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Home Again

I'm back home and miss danceswithwords and the beautiful southern California weather already. Sigh.

I do recommend to anyone going on a lengthy vacation to clean your home before you go. It's absolutely wonderful to return home to a clean and organized place. And to maintain the appearance I unpacked already! I even went so far as to sort the laundry and put my suitcase away.

I just finished going through my work email which will save me some headaches tomorrow. Amongst the many questions, I had a follow up email to a request I forgot to take care of before I left. Oops. However, why wait a week for me to come back when someone else could have pulled the paperwork from the file and sent them a copy? And why is my boss sending me requests to take care of when he knows I'm not there?

The good news is my DVR recorded all the programs I set it to record. The bad news is I have A LOT of TV to catch up on. I did manage to watch House last night and just who is it that thinks Huddy is a good idea? Watching them dance around each other was painful to watch as was Wilson's rationalization for why it would be a good match. House watching Cuddy through her window was just plain creepy.

I was thrilled to see so much of Cameron and Chase (and apparently they can be worked in successfully with the newbies!). Cameron and her dynamic with House I've particularly missed. I'm still not sold on Cameron/Chase and it seems neither is Cameron, but at least I can watch them without looking through my fingers. And I loved her 'I quit, you were fired' zinger.

The patient of the week was interesting and I liked the twist that he had problems before the shooting, rather than his agoraphobia being triggered by PSTD. I do take issue with his first steps out into the world in seven years being at night. And the parallel of self-imposed unhappiness with House was heavy-handed.

Oh, surgery at one's home? Yeah, I'm not sure if the insurance company, the DA, or the AMA would jump on that first.

When Life focuses on the cases and the conspiracy involving Charlie, the show still works. Mostly. I was confused as to why the security guard would want to protect a pedophile. Apparently the shoe salesman wielded a lot of power in the mall and, uh, that's just not believable.

But what really is dragging down the show is the personal stories and how it's causing the characters to be out of character. Seeing Reese and Tidwell sitting at that table together was a joke. Only if she was drunk could she end up with a guy like that and then she'd hate herself in the morning.

And I couldn't even watch Charlie and Jennifer together. Jennifer is blaming the men involved in the conspiracy for tearing them apart, but she believed he was guilty. She believed the absolute worst of him, that he could murder his best friend and his family. That Charlie wants her back and will accept any sort of relationship on her terms frustrates and disappoints me. Not to mention, she can't act.

ETA: I forgot to mention last night two things I did really enjoy. Charlie taking advantage of Black Friday. It was a nice throwback to the early days of the series when everything was new to him. And the use of a fruitcake as a weapon. ;)

I actually watched Stargate: Atlantis and Sanctuary last Friday. It was late, we were tired, we were at a con, and it seemed like the thing to do - that's my excuse. My opinion of both shows hasn't changed, but for those who care SciFi has picked up 'Sanctuary' for a second season.

Now, I shall attempt to get some sleep. I seem to have adjusted to west coast time just as I'm back on east coast time.
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