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The Sarah Conner Chronicles made me very thinky and a little headachey this week.

TSCC: Complications

'Complications' was quite the jam packed episode, perhaps too jam packed. I actually felt a little overwhelmed by all the information I was forced to process. Though, after rewatching the episode, I have a better handle I things, I think.

Sarah's story was the least interesting to me. I'm not much for dream analysis and we already know that Sarah's concerns about protecting John and her compassion potentially interfering with that task have been troublesome to her. One thing I did appreciate was her confession to Dr. Sherman that she has no one else to talk to. Until she said the words, I'm not sure she had faced how lonely her life was. If they do succeed in stopping Skynet, what does Sarah Conner do next? Who does she have when John is no longer there?

I was amused by Cameron's inability to quite get it. Fischer tried to provide the machines with a greater understanding of humanity. Either Cameron missed the tutorials or she's proof they can come close, but will always fall short. They can emulate. Robot Catherine tried to connect with her daughter by mimicking what she saw in videos of the real Catherine. Cameron repeats Sarah's action of turning over the tortoise with Ellison because a helpful and empathetic gesture in one situation can be applied to all situations by her reasoning. Just as Sarah vomiting in the morning was an indication she was pregnant because that is what pregnant women do. Cameron is showing she is able to process new information, to think for herself, and even evolve, but it's on a very simplistic level. She, nor any of the machines, has yet to show they can copy the complexities of the human psyche.

At the same time she struggles with human understanding, she is showing a a desire to be more human. There were hints of it last season in 'The Demon Hand', her interest in dance continued after her mission was complete, and now she shares with John she can feel sensations and wouldn't be worth much if she couldn't. This revelation, along with a growing habit of smiling at John and lying in bed with him last week, makes me wonder if the show is toying with the idea of John/Cameron. But who is it really that has feelings for for John? Cameron or are Alison's memories resurfacing?

I'm a little confused by Ellison's actions. His need for answers seems to outweigh his reason. While I still believe he won't betray Sarah or John, he must know Catherine will ask questions and he may not be able to come up with answers. How could he explain taking down Cromartie himself? Or how he located him? Or how he even knew about him? And why doesn't he have the chip?

Has Derek changed the future? It provides him with hope that the future can be changed, but I'm not so sure it has, at least in relation to his past/future life. Derek has experienced memory loss before. Again, I refer to 'The Demon Hand' (me thinks this is an important episode in the show's history). Derek is unable to recall what happened in the basement room. Could he have suffered at the hands of Fischer in that room? Fischer did confirm he knew Derek, "You remember now?"

Whether or not the future has been changed and Derek and Jesse somehow have different futures (I'm not even going to attempt to figure that one out), Jesse's desire to see Fischer dead felt very personal. Not that she was avenging what had happened to Derek, but they she was covering something up. Maybe she, too, was sent back as a reward? Maybe she has a better knowledge of the Greys because she was one?

I don't have a great knowledge of the vast complexities of time, space, and physics, but I think there would be issues with two Fischers occupying the same space at the same time. And did Derek and Jesse help make him a monster? While it was the elder Fischer that caused the security breach that got Young Fischer busted, it was Derek and Jesse's actions and subsequent cleanup that seemed to seal his fate. I'm not sure he'll end up at Pelican Bay, but wherever he's locked up his anger at humanity will surely grow.

Much briefer thoughts on...

Chuck vs. the Fat Lady

I have to say I wasn't pleased by the introduction or reintroduction of Jill last week. It's not that I dislike her, it's Chuck's reaction to her I disliked. Chuck has made so many steps forward in both his professional and personal life (even if his friends and family are rarely aware of it) it was disheartening to see him want to jump back into a relationship with a woman who dumped him without giving him a chance to defend himself, then quickly took up with his best friend. And she only seemed interested after she found out he was a spy, not just a Buy More employee. Of course, now knowing she's a Fulcrum agent it's possible she knew that all along, but Chuck is unaware of that possibility. I suppose Chuck, believing he can't have a relationship with Sarah, saw an opportunity for a normal relationship, as normal as he could have. And I probably wouldn't even have an issue with his choice if he had made her answer some questions about their past.

