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Sunday in Burbank

Good Morning All. My hope was to post more often while on the road, but the hotels WiFi is not being cooperative. Well, we don't feel like paying $9.95 a day for it. Currently, danceswithwords and I are camped out in the lobby using the free WiFi, surrounded by people who attended the breakfast with Ben, Francesca, Raelee, and Virginia a short time ago. In usual con weirdness, I just read simplystars report on the breakfast that took place thirty feet away from me.

So far, I have no Creation horror stories, though I feel a bit gipped paying for reserved seating when general admission is closer. We may have moved up during Claudia's talk yesterday. ;) Claudia was FABULOUS, btw. Highly entertaining. Though she has let her hair go natural so it looks like she has a poodle on top of her head. Hey, she said it herself!

While I haven't been recording the Q&A's, I've been jotting down notes and taking photos, but with limited internet access I probably won't be able to share anything until I get back. In addition to Claudia, we saw Raelee (who is seven months pregnant and radiant), Anthony, and Kent McCord (he talked to Galactica 1980!) . Last night, while hanging out with some folks, Richard Manning plopped down at the tables we were sitting at. I've had enough fandon/con experience at this point that this doesn't phase me anymore. And I held the bathroom door open for Raelee because I didn't want it bumping into the baby.

In a short while we'll be seeing Francesca (Mrs. Browder) and Ben. Then I don't know what we'll be up to after that. Tomorrow we leave early to travel to San Simeon and Hearst Castle. Here's hoping the hotel has free WiFi!
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In-room WiFi wasn't as bad as I remembered on my last trip. It was easy and the connection reliable. $9.95 was kinda crazy for 12 hours. But los internets! How we miss them! I did pay it, though. ;-)

I hope you are having fun at the Con. And if you stumble upon some internets, just read! Here's a fun story I wrote with a leetle Lee/Laura inspired by a few of your L/L stories and my friend's new vid. :-)

Have fun!
Cool! New fic. :) I've bookmarked it for later.

We ended up spending very little time in the room and when we got back to it we crashed pretty quickly from exhaustion. We're currently in San Simeon and have free WiFi in the room (Wheeeeee!) and I'm trying to catch up on two days of LJ!
It was. But Ben's kind of crazy. Cross dressing and singing was involved in his Q&A as well as talk of picking up guys and being on his knees.
Aw. I wish I could've gone to this one. The last Farscape con I went to, Raelee held her arm up to mine to compare freckles and said to everyone, "Look! We could be sisters!" :P

Claudia is fabulous. And if they got her and Ben together on stage, I'll bet they never stopped and no one noticed the passage of time.
Raelee was adorable. And apparently had to bat some guys hand away when he thought it would be OK to touch her belly. Celebrity or not, it's not OK to accost a pregnant woman.

Claudia talked on Saturday and Ben on Sunday. I think Creation was ensuring they got people to attend on both days, but one of Claudia's boys had a birthday on Sunday. :)