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I support trying something different, but I don't feel this was successful.

I've been thinking about the episode for about an hour, trying to put my finger on what didn't work. It comes down to too many disparate elements. Usually, the A storyline and B storyline parallel each other in some way, but I'm failing to see a connection between John and Riley and Cameron and Eric.

The 'friendship' between Cameron and Eric was enjoyable. I was beginning to wonder of Cameron could form an attachment, a friendship, with someone, but the final scene tells us she can't. Or at least not yet.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Cameron told Sarah last season she was unable to detect cancer in her. Yet, she tells Eric his cancer has returned and where it is located. Muscle weakness and weight loss will not enable someone, even a machine, to detect exactly where a tumor is located. House isn't even that good.

I can understand why Derek was MIA in this episode, but they needed to either work Sarah in better or drop her altogether from the plot. I guess the writers thought she needed to remind us of the importance of the three dots so we'd make the connection when Cameron looked up at the stars. I wish TV writers would give the audience credit for being able to recall what happened last week.

Governor Wyman? I guess using Governor Schwarzenegger is problematic for them.

I did find the idea of having a terminator show up at the wrong time, screw up the timeline, have to correct it, and then wait around for decades to carry out his mission intriguing. So intriguing it could have been played out over several episode rather than have Cameron destroy him in about a minute.
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