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Happy Day After Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving Day. I took the opportunity to sleep in late, after falling asleep as soon as Pushing Daisies ended, which meant I slept for almost thirteen hours. Eep! I’m assuming I needed that much sleep for some reason. And I didn’t get online at all yesterday, deciding to take a little break from the interwebs and figuring you’d all be too busy to post. You failed me people! :p

I do have to share a little pre-Thanksgiving Day story with you all. One of my co-workers had a birthday this week, I baked cookie bars, and, as we sat around eating them Wednesday morning (yes, morning, it’s how we roll), another co-worker decided she wanted us to share what we were doing for Turkey Day. At this point, another coworker cut her off, stating, no, it’s Thanksgiving Day and chastised her for calling it Turkey Day. Seems she’s tired of people forgetting the "true meaning of the holiday". So, thinking she was about to turn this into a religious holiday, I said, “You mean that we came here, stole the land, and slaughtered the indigenous people?” Let’s just say there was a moment of silence after my comment. :)

I’m a wee bit behind in my TV comments, but if anyone is still interested in my two cents:

The Mentalist

So, let me see if I have this straight. The detective’s secret daughter is killed by his son. After which, he is forced to tell his wife that an affair he had twenty years ago produced a child who, ya know, their child killed. They are, understandably, in shock and not speaking after these events. Patrick shows up on their doorstep with his granddaughter and news that social services is handing the kid over to them. We are then left with three smiling adults and the indication this is going to make everything better. Seriously? OK, I’m just going to tell myself from now on I’m watching a fairy tale and Simon is the handsome prince.


I was actively rooting for the SWAT team about fifteen minutes into the episode. It’s hard to feel sympathy for a hostage taker and whatever sympathy I may have been able to muster disappeared as soon as he started shooting people. While frustrated by being tired all the time and having difficulty breathing, it isn’t enough of a reason to do what he did. If he had done just a tiny bit of research he’d have known House was the best doctor at the hospital and House would have treated him without waving a gun around.

House has done many stupid things during the course of this series, but giving the guy his gun back is now at the top of the list. He wasn’t just endangering himself, he was endangering other people. If Thirteen had died, House could have, should have, been thrown in jail for her death.

The point of this unnecessarily super-sized episode was that Thirteen had to be near death to realize she wanted to live. What a cliché. One used by writers who are too lazy to look at the complexities individuals with fatal disease must face.

And we’re also supposed to believe that Cuddy acted differently because House’s life was at risk? If he hadn’t been there she just would have allowed the SWAT team to charge in and start shooting? I should have turned this episode off when I first had the inkling to do so.

For some TV I really, really enjoyed!


I was as tired of Sarah’s obsession with the three dots as the Derek, John, and Cameron were. It seemed a distraction from the mission. If you focus on one thing, how many other things do you miss?

The Riley/Jesse connection was a surprise, especially the reveal that Riley is from the future. Though, hints to this twist would have been nice. Her breakdown from the stress of the lies she’s told and life she’s been forced to live didn’t feel organic to her story or the plot.

That Jesse is up to something isn’t surprise. The photos hinted at Jesse not being who she presented herself to be (see writers, you can lay the groundwork for a reveal) and Derek’s discovery forced him to question her and his trust in her.
Derek revealing he’s John’s uncle I felt was made a bigger deal than it actually is. I can’t see that knowledge of the familial connection would help or hurt Jesse’s mission, other than that connection will likely make it more difficult to turn Derek against John.

What of Jesse’s story that Future John was becoming increasingly isolated and only listening to Cameron? I suspect there is some truth to her story, especially given Cameron’s references to she and John talking a lot in the future, but if Cameron was taking over, as Jesse also stated, why would John send his closest confidant back to the past? Are we supposed to believe he’s undermining his own work? Or that Cameron has an important role to play that ultimately aids him and humanity?

My mind spins when I think of the implications of Cromartie giving John Henry ‘life’. We are seeing machine become ‘man’, yet that is only possible because Cromartie was sent from the future. And did Cormartie have knowledge of what was to become of him? He saved Ellison’s life and cryptically told him that, “Skynet does not believe in you like I do.” Does that belief come from knowing Ellison helps make him into what he is? That Ellison helps give rise to the machines?

There were many parallels in this episode. Sarah encounters another parent who will do anything to ensure their son’s future. Jesse and Riley unknowingly being betrayed by the women they care about. (I wonder if John is driven closer to Cameron once he discovers Riley’s been lying to him?) Cromartie/John Henry getting a second chance to exist as Cameron did in the season premiere.

On a superficial note, has Summer ever looked more stunning?


“Unleash the Casey.” HEE!

I also loved Big Mike taking out the bad guy and saving Casey’s life. “I hate thieves.” Mike, you have no idea how big a
thief you just nailed.

I appreciated the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn homage as Lester and Morgan place their hands on the glass. Poor Ellie, does have any idea what she’s let herself in for after inviting Jeff and Lester to the house?

I’m thrilled the Jill arc is over. I hate seeing Chuck act like such a shmuck. Even Morgan thought he was going to have to hold an intervention. I’m trying to focus on the positives of her arc. We got confirmation that Bryce has not slept with every woman Chuck has loved. Chuck asked what many of us have thought, is everyone in his life a spy? And it was humorous that Fulcrum was trying to track down Bryce believing he still had the Intersect when the Intersect was standing right next to them.

NBC has announced it's Midseason schedule...and it sucks. Howie Do it? Seriously??? On the Brightside, I have time to catch up on DVD viewing and my BSG rewatch.
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