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President-Elect Barack Obama!!!!!

ETA: And thank God it's by a large enough margin to keep the lawyers away! :) 

And both proposals passed in Michigan (medicinal marijuana use and stem cell research)!  It really is the time for change.

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There are fireworks going off around the neighborhood :)
Bleh. Ok, not a repub, but a bad precedent: style over substance. At least we'll never have to have a woman president in the next century.
I didn't let myself think about it until McCain conceded. I'm still processing.

Congrats on the state measures. We are anxiously waiting results for mayor and senator.
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have gone to Grant Park, but it was beautiful on television.
The cynic in me is looking forward to watching different elements of the Republican party find people to blame for Obama's election.

After the negative campaigning that's gone on, I'm glad to see that the Republican's didn't get in - the idea of Palin in the White House terrifies me. It'll be another contest in 4/5 years time - Obama's inheriting two unpopular wars and a less than robust economy. If he does well and delivers what the voters are looking for, it could be an even bigger landslide in the next election; if things don't improve, and the Republican's field a candidate firmly in the conservative centre with no fundamentalist Christian running mate, I'd not be surprised to see another Reagan-stlye landslide.

All in all, you're living in interesting times :) On a personal note, I'm glad the guy you supported won ;) Did you go for the free coffee and ice cream?
My happiness is tempered with the fact that Florida obviously doesn't want to give gay people rights.
has Florida repealed affirmative action? Nebraska did.

Isn't that special?!
I did a wicked Samba in my brain in celebration. The big feather headress and everything.

*sigh* Can't we trade Floria for a State to be named later?