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Thoughts on Angel: Lineage

Wow. Where to begin. Wes looked really hot, especially with guns blazing. But, seriously, as Clem would say, Wes, you got 'issues'. One bullet would have been enough to take him out and he unloads the entire clip? I'll let someone else write the essay on how dysfunctional that father/son relationship is. For once, I was going "My poor baby" and wasn't talking about Spike.

Eve I'm actually warming to. I wouldn't say I love her or even miss her when she's not around, but she did have some pivotal and interesting moments. I have to agree that Angel tearing Wes a new one was uncalled for. Fred has been in the field many a time and it's probably sheer luck she hasn't been hurt as badly before. But, when Eve addresses the underlying reason - Wes' involvement with kidnapping Conner - it begins to make more sense. We discover Angel still doesn't completely trust Wes. In large part because he knows what Wes is capable of even as Wes, himself, doesn't.

And this scene is needed in order to establish at the end that Angel finally understands Wes and where he is coming from. Unlike the rest of them, Wes can make the tough decisions. Angel could never kill Conner, instead choosing to erase his existence from their memories and manipulating all their lives. No matter what the personal toll, Wes will sacrifice for the greater good and bare the burden alone.

Now let me take this moment to go "Woo Hoo!" "Yes!" "Thank You!" - Wes remembers his relationship with Lilah! As much as this means to me personally, I then begin to think how it effects the current situation on the show. Wes became involved with Lilah after he was abandoned by the gang because of his kidnapping of Conner. Since that never happened, what was the reason for his involvement with her? And if Wes remembers her and their relationship what else of those two years do they all recall?

I'm not sure what to think of Spike in this episode. Honestly, except for the scene in the elevator, I thought he was unnecessary. Actually, he has yet to play a pivotal role in the season. I know, blasphemy! I don't hate Spike on Angel, but I could enjoy the season just as well without him.

I digress. There were some Spike moments I liked. Full of pride, asking "So you've heard of me?" only be told that they met before...while he was slaughtering orphans. Nice reaction by James. But, um, I get it ME, he was evil, let's move along.

Oh, and there was this gem..."Sex with robots is more common than most people think." Hee. Plus, it was kinda cool to see the guy get to throw a punch again. :)

Being reminded that Wes was "Head Boy" was a nice bit of continuity, but Spike making a huge deal out of it made me cringe. It wasn't *that* funny. Also cringe-worthy - Spike acknowledging his mum wanted to shag him.

I have a couple of problems with this. While I liked the fact Spike was trying to reach out to Wes in his own unique way, it seemed bizarre that he would be as open as admitting to the shagging. Not to mention, contradictory. He was pretty clear to Wood that it was the demon who said those things to him and the demon he killed - not his mum.

Another bit of oddness, Eve and Spike in the elevator. Eve can't take her eye's off of him? Huh? I can't even recall that many scenes where they are in the same room let alone she has him under constant surveillance. Still, their conversation raises a lot of interesting pints. Spike seemed convinced that he screwed up W&H's plan by wearing the amulet. Eve seems to imply that maybe he didn't. Maybe he's exactly where they want him. If so, what are their plans for him?

And where the hell did the cyborgs come from and who are they working for? Someone wants to control Angel. I'll go out on a limb and say I don't think a new CoW is in any way involved. Could it be another branch of W&H? What if their are warring factions? One putting Angel in charge of the LA office, another bringing Spike back to bollocks things up?

On a final note, sorry folks, Fred and Wes? Gonna happen. ;) She finally bought herself a clue tonight and understood just how deep his feelings run. She seems confused as to how she feels about this at the moment but not disturbed by the revelation enough to run screaming from the room either. And convenient how Knox was popping in at all the wrong moments. Evil. :)
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