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'Pushing Daisies' Officially Puching Up Daisies

According to E! Online, The Televisionary, Mo Ryan, and many others, Pushing Daisies along with Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money have been canceled by ABC. Accept ABC won't use the word canceled. :/ Bryan Fuller has already talked to DC Comics about a comic book series to wrap up this seasons storylines as well as Warner Brothers about a feature film. Maybe Fuller can also work his magic over at Heroes where he's rumored to be returning. And he can start by helping Tim Kirng remove his foot from his mouth.

In other TV news, Michael Shanks is doing yet another SciFi Saturday classic airing December 20th. Gateworld has a few details about The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon:

Recruited by co-star Shannen Doherty's character, Thain helps her search for her professor father. He and his Smithsonian team disappeared when they discovered a hidden Aztec city protected by warriors from the past and a deadly flying serpent.

Shannon Doherty? Deadly flying serpents? There shall be much mocking.

Why does Michael hate Toby? Is it an irrational hate or did Toby actually do something to Michael? Toby seems nice enough if a but boring.

And while I appreciated Jim's gesture and I suspect converting the garage to a studio sold Pam on house, you just don't do things like that without consulting your fiance/wife/significant other. I would have thrown a fit. I just can't imagine starting a life with someone who doesn't consult you about major decisions like that.

I will say I found the picture cemented to the wall particularly humorous since that actually happened to a friend of mine. She's lived in her house six years now and the ugly pictures are still attached to the walls. She can't remove them without ripping out part of the drywall.

I loved this weeks episode. Steve Martin may have had his best part in years. John McEnroe's cameo actually worked for me, though I'm not sure how many people know he is an art collector. Jenna and Tracy have always been the weak links for me, but Jenna was MIA this week and Tracy's fear that his sons were going to go Menendez on him I found to be one of his stronger storylines. And given Tracy's paranoia having the kids confront him in the dark with hockey masks was a nice touch. I'm probably going to be the oddball and say my favorite moment was when Jack told Liz that no one knows what racketeering is.
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I am so sad about the demise of PD. No more Emerson, Olive or Digby? ::sob:: At the same time, I think I am completely over the idea of TV shows continued on in comic book form. It's not the same thing.

The Jim/Pam house-buying plot left a bad taste in my mouth. Last week Pam gives up art school, this week she doesn't utter a word of protest when her fiance makes a huge financial decision without her input. Bleagh.

Michael's hatred of Toby is mostly inexplicable, but probably has to do somewhat with the fact that as a corporate human resources person, Toby never goes along with Michael's wacky ideas.

John McEnroe's cameo actually worked for me, though I'm not sure how many people know he is an art collector.

"WHY ISN'T THERE ANY GOOD ART IN HERE?" Heee. I want to be friends with Liz Lemon. She knows where all the good cupcakes are!
I'm not a supporter of comic book continuations, however I think if any show could work well in the format it's 'Pushing Daisies'. I'd prefer a movie version though.

I hate to criticize Pam too much since I'm new to the show, but she's coming off as a bit of a doormat to me. She wouldn't even speak up about the microwave which was disgusting and I was shocked that no one else thought so. The house was a two fold issue for me because many people would not feel comfortable living in their in-laws old home and, as you mentioned, it's a huge financial decision. Granted, Jim got a good deal in a bad housing market, but in a few years they could have invested in a house they both wanted. She's so willng to settle that, if I was Jim, I'd be a bit worried.

Not only does Liz know where all the good cupcakes are, she forced McEnroe to be quiet! That's HUGE!
What molly_may said about the Toby/Michael hatred. What's funny was in another episode, they show David Wallace at corporate reacting pretty similarly to his own HR guy, in the same contemptible tone.

I agree to an extent about the Jim buying the house. He had said in a past episode that he was also doing it to help his parents retire and he said in this episode again, to help his mom. Granted, again, huge financial decision, no matter what, still should be consulting with Pam. That said, as much as Jim is a guy who likes his comfy ruts, he also is seen to be rather impulsive when it comes to the big stuff, so this fits with the guy who would buy an engagement ring a week after he and Pam started dating. It's not a lovable quality and it has a chance of majorly biting him in the ass, but this does fit his character, at the very least. Jim's just lucky that the two of his most expensive impulsive moves have paid off.
I agree, even from the little I've seen of the show, Jim's buying the house seemed very in-character. My problem is more with Pam not saying anything and just accepting the situation. The comment about not sleeping in his parents room shows me there are issues there.

I'm thinking I need an 'Office' icon. ;)
Again, I would agree, but I don't think there was an issue. I thought there would be one, because hey, i'd have one, but honestly, I think she was shocked, but ultimately pleased with it. Jim himself had issue with sleeping in his parents room and the clown poster as well, i don't think those are deal breaking issues and they were played for laughs.

And to respond to something you said to molly_may, I feel the need to defend Pam. She has not always been the strongest in herself, especially in her role in the office and how everyone takes her for granted or ignores her. She has not always been the strongest in her esteem or her relationships, but she has made loads of strides in the last 3 seasons. Ultimately, though, she still has her moments and not being completely confrontational about the microwave fits her perfectly, actually. She still will have her stronger moments, like with Ryan, but it's still a mixed bag for her. One of the positives though with her relationship with Jim is that it's one of the few places she seems to not hold back(IMO), so that's a positive for her.

Ahem. Sorry. Pam's my favorite and her character arc since the beginning of the show is something I adore.

ETA: LOL and just after i posted this comment, the first deleted scene from this week's episode showed up with Pam owning up to the note to the office.

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No problem defending you're favorite character, I totally get it. ;) And I really don't want to be critical of characters who I haven't seen develop over the course of four seasons. It's just that I get frustrated when I see characters or people (yes, my personal issues are coming into play here) not speak up for themselves. Of course, some may say I speak up far too often. :p
ok that description of the SciFi Original Movie (TM) has me giggling a bit uncontrollabley. ah ha ha hee! *snort*
I'm crushed about Pushing Daisies going :( I know I've only seen the first season, but that was one of my favourite shows of last year.

Kring needs to adjust to the fact that people aren't enjoying his show because... well, it pretty much sucks. And I say that as a lifelong comic book reader. Well, lifelong elitist comic book reader with delusions of grandeur, at least.

I'm actually interested in that sci-fi film. Oh, I know it'll be bad, but... Michael Shanks! Shannon Doherty! Flying Serpents! If that wasn't an excuse for beer, nachos and hilarity, I don't know what is.
I love (she says sarcastically) how Kring has stated (repeatedly) that he knows they've made mistakes, then proceeded to tell us how he was going to get the show back on track. One way was to trim the cast, but I read recently they are actually adding at least three new characters. Now, he's blaming the audience for the shows decline. Any credibility he had is now shot to hell

I'm interested in Shanks' film for the mocking potential. :) The guy didn't want to talk about Mega Snake at Dragon Con last year so he turns around and participates in another classic. ;p