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This episode was a letdown for me. FOX had been hyping it as a big mid-season finale (remember a time not so long ago when the concept didn’t exist?) and nothing really big happened. Sarah did get shot, but considering her name is in the title of the show it’s a safe bet she’ll pull through. Sarah did finally kill someone, but the guy had just shot her and was about to put a second bullet in her so she didn’t really have any other options.

I’m ambivalent about Sarah’s dreams, visions...whatever you choose to call them. This is a franchise that involves killer robots from the future and humans traveling through time to alter that future, but do prophetic visions have a place in the story? While I’m fine with establishing there is pivotal information buried in her psyche that is trying to reveal itself, I am concerned that her waking dreams are going a bit too far in an otherworldly direction.

Seeing the ship hovering overhead was unexpected. It looks similar to ones we’ve seen in the scenes from the future. My assumption was those machines were created by the machines, but it looks like we built them first. So did the machines have to do less work in the future than we previously believed or has the past been altered to the point we are now doing more of the work for them?

We still don’t know what Jesse’s endgame is, but we are seeing how ruthless her determination is to get there. Riley’s mission is to keep John away from Cameron, but we only have Jesse’s statements that John’s relationship with Cameron is detrimental to the future of humankind. I’m not convinced Jesse is the enemy in the traditional sense, but who is to say she didn’t end up in a basement room herself and was brainwashed?

John went back to annoying me a bit. First of all, bloggers are very reliable. :p And can you strip the wallpaper in a rental home? I don’t think Sarah wants to keep him a kid, she doesn't want to loose her deposit.

The show did something very interesting visually. While Ellison was playing chess with John Henry, just before John Henry speaks, we see his words appear on the screen behind him. It provides visual emphasis that John Henry is just a computer, not the 'person' before seated. When Ellison talks about humans being God’s creation, John Henry asks if he is part of God’s creation and Ellison isn’t able to answer. Could he have before John Henry took human form? We care about Cameron, but, in reality, she is a computer chip. Does possessing a body, something that allows that artificial intelligence to interact with their environment and with people, make them more human?

And I have one thing to say about the preview for the upcoming episodes. Just in case you didn’t see the preview or chose not to view it I’ll do a spoiler cut.

Kyle Reese?!?! Ok, this twist has to mean one of three things. He’s not Kyle, but a terminator created in the image of Kyle. He’s part of Sarah’s hallucinations, which is not without precedence since in the deleted scenes for T2 Sarah imagined Kyle was with her in the psychiatric hospital. Or, and this one will make my head hurt, Kyle was sent back in time twice. If Derek’s missing memories are an indication that the future is changing then perhaps Kyle could have been sent back at a different point in time?


A particle got into the FTL drive and caused them to jump to the wrong spot. They are really pulling one out of their asses here, aren’t they?

I’m really confused by the time frame within the webisode. Gaeta and the others are assessing their situation which implies it’s a short time after the jump. Yet, Hoshi is stating they’ve been gone for two days. Huh?

I was worried about Jane Espenson writing the webisodes and my fears are being realized. The scene between Tigh and Hoshi had no place in the BSG universe. Hoshi just stopped short