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Friday Night Lights

I've liked Friday Night Lights since the beginning. Even when I wondered what the hell they were thinking during the second season, I stuck around because there would be an episode or a moment that reminded me of the series potential for greatness. Season 1 I would say ranks as one of the best seasons of any television series in the history of television. But, it wasn't until this morning, as I finished watching this weeks episode and saw the preview for next weeks that I thought, "Is it Wednesday yet?" There is only one other show that I have the 'I can't wait until next week feeling' for and it's Battlestar Galactica. So, for anyone not watching Friday Night Lights and who knows of my love for BSG, yeah, FNL is that awesome.

Let me get the 'Oh, Tyra' moment out of the way. I feel it's safe to say Tyra has finally hit bottom and seen the light. Not only is Cash a pill popper who drinks too much, he has a gambling problem, and it was clear he was on the brink of being physically abusive. I'm as pissed as Tami is that she's blown so many chances and put herself in the position she has put herself in, but at least she made the phone call and asked for help. Can she salvage her senior year and go to college? I'm not sure. What I think should happen is she ends up going to community college for a year and has to work even harder to get out of Dillion. And I don't want to see everyone get a happy ending at the close of the season.

Tim seems to have seen the light as well or at least took off the sunglasses for a time. His talent on the field has helped him get into college, but can he make it through four (or five) years? I'm not sure if this is a college that will give him a free pass on classes and even if they do what about his drinking and general laziness? Maybe he loves Lila enough to try and if he enjoys some success that will keep him on the right track.

I don't think I've ever been pissed at Grandma Saracen before. She was lucid throughout this episode (Actually, she seems to be better this season. Perhaps an improved diet and medication is helping.) and she expects Matt never to leave her. In other words, not go to college and have a life of his own. The last thing I want to envision is a thirty year old Matt, managing the fast food joint, watching high school football games and thinking about what might have been.

I wish we had more information as to what happened between Matt's parents because his mom is doing a hell of a lot now to try and help him. I'm sure it is, in part, motivated by guilt, but there are plenty of parents who abandon their kids and never look back. She's willing to stay and take care of woman who can't stand her so Matt can have a better life.

I predicted after the last episode that either J.D. would have a horrible game and Matt would have to replace him or Matt would get his moment to shine. I didn't think it would happen on national TV though! But I give the writers credit, they didn't overplay it. Matt played a very good game, but he didn't do anything spectacular. There was no leap in the air to catch the game winning touchdown in the final seconds. Sometimes games are won just by holding onto the ball and getting that first down.
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