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Battlestar Galactica Rewatch Part 1

I'm probably the only one who cares that The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice premieres tonight. Don't judge me! :p  What some of you may be interested in is Leverage premieres after it at 10:00pm est. Christian Kane and his bad hair co-star.

I've mentioned my Battlestar Galactica rewatch. I just finished watching 'Home Part 2' earlier today. My plan was to post as I watched, but I ended up having marathon viewings and twelve pages of notes. I realize no one's attention span is that long when it comes to posts, so I'm just posting through 'Colonial Day' (plus I did some editing). Since I have at least one person on my Flist who recently began watching the show, I'll warn that their are spoilers for what has aired to date.



  • I’m still having trouble believing they all went five and a half days without sleep. 
  • Supposedly, Ron and David didn’t decide who the final five would be until Season 3, but, in addition to Boomer, Tyrol and Tigh seem to be fairing better than the rest of the crew without sleep. 
  • How did Helo become separated from the survivors we saw him with in the mini? 
  • Baltar feels he’s being manipulated by Six, but is he playing the odds?  His choices could be based on deducing what Adama and Roslin will do next. 
  • Before firing on the Olympic Carrier, Starbuck asks Lee what if he is wrong.  Um, it’s not his decision to make.  It’s called following orders.


  • Even though Lee and Adama reconciled after the attacks, the show is establishing that their differences haven’t gone away along with the anger.  While Lee has the ability to make snap decisions, it’s his nature to question whether those decisions were the right ones.  I get that.  Because, if you decide you made the wrong one, you learn from it and don’t repeat your mistake in the future.  Adama’s attitude is what is done is done and you move one.  You don’t live in the past because it may jeopardize your future.  They both have points and it’s hard to argue one is right and one is wrong. 
  • I didn’t realize how soon they set up Laura as a pragmatist and benevolent dictator.  She’s not worried about the means, but the ends. With riots breaking out, she asks Adama to use the military to maintain order.  It is Adama who stresses they shouldn’t use the military as police - “One fights the enemy of the state, the other serves and protects the people.  When the military becomes both then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.”   Laura states she won’t let that happen, but we know by Season 4 the Cylons are not the only threat and it’s because of choices she makes. 
  • Boomer, at times, successfully fights her sleeper programming.  Does this ability allow her to split from her the rest of the eights later on?  And why is it that of seven Cylon models only two have individual personalities?  Six, by far, has the most unique personalities.  Have we ever seen two Sixs remotely alike? But the Sharons do differ a bit whereas the Leobens, D’Annas, Cavils, Simons, and Dorels seem to share the same personality.  Is this important or is it just a consequence of what they needed from the characters for the show?   
  • Laura to Lee: “Do you see why I need you?”  Ha!  She <i>needs</i> him.  Yes, be prepared, I will be pointing these important moments out. ;p 


Bastille Day 

  • It’s been about two weeks since the attacks and the Adama family détente is crumbling: 

Lee: “I didn’t know we were picking sides.”
Adama: “That’s why you haven’t picked one yet.” 

