC, but I agree that the writing on TWW has suffered horribly this season. I really really really miss Aaron Sorkin. Peter David's reviews of TWW have pretty much summed up my thoughts: They're making everyone so *stupid* on Bartlet's staff, including him. And they're all really smart people. Plus, I think they need to fire the lighting crew, because every episode has been so dimly lit. I keep thinking "Did the White House forget to pay their electric bill?"
I have to agree with you and Peter David. Not only stupid, but exceedingly cocky too.

I hadn't thought about the lighting until you mentioned it. But, now that I think about it, there was a scene last night with Matthew Perry where I could barely make him out the room was so dark. I thought it seemed very odd.
Here's an answer to let you remain pure
"Seems a lot ot people liked this weeks Angel. And I'm dying to know why."

Good acting, lots of plot bunnies, actual character development.
Re: Here's an answer to let you remain pure
Ohhhh, plot bunnies. I love plot bunnies.

It *must* be a good ep, if you're so enthusiastic about it. I know you were a wee bit disappointed with last weeks. ;)
Hang in there, Asta, one of us has to have willpower :)

I think you're really going to like it. It's a Drew Goddard ep, need I say more? For me personally, the episodes I've enjoyed the most this year were written by ex-Buffy writers - Joss, David Fury, Steve DeKnight, and Goddard. As the show is trying to be lighter, I think the Buffy writers have a better idea of how to balance the drama, the comedy, and the absurdity. Therefore, their eps are better balanced, and better acted. JMO though.

I've pretty much lost interest in TWW, but Cindy is hanging in there. I do tune in now and then, but it has lost the magic of the first two seasons.