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San Francisco and How FOX Never Fails Us

Hello all. I'm now on Day 2 in San Francisco. Day 1 was largely a travel day and (mostly) uneventful. My first flight had to return to the gate due to a "weight distribution" issue, which lead me to worry about missing my connection, but it only delayed take off by about ten minutes. danceswithwords met me at the airport and we traveled by train back to her home. We ate some tasty pizza, then I tried not to fall asleep on the couch while she took part in a conference call...not that she was bitter about having to take that conference call on my first day in town. After her call, we talked for awhile, mostly about the election and fandom and LJ, the usual, then crashed for the night.

Today, we both were extremely lazy, spending more time talking and surfing the net, before finally leaving the house around one. Our first stop was lunch. We stumbled upon an Iranian restaurant with good food and a curious one year old at the next table who enjoyed staring at me.

After lunch, we headed over to the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. I had read about the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit online and wanted to check it out. It was interesting to see the dresses and the materials he used up close. There was one piece, unbelievably labeled a wedding dress, that I find difficult to describe. It was completely knitted and would essentially cocoon the wearer from head to ankle. We also had time to walk through the rest of the museum which has some very nice collections. I was particularly interested in their collection of 19th century American paintings. Though many are lesser known works, there were some stunning landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. Since it was a gorgeous (and clear!) day, we also were able to take advantage of the observation tower and see a spectacular view of the city. Finally, we hit the gift shop. ;)

Returning home, we decided to watch an episode of The X-Files since danceswithwords has recently begun watching the series for the first time. The next episode up was 'Space', which is as blah as I remember it.

Next, we left to go meet thedeadlyhook and toysdream for dinner at a Japanese vegetarian restaurant in the mission district. Apparently, there was some confusion during the ordering process and we ended up with an extra dish. After dinner we split up to go our separate ways and I noticed numerous little dogs in outfits. Is this some scary new trend I am unaware of?

Currently, we are back watching more X-Files, specifically 'Fallen Angel' which is an improvement over 'Space'. I forgot the shoulder pads on top of shoulder pads look they forced Gillian to endure.

Well, for those of you who haven't heard, FOX announced their mid-season schedule today and they have decided to put Dollhouse and The Sarah Conner Chronicles on Friday night starting February 13th (yes, Friday the 13th). I see people have already become upset about this. I have to be honest and say I have mixed feelings about the decision. It does feel as if FOX is burning off the episodes it has of TSCC, but I think they are trying to bury Dollhouse because they have a disaster on their hands. The LA Times is reporting that production is being shut down, again. If not for the fact FOX has sunk a lot of money into the series and sold advertising time, they'd likely pull the plug.

Hey, but for anyone wanting a sci-fi Friday again, watch FOX from 8pm to 10pm, then flip over to SciFi at 10pm to watch Battlestar Galactica. Back-to-Back Tahmoh!

A couple other questionable decisions on FOX's schedule, moving House to Monday's at 8:00pm and, um, what happened to Prison Break? And Bones moves to Thursday's at 8:00pm, but that actually works better for me. :)

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