How long has Jill been leading a double life? Since college? Was she recruited by the CIA before or after Bryce? Could the one be the reason for the other's involvement? Could Bryce and Jill not have been romantically involved, but have had the relationship act as some sort of cover? And could Bryce's return from the dead and return to the CIA have tipped Jill off about Chuck being the Intersect?

Not that I want Emmett to gain the upper hand, but I'm glad Chuck's frequent absences from the Buy More are finally being addressed.

As for the awesomeness of Casey or, more precisely, Adam Baldwin, it's hard to pick a favorite moment. Asking Sara how it feels to have her "super computer boyfriend trying to browse someone else's network" - Hee! Hitting a high C and informing them he wasn't just hatched. And then there was his growly, disgusted delivery of "Nerd code". :)

House: Emancipation

I was about two minutes away from hating House, then they addressed the fact that he almost let a four year old die. Actually, the one I'm really disgusted with is Cuddy. It's fine to give Foreman his shot at a tricky case, in fact, it's long overdue, but to not check in on his progress? And to not call in House or demand he call in House when it was looking dire? Writers, feel free to cut her loose at any time.

I wish more time had been given to Foreman's desire to be like House, yet try to move out of his shadow. He got burned last year when he emulated House and Foreman, once more, has gotten up the courage to try to prove himself. And, again, I was pissed at House who seemed unwilling to allow those working under him to grow as doctors. Is he really threatened that the student may out do the master? But the truth was revealed - he was waiting for Foreman to tell him he was doing the trial rather than ask permission to do so. It all suddenly made sense. Foreman is a doctor, House's equal in many respects, and he shouldn't be asking permission to not only do what he wants to do, but what he needs to do. Not to mention, doesn't Foreman technically work for Cuddy?

It was nice seeing Foreman, Cameron and Chase working together again. It would be even nicer if we could see them working with House again.
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I really loved "Complications," not necessarily because it was the BEST EP EVAR OMG! ('cause it's not), but because it's just so... uncomfortable. It makes you ask questions that you may not want the answers to. And it's just so intense. And where it's not intense, it's creepy. And you just don't know whether the basement doesn't happen to Derek now, but has been replaced with the Fischer experiments, or whether they're two separate events that both happened, or even whether they are the same event, subtly changed from what we've seen before because of the changeable nature of a traumatic memory.

Another friend (cisaac) has suggested that the only way Ellison's actions with Weaver in this ep are anything other than bad is if he is, indeed, using her obsession to get information of his own and that he thinks he can remain in control. But even that is very dangerous game he's playing, and only slightly preferable to him being sucked in by her and actually believing and trusting her. As cisaac pointed out in his review of the ep, there's a Bible passage Ellison should be quite familiar with and that's the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
OH! I almost forgot. I LOVED that at a couple of points when Derek was watching Jesse in action, he had this look like, "Whoa. She's more f*ed up than I am!" :P
Hee. Yeah, he did seem to be a little concerned about Jesse's behavior. Derek realizes they have to limit the attention they draw to themselves and that doesn't seem to be a concern of Jesse's.
or even whether they are the same event, subtly changed from what we've seen before because of the changeable nature of a traumatic memory.

I wondered about that possibility as well. The same thing could have happened to Derek, but in different locations in differing futures. Or Derek could have shared what he was able to recall, but Jesse altered the details in her mind.

cisaac has an interesting theory. I do think it's possible that Ellison is using Catherine to gain information, but I also think he's seen and experienced enough to know it's unlikely he can control any situation. I'm not even convinced he entirely trusts Catherine, but because of his desire for answers he wants to trust her and doesn't see any alternatives. He seems to have correctly guessed Sarah will not be very forthcoming.
I reainlly need to get myself a TSCC icon...

Anyway, Complications was on last night and whilst it was great to see Richard Schiff in something again, my favourite moment in the episode was when John and Cameron were at Ellison's and John saw THE photo from Sarah's file, establishing in this cannon at least, how John got the photo of his mother that he gives to Kyle.