Asta 2

Where Did I Put the Rats Ass I Could Give?

Thanks to Emerson Cod I now have a new catch phrase. :) The dialogue in the first twenty minutes or so left me going, "wow". I'm just amazed at the writers and how they can put words together. As for the plot, it was fairly predictable, especially with a rather small pool of suspects. And I'm trying to figure out if Chuck's coat was a hit or miss.

I decided to skip posting my thoughts on Life. Why waste time ranting. There were just so many problems with that episode.

FINALLY, People magazine gets it right. Hugh Jackman is named the sexiest man alive. I think the last time I bought a People magazine was in 2006 when Jamie was featured.

And the economy might be in the crapper, but here is a pleasant side effect of it - Tough Reality as Recession Hits Unscripted Series. People are turning to scripted series as they try to escape reality. Looks like we could have less Howie Mandel in our future.
I wonder how much of the reality slump is the economy, and how much of it is the fact that reality shows have had enough time to become a regular part of the TV landscape, to lose their novelty and be judged on their own terms.

The novelty is over. And I do think the glut of reality programming is hurting reality programming. 'Deal or No Deal', sadly, would probably still be doing well if it wasn't on multiple times in prime time and in daytime. But when people are losing their jobs and homes or are struggling to get by, do they choose to escape their problems for awhile in a work of fiction or by seeing people rewarded for their idiotic behavior? As I said above, I do feel reality shows in which you have to have talent to move forward and earn a reward will continue to do well, but people don't want to see people just handed wads of money.