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Dragon Con Reminder

Yes, I know Dragon*Con is nine and a half months away, but it's never too early to order your membership and prices go up tomorrow! Today it will cost you $60, tomorrow $65. If you are 99.99999% certain you are going, save yourself $5.

In other savings news, is having one of their great sales - 25% off DVDs and Blu-Ray through 11/23/08. Use coupon code DEEP or SUPERSALE to receive the discount at checkout.

There will be actual content here this weekend. I think I have enough material for a couple weeks of posts between the con, travel, catch-up TV viewing, and my BSG rewatch. It's just a matter of finding time to get it all down.
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I did check for guests, but I believe they are still accepting applications. I'm sure there will be at least one person there we are interested in seeing. And Amanda Tapping has to show up eventually!

I had planned on getting my ticket last night, but got sidetracked by work. Sigh. So I placed my order while my boss signed checks this afternoon. :)