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The end is near....for NBC

I changed my default icon after having the other for I don't know how long. It's still Asta, but I found a new picture. :)

In case you haven't heard Jeff Zucker and Ben Silverstein are doing their damnedest to destroy NBC. And the cherry on the sundae is we'll now get Leno five nights a week. Nikke Finke analyzes the possible outcomes of this move. I'm not a big Conan fan, but the guy is really getting screwed here. What's the big deal about getting the 11:30 slot when Leno is still going to be preceding him at 10:00?

Dead Like Me: Life After Death arrives February 17th. A Complete Collection including the film is also being released. I didn't see anything new included on the discs, it just looks like a repackaging.

'Leverage' did well in it's premiere. I've read both good and bad reviews, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I'd enjoy it more if Christian would get a haircut. :p

Nathan: OK, I'm getting tired of dead children being the impetus for people switching what side of the law they are on. But, unlike 'The Mentalist', I do think Nathan losing his son because the insurance company he saved millions refused to approve a possibly life saving treatment is the best motivation they could conceive for his career change.

Eliot: Christian is playing the muscle. Color me shocked. I did appreciate the spin they put on the character - he won't touch a gun. And they're already showing he's more than what he appears to be. He tried to reach out to Eliot and, I think, be his friend. I'm interested to see that relationship develop.

I cracked up when Christian/Eliot began talking about conventions. All I could think was, "Dude, I've seen you at one!"

Parker: She's the weak link for me. She's crazy. That's it. And I was deeply disturbed that she blew her parents up. It was suppose to be a humorous moment, it wasn't. And the actress is overplaying the role.

Sophie: We don't know much about her yet. As a serious actress, she sucks, and she either has a past or wants a future with Nathan.

Alec: The young African American male is...a computer genius. That is so refreshing. And I now know that "Did you try turning your computer off then on again?" is not just something my firm's help desk came up with.

How the FBI was depicted was laughable. I have as many issues with government agencies and how they are run as the next person, but on their worst day I couldn't envision the FBI being as sloppy as they were here.

I don't have much to say about this episode. I'm not sure if it was because the episode was 'meh' or because I was waiting for the Advil to kick in and thus distracted.

Continuity makes me squee, so I loved seeing Jesse and Derek's meeting as previously described. And we learned that for someone who grew up during a robot apocalypse, Jesse seems worldly and well educated. Perhaps Australia wasn't as hard hit? I hadn't imagined travel between countries going on. I had accounted for the accent by assuming her family was in the U.S. when the nukes dropped.

Sarah having to protect an unborn child seemed too calculated to me, but I did like the twist that it's Lauren who becomes Sarah and not her mother.

Is there a new rule that the entire cast can’t be in an episode together? I actually could have seen John in this episode assisting Derek.

Derek holding the baby? Awwwwwwwww.
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