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A Weeks Worth of TV

Between it being a crazy week and me seeming to be going through posting lethargy, it just occurred to me it's been about a week since my last post. I did have some TV thoughts and hopefully I can recall what they were.


This series has had many convoluted plots, but Cuddy finally getting a baby may be at the top of the list. We're really supposed to believe that a teenage girl gives birth in an abandoned house, leaves the baby there believing it's dead, it's found by a homeless couple who takes care of it, the baby appears no worse for the experience, and Cuddy gets her because the grandparents would find raising her too painful even though that will be their last connection they have to their dying daughter. Remember how I said I'd stick with this show until the end because of Hugh Laurie? Well, I'm not so sure anymore.

I've read criticisms of the Thirteen/Foreman coupling including the relationship is rushed and the actors don't have a lot of chemistry together. I have to say I don't feel they have loads of chemistry, but I don't think they are completely lacking in that department either. And as for it being rushed, they've known each other for two years and have spent a lot of time together the past few weeks. I can accept they've gotten to know each other. But, for me, the reason I can support the relationship is because both of them are acting like adults and not twelve year old children.

Assuming Cuddy and House do hook up it will mean we will have three couples on the show. Doesn't that seem like too many? Though, I guess they do it on Grey's Anatomy all the time.

I watched Law & Order: SVU to see Michael Trucco's guest turn as a serial rapist. I was really impressed by his performance and saw the sleaze he was playing rather than Sam Anders. But I was a little distracted by all the high collared shirts they had him wear to cover the scar on his neck.


This episode was less successful than the premiere. The story fell apart in the final act with numerous plot holes and what I felt was some overly schmaltzy support of our troops. However, the beginning of the episode was very successful, reuniting the team and introducing them to their new place of business. I did wonder if Christian had Wolfram & Hart flashbacks. ;)

And it finally hit me why Alec looked so familiar. He was Ray 'Voodoo' Tatum on Friday Night Lights.

Friday Night Lights

Knowing that Eric was going to walk in on Julie and Matt in bed, I was prepared to do a full body cringe. Thank you show for avoiding that very awkward moment by having it play off camera. In fact, I did something I didn't think I would do, laugh, when Julie screamed.

The entire situation was handled well. This was not a decision Julie made casually, but you certainly understand Tami and Eric's desire to have her wait. Softening the blow somewhat is they know Matt is a good kid. I suspect if Julie had been caught with any other member of the football team Eric would not have been quite so restrained.

I don't know if Matt and Julie will end up growing old together, but, if they do, he's looking at a lifetime of being whipped. My favorite line of the episode was Julie's, "Man up, Matt".

Landry finally stopped being Tyra's doormat and called her on his treatment of him. And she still wasn't able to see he was right until Julie supported what he had said. I'm not sure how Tyra will do outside of Dillion without Landry and Tami to bail her out.

Crucifictorius seems to have gotten better. I wouldn't hold out hope for a record contract, but I concur with Matt, they don't suck as much as I feared they would.

There have been times I have found Lyla to be a brat, but I think she had every right to be angry at Buddy for losing her entire college fund in a questionable business deal. He's hurt his entire family, repeatedly, and at what point does he stop?

I'm glad the show finally addressed Buddy's car dealership struggling. I couldn't imagine it was doing well in the current economy. If he were to lose that than his status as star booster will be gone. Sadly, I think that would hit him harder than his family being in shambles.

Madison is most likely only interested in JD because he's QB1, but that poor kid is going to crack under his father's control unless he starts rebelling. It's nice that his mother finally spoke up. I assumed that the Joe was always as he is now, but Katie's implying that at least some of his behavior is new.

The Office

Are the Christmas episodes always this unpleasant? I'm not a fan of sentimentality, but this was brutal. They took the character's worst traits and magnified them by ten. Even if Meredith is an alcoholic, you don't stage an intervention at the Christmas party and then kidnap her and force her to go to a rehab facility. And they made me feel sorry for Angela who I should not be feeling sorry for. The look on Phyllis's face after she announced that Angela was sleeping with Dwight did seem to indicate she knew she went too far. At least Pam and Jim came out unscathed, mostly because they had so little to do in the episode.


I'm not sure what to think at this point. It's nine days after they found 'earth' (yes, I'm being stubborn about the earth reveal :p) and, apparently, Cylons are living on board Galactica, if not other ships in the fleet. Tigh is back in CIC and no one seems to have a problem with that. And, oh, yeah, we have confirmation Gaeta likes guys. I have to say, the kiss was way over-hyped unless we are going to get some major making out when Gaeta and Hoshi are reunited.

TV Guide interviewed Jane Espenson about the webisodes. Surprisingly, she does give away a spoiler.

The Battlestar auction print catalog is now for sale. It's limited to a run of 5,000. I'm number 113. :)

And I'm not going to backtrack where I saw it, but Bryan Fuller has revealed that the thirteenth and final episode of Pushing Daisies will no longer end with a cliffhanger. In post-production they've added on a new beginning and ending and, according to him, the ending should be satisfying.
House: I'll copy and paste what I said over in treacle_a's LJ: I was watching and thinking, oh, the girl was so considerate to be dying, you know? I mean, they can cure anyone, but this way, we have a perfect pink bow for Cuddy to get her Xmas baby. Thank you, Santa! Thank you for killing the teenage girl and giving me her 3 mos. premature baby who is just a-ok after being cared for by the homeless couple in the freezing NJ weather! You rock!

As far as 13/Foreman, I don't think the relationship rushed or anything of the like. chemistry is questioniable and subjective and for me personally, I just don't care enough to even think too much on it.

Assuming Cuddy and House do hook up it will mean we will have three couples on the show. Doesn't that seem like too many? Though, I guess they do it on Grey's Anatomy all the time.

Case and point ;) Like you, I thought I'd always be sticking with House, no matter what, but I'm rethinking it by the episode.

FNL: Once again, all your reviews make me look forward to d/ling this season. I really should start doing that and saving up.

Office: I was not a big fan of the episode, but your description of highlighting everyone's worst qualities and not giving into sentimentality or anything is something you would've definitely gotten used to if you'd seen past episodes. Though their Xmas episodes tend to be more bittersweet than just bitterbitter as this episode was.

I hate the "hate triangle" but I do have to give it to the writers that I alternate feeling bad for/annoyed by the characters at different times. I'm really curious how they will dig out of this. I'mr eady for this storyline to come to a ehad and be done with already.
All I can say to your Cuddy baby commentary is...HEE! And didn't she say she couldn't go through the adoption process again? Couldn't the grandparents change their mind? Ya know, after they bury there daughter they could have a change of heart about losing that connection to her.

I'll be interested in reading your FNL thoughts when you get around to watching this season. :)

I haven't even been watching 'The Office' for very long and I'm ready for the triangle to come to an end! Considering how small that office is and how Dwight and Angela have been carrying on there, I'm shocked that everyone didn't know about the affair before they were outed.
Dwight and Angela actually have been carrying on an affair since S2 and only broke up in the beginning of S4. They have their discretion. Also, I don'tt hink people cared or wanted to know what Dwight and Angela do in their private lives :P Jim and Pam were the only ones who knew about the original affair and both discovered it on their own and were separate confidantes for both Angela and Dwight at different times.

Just some Office history for ya :P
I have a feeling that Leverage, like The Mentalist and Bones, is going to be a show I watch less for the plot (although I'll absolutely appreciate it when they pull off a good one) and more for the the characters. Because I still loved the 2nd episode and was totally able to gloss over any plot holes. :-D
Accept for Parker, who I am still iffy on, I like the characters on Leverage which makes hand waving plot issues easier. ;) As long as I care about the characters, a show will hold my attention. And I have to say that their plotting is much stronger than The Mentalist which has no problem giving away the killer a minute after we meet them.
I'm very relieved that Pushing Daisies won't end on a cliffhanger :) It's always a pain when a show gets stuck like that.

I continue to give Crucifictorious props just for the name... but I can't help thinking that in later years, Landry look back and cringe a little.

The webisode... makes my head hurt. Either there's an elaborate double blind going on, or the writers really seem to feel that the audience is in a position where we can accept all those genocidal robotic killing machines want a do-over and can now live happily amongst us all because that 25 billion plus deathcount was just a little slip, and that the human race is forgiving enough to just handwave it all.
I'm not sure the Cylons are living happily within the fleet. I suspect they are only aboard Galactica for military purposes (the one Sharon was wearing a Cylon flight suit) and, even aboard Galactica, the Sharons didn't seem particularly happy.

I'm reserving judgment until the webisodes or new episodes show us more of what is going on. It could be a case of my enemy's enemy is my friend and a damaged basestar with even a small number of Cylons can help protect the fleet from the rest of the Cylon race.
He was Ray 'Voodoo' Tatum on Friday Night Lights.

!!! You're right! He is Voodoo! OMG! I knew I knew him from somewhere and I just recently saw previously with Voodoo in it and I still didn't connect until you pointed it out. He's so different from Voodoo!
He is very different from Voodoo. I don't think we ever saw Voodoo smile. He's got more range then I thought!
Having abandoned House way back when, who are the other couple to whom you refer? I am so out of the loop that although I assume it's Cameron and Chase, the last I heard they were on the verge of splitting up, rather as life imitated art...

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Chase and Cameron are still very much together. Thirteen and Foreman locked lips last week. And House and Cuddy look to be hooking up soon.
Are the Christmas episodes always this unpleasant? I'm not a fan of sentimentality, but this was brutal.

They tend to be pretty wrenching, actually, now that I think about it. This was just paaaaaainful, though, especially the very end where Andy chats obliviously into the stunned silence before they leave the party.
That's one of those episodes that made me so uncomfortable I have no interest in ever watching it again. Pam and Jim need to get away from these people!
I agree it was painful, particularly at the rehab center and the very end, and yet, this wasn't the one that made me wonder if I should stop watching. Some of the episodes last season with Michael and Jan (particularly the dinner party they threw) were just excruciating to watch.

BTW Like your Oscar/Andy icon. THAT was one of the better storylines this season.
The dinner party episode may have been the first episode I saw in it's entirety. Not a good introduction to the series. I'm surprised I tuned back in!