  • I’m still in awe that Lee decided to take on a dozen guys, most of whom were much bigger than him.  I don’t think it’s a sign of the death wish he’ll have later on, but it’s clear he still has a lot of anger in him. 
  • They had five nuclear warheads left.  I haven’t been keeping track, do they have any left now? 
  • You gotta love Tom Zarek.  The fleet is facing death by dehydration and he wants elections now.  And he’s willing to sacrifice his men - and himself - if it means the collapse of the government.  Forget he won’t be around to see his ‘victory’.  He has a tendency to not think plans through and I’m feeling as if his rush to act and nihilism will come into play again soon.  I wish we had a bit more backstory on Tom because I’m still trying to figure out if he is just a guy who craves power or a fallen idealist – a man broken by the system he railed against who can now only see success by alternately playing by and undermining the system’s rules. 
  • Apollo is the god of the bow and the hunt as well as healing.  Lee’s “just a nickname” seems too appropriate to be random.  He’s an excellent soldier and leader, but the idealist in him puts the good of the fleet before the military and he has a desire to serve and help the people. 
  • While Lee is resolving the situation with Zarek, Kara fires at Zarek.  Her choice bothered me and it was an early sign I would never be a big fan of Kara’s.  Kara has a plan to follow, more often than not it’s her plan, and she’s following through with it, period.  I know she’s shown to more often be right than not, but, again, that’s a problem for me.  It’s the whole ‘Kara is special’ and I’m more of the mindset that they are all special.  All of them, together, account for their survival and path to earth or whatever their final destination may be.  But Kara probably needs to be special; it will make up for her screwups.  I don’t mean to go on a Kara rant.  It’s not as if I hate her.  It’s just I find myself frustrated with her getting away with more than others on the show. 
  • Adama to Lee: “You sound like some sort of lawyer.”  Oh, Bill, you have no idea how prophetic you are being.

Act of Contrition 

  • It’s the 14th day and Flattop is having his 1000th landing.  So soon?  His death doesn’t get an easier on repeated viewing. 
  • Lee tells Adama that Kara almost decked him in the rec room, to which Adama smiles.  Lee gave an order, Kara refused to follow it, and Adama chooses to laugh it off.  Which sets up that Kara can get away with crap as long as it doesn’t affect William Adama. 
  • Adama is angry at Kara for passing Zak, but he’s also angry at himself and feeling guilty.  Kara is confirming what Lee said to him – that Zak was not cutting it as a pilot and doing it all for him. 
  • Kara about Zak: “I was so in love with him.”  I believe her, which is just one reason I’ve always had problems with Lee/Kara.


You Can’t Go Home Again 

  • Adama can order the Olympic Carrier with 1,300 people possibly onboard destroyed, yet he isn’t able to leave Kara behind.  With his inability to separate the personal from the professional, coupled with viewing his crew as family, I see why Adama didn’t rise above the rank of commander and remained stuck on Galactica.  He’s smart and has a good military mind, but he too often allows personal feelings to dictate his decisions.  He can get away with that now and, occasionally, it even works to the fleet’s advantage, but his lack of perspective would have been a problem for him prior to the attacks. 
  • When Tigh is being a voice of reason you know there is a problem.  And Lee grabbing him is another sign of his anger issues. 
  • I love watching Laura make Lee and Adama feel about two inches tall. 



  • Tyrol was suspected to be a Cylon.  This along with some other moments in my rewatch make me think they knew Tyrol was going to be revealed as a Cylon at some point. 
  • Adama mentions his father was a civil liberties attorney.  Was this before or after he defended criminals as Romo stated he did. 
  • Yeah, that’s all I got on this one.  It’s still not a favorite of mine.  Way too predictable.


Six Degrees of Separation 

  • It’s been 24 days since the attacks which means they skipped a week.  The missing time does help to explain Helo and Sharon falling in love. 
  • Is love blind?  How could Helo and Tyrol not suspect the Sharons at this point? 
  • Whatever happened to Shelly Godfrey?  Is she still lurking in the fleet?  Did she airlock herself and was reborn on a basestar?  I need answers! 
  • Tyrol struggled with the Cylon raider while Boomer felt drawn to it.  Is it a sign that the five don’t have the same connection? 
  • I find Jamie on crutches really cute, though I hope he never actually needs them. 
  • And who wrote “Cylon” on Boomer’s mirror? Shelly?


Flesh and Bone 

  • Confession time.  I’ve never found Leoben all that fascinating and his psychoanalysis of Kara is not only sketchy, I find some it doesn’t make sense.  As to how he knows what he knows about her, I still have no clue.  Assuming Kara never told anyone what happened to her as a child, we have to believe something mystical is going on.   
  • Leoben: “All this has happened before and will happen again…destiny is already written…each play a role, each time play a different role.”  These words or similar words are repeated throughout the course of the series.  I believe Ron has always known how he wanted to end the series, even if he wasn’t certain how they would get there, and I think Leoben’s words will play a big role in the finale.  How, exactly, I’m not sure.  We could literally experience some huge time jump with the same players playing different roles.    
  • “Adama is a Cylon.”  Unless Zak shows up, I’m assuming Leoben was just trying to unsettle Laura. 
  • At the end of this episode that I felt Caprica, the series, would be pointless.  If destiny, or history, is already written, then why should we care about what happened fifty years before the attacks?  An inherent problem with prequels is the actions of the characters won’t change anything.  At best it can enrich what we’ve seen and what we know, but it won’t change it.  As a two hour film, I’d be fine with Caprica, just as I was fine with Razor filling in blanks.  But right now I’m paralyzed with not carrying about what happened decades before the Cylons wiped out the colonies.

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down 

  • I still find it suspicious that Ellen was unconscious for three weeks and has no memory of what happened to her.  I find it equally hard to believe she’d be the last Cylon. 
  • Laura was exchanging glances with Lee all through dinner.  I’m just sayin’. 
  • How did Ellen not know about Zak?  It’s been two years and I didn’t think she and Tigh were separated.  I can’t imagine he didn’t tell her about Zak’s death. 


Hand of God 

  • 36 Days – wow, it’s only been about a month since the attacks. 
  • Laura sees the snakes because of her Kamala use.  If she didn’t have cancer, she wouldn’t be taking the Kamala and thus not having the visions.  It helps to support that not only is she the dying leader, but she has a destiny.  The knowledge strengthens her resolve and reinforces to her that her decisions are the right ones for the fleet’s survival.  It also explains her fear and hostility when Kara later challenges her beliefs.  If she doesn’t have her destiny, what does she have?  Why did she survive the attacks?   
  • Under Lee’s tutelage she has learned a lot about the military.  Instead of telling the pilots, “Good Luck” she tells them, “Good hunting everyone.” 
  • Here’s another problem I have.  I grant you, Kara does have outside the box thinking, which they need.  However, I have issues with her instructing Lee as to how to run the mission.  How much combat experience did she see before the war?  None of the pilots have any and, on top of that, she was stuck on Galactica. 
  • She’s right, Lee can over think, but telling him, “Don’t frak it up by over-thinking”, is not the best pep talk. 
  • I don’t believe Starbuck could do better, Lee!  Sometimes *I* feel as if I’m the only one who has faith in him.  Lee so deeply desires his father’s acceptance, he grabs onto it on the rare occasion Adama grants it.  Of course, he only grants it when Lee’s on a military mission. 


Colonial Day 

  • Whatever happened to Wallace Grey?   
  • There is a lot of quick forgiveness in this fleet. A couple weeks earlier, Baltar was looking at being executed as a traitor and now he’s chosen the Caprican delegate. 
  • Lee’s bar fight was a set up for discovering the gun, but, again, it shows his anger management issues. 
  • Assuming Zerek is telling the truth, who killed Valance?   
  • Laura informs Lee she won’t send the Sagittarian delegation back to their ships because it would be in violation of their civil rights.  Yet, she instructs Lee to bug Zarek’s quarters, tap his phone, and “shut him down”.  It’s the first time that Lee’s eyes are opened to what she is capable of doing to get her way.

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  • And the More Joy Day recipients are...

    Apparently, I should have just offered something to everyone who responded to my previous post by midnight yesterday because I ended up with four…

  • More Joy Day! I Suck at it Again!

    I seem to recall doing nothing last year for More Joy Day. And, as mentioned previously, I had hoped to have something cool to post today, but life…

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    The lovely and talented sdwolfpup is hosting the Third Annual More Joy Day. Because, unlike her, I suck ;p I have no grand post to make.…