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Wlecome to Cyber Monday

OK, when did the Monday after Thanksgiving become Cyber Monday? Did I miss a memo? Can we quit naming days people!

I’m behind in posting about Friday Night Lights and since there will be another new episode Wednesday, I thought I better catch up.

Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

From the beginning, Eric and Tami have been my two favorite characters on the show and one of my favorite TV couples ever. But over the course of two and a half seasons, my adoration of Matt Saracan has grown. He hasn’t had to endure the tragedies some of the other characters have, yet his arc breaks my heart. Life, in general, has worn down this young man. The one bright spot he had in his life was being QB1 and the town turns on him faster than you can say J.D. McCoy. He scores the winning touchdown, but no one cares it’s all about what J.D. did during the game. I like that he blew up at Eric, not for benching him, but for not being honest with him.

Tim Riggins, outside of football, can apply himself if he wants to. He listened to Buddy’s words, he even seemed to believe in Buddy’s words, and he convinced the others to act. I still question the wisdom of buying and flipping a house in the current market, but it was nice to see him try to do something for himself, his brother, and his friends.

Oh, Tyra Moment #1: I had a lot of hope for her at the start of the season, but not dumping Cash after questioning the pill popping was only the first sign of trouble for her.

Jason’s story suffered, it seems, from the strike shortened season. The last time we saw him he was asking Erin, his one night stand, to not abort his child. Now, he’s declaring she’s the woman he loves to death. I feel we missed something.

Random Thought:

How was Matt’s mom unaware of what had happened to Jason? That would have been a major headline even outside of Dillion.

It Ain’t Easy Being JD McCoy

Oh, Tyra Moment #2: When a woman shows up demanding child support from your boyfriend, trust your instincts and dump his ass.

Tim giving J.D. a tour of his Dillion was amusing. I give him credit for not taking J.D. to see Lisa.

J.D. is a much more sympathetic character than I imagined he’d be. I’m waiting for him to either have a breakdown or have a disastrous game. While McCoy Sr. is being painted as the bad guy, and should be, I’m also angry at the mother. She’s not stepping in and doing something about the pressure J.D. is under.

On top of Joe McCoy being incredibly controlling, he seems a little clueless about football. No parent walks into the locker room after a football game. And you certainly don’t embarrass/undermine the starting QB like that. Even Buddy seems to be taking issue with the stresses Joe is putting on J.D.

Interesting to learn that Matt, knowing he couldn’t cut it in the pros, still has college football aspirations. Perhaps he was hoping for scholarship money. Of course, if Eric finds out he had sex with Julie he probably won’t live long enough to see college. ;p

Random Thoughts:

I loved Matt’s grandma cornering Eric in the grocery store and chewing him out about benching Matt. She’s seldom absent minded when it comes to her grandson.

Were those angel or butterfly wings on the back of Mindy’s wedding dress? Either way, I shudder.

Keeping Up Appearances

It seems odd we had a football game and Matt was nowhere to be scene. I’m guessing this is part of the cost cutting the show had to do.

I actually felt sorry for Buddy. I know I shouldn’t. He cheated on his wife, repeatedly, and she dumped him as she should. But his kids were being such brats. And that weren’t just making Buddy miserable, but Lyla as well. I can understand Lyla’s empathy. She cheated on Jason, was made an outcast, but was forgiven and accepted again.

While it was corny, I liked how we saw families brought together by football. Given the right coach, like Eric, it can build character. And Jamarcus’s father, who didn’t seem to have a lot of faith in his son, was able to see him excel at something. Buddy got to bond with his kids. Joe McCoy, on the other hand, could care less about his son’s success when he isn’t able to take credit for it.

New York, New York

I didn’t think they’d let Jason’s story end on a sad note, but they didn’t make it easy getting to the happy ending. For such a smart guy, he was incredibly naïve to think he could just go to New York City and become a sports agent. And he was willing to just give up if not for Tim’s good advice. I was wondering why Jason didn’t think about talking to Wendell and hauling him back as leverage, then Tim Riggins brings it up! In fairness to Jason, he made an excellent argument to Wendell. A large agency would not give him the attention that a sports agent looking to make a name for himself would.

Oh, Tyra Moment #3: She fell into the trap her mother, sister, and presumably every woman in the family has. She was afraid to lose her man, so she chucked her dreams and quest for independence for what she perceives as security.

What Matt needs more than football is the Taylor family. It’s the family he’s longed for. His grandmother loves him dearly and he loves her, but he’s been forced to be the caregiver. Eric has been more of a father to him than his own and he’s tried to take care of him in ways he can. But Eric is also the coach, and there is a possibility that Matt could be hurt playing receiver and they’ll be out a back up QB. Eric, as he is prone to do, ultimately does what is best for Matt. And Matt proved he can get the job done. I wonder if they are setting up a storyline in which Joe McCoy is displeased by the new star WR stealing some of his boys press (Eric had Matt take his first pass on the field in front of an audience) or that J.D. is going to crumble at some point and Matt will quickly have to shift positions?

Tami wanting to move to a larger house was something that was brought up early in Season 1 and it’s nice they went back to that. I can understand her wanting more space, but the house she was looking at was a huge upgrade from where they live now and I couldn’t conceive of a way they could afford it without living paycheck to paycheck. Tami usually has a lot of common sense, so I have to wonder if a desire to live in Katie McCoy’s world was an impetus for this. It was obvious that it was hurting Eric not to be able to give that house to Tami, but, he was right, one or both of them could find themselves out of a job. They, and we, know how mercurial the residents of Dillion can be. And Julie will be going off to college soon. There was just no way it was doable.

Random Thoughts:

How many days of school and practice did Tim miss? And this is going into a playoff game.

I hope Tim wasn’t too disappointed by Gypsy. ;)

I loved Julie shooshing Matt at the dinner table and Eric’s reaction.

Favorite line: “Is this going to be our Julie or another Julie?”

And segueing from FNL to Wolverine, Cinematical has the first picture of Taylor Kitsch as Gambit.

I don't recall if we had an exact date, but the BSG webisodes will launch on December 12th. (Source: Mo Ryan at the Tribune)

TV Squad asks, "What's Your Favorite Christmas Special?" Which made me curious as to what you all love to see this time of year. It will probably be of very little surprise to you that my favorite special is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. ;) I also usually view Miracle on 34th Street (the original, not the craptacular remake) at least once and, though not strictly a holiday movie, Love, Actually.
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