Asta 2

And Now We're In San Simeon

The con was FABULOUS and Ben was HILARIOUS. Also, a bit insane. And he's waiting for all the con-goers to report that he was picking up guys and swapping spit. ;)

We're spending the night in San Simeon and tomorrow will be touring Hearst Castle. The plan was to do that today, but things happened, wrong turns were made. And someone may be smothering me in my sleep for stating that.

In entertainment news, Michael Trucco becomes the third BSG cast member to be cast on 'Law & Order'. This time it's SVU.

OK, off to dinner. Hopefully, we'll be back in time to see TSCC.
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YAY. So jealous! Say hi to DWW for me! *graspy hands at both of you*
Ok, the Law and Order thing is getting pretty weird. It's like they're trying to get me to watch it.
I'm already predicting that Tahmoh will be cast on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. :p