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The Good, The Eh, and The Pretty

'Castle' is on ABC's Midseason schedule. Monday nights at 10:00pm doesn't seem like a bad spot. But we have to wait until March 9. :(

Propworx has put the 'Battlestar Galactica' auction catalog online. You'll be able to purchase a catalog next week. Assuming the price is reasonable I plan on doing it. I've only gotten through page thirty of the pdf due to technical difficulties, but I saw a couple of production drawings I wouldn't mind having.

Tonight's House didn't fill me with rage! Woo!

Are they heading towards Foreman/Thirteen? That relationship I could get behind. House/Cuddy is making me do a full body cringe at this point. I felt like I was watching a couple of middle schoolers deal with a crush. And WHY does Wilson think this is a good idea? At least I Iiked his hair cut.

I knew Boob Lady was House from the start. The guy is a narcissist. He must constantly google his name. Kutner really thought he could get away with his scheme? But I did enjoy watching him get played and House enlisting Cameron and Chase to help him. I was neither surprised that House wanted to keep the site going (money + ego stroking) nor that he hired a hooker to play the role of the patient.

The patient of the week story was 'Eh'. Having her nightmare involve being crushed to death by obese people was extremely tacky.

So Lori Petty has gone from feature films to non-speaking guest starring roles on TV shows? I hope she gets to come back and say a line.

Could the writers on The Mentalist come up with one script in which I don't guess the killer in Act 1? They even focused on the big honking clue that gave him away! I do have a new Mentalist game though. Spot where Simon's accent slips up. I happened once tonight.
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Michael Hogan mentioned at the EXPO that having had two blue and one grey uniform throughout all the seasons, this last half season or so if he had to shoot four scenes, he'd have four new blue uniforms - one for each scene. That's how the auctions are managing to come up with things like Lee's flight suit - they've simply made more and had the cast wear them, for the purposes of going into this auction.

I think that's why I'm a bit ambivalent towards the auction; I don't have the money to bid on much, and I'm a little let down by the way things are being manufactured for the auction and then advertised as original items.
That's... yeah. As a fan, I know I'm signing on for a certain level of exploitation, but it's mostly symbiotic--I buy the DVDs and merchandise and pay into the profit model that makes the show possible. That seems to go a little beyond that.

But hey, at least they aren't auctioning the underwear the actors wore with the costumes for this show.
I'm much the same - I've bought the DVDs and a certain amount of merchandise, I've paid for a few autographs from the actors... but it feels as if NBC are being deliberately disinegnious when it comes to this auction. I understand that it's for charity... but there's a big perceptual difference between getting the uniform Saul Tigh/Michael Hogan wore on screen for four years, and the one he wore for 15 minutes in episode 4x16. Argued one way, it shouldn't make a difference - a uniform is a uniform - but the counterargument to that is if it shouldn't make a difference, why isn't NBC being transparent about what's been done in trying to generate the maximum amount of merchandise for auction?
Because no one would pay thousands of dollars for a uniform he wore for fifteen minutes.

If they've done it with the uniforms, what else have they done it with?

At Galactica 2, Aaron Douglas auctioned a BSG t-shirt signed by almost all the cast, for charity - and raised almost £500. I think given the choice between that, and £3,000 for a uniform that might've been worn for a single scene, I'd save my money. There's only so much corporate cynicism I can handle in a day.
I don't have a lot of faith in these type of auctions either. And I've heard stories about items being manufactured, so to speak, for auctions. I have a couple of Lee costume cards and I never thought they actually cut up his uniform and flight suit (they couldn't have - he has it!), but they were probably outfits he tried on once, were deemed too big or too small, and thus used as scrap for the cards.

I am contemplating bidding on one of the drawings. I love conceptual art and being an artist myself it would mean something to me, but I would set a limit I what I am willing to spend.