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Attention Net Neutrality Fans

And I believe we are all net neutrality fans here. Net Neutrality Advocates In Charge Of Obama Team Review of FCC. I have no grand delusions that Obama is going to fix all of America's problems, but I do get excited when I read that he's surrounding himself with people aware of the problems and eager to kick the status quo to the curb.

According to the Televisionary, 'Pushing Daisies' may still have some life in it. While not on the midseason schedule, there is still a chance it could make the 2009-2010 schedule. Hey, I'm use to long hiatuses. ;)
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It's nice to see that adults will finally be running things. As you said, there's no guaranty that everything will be fixed, but at least there will be intelligent approaches to problems.
I'd heard about the pro-net neutrality appointments. I knew Obama was for it, and it's good to see him following up. It's one less thing for me to rant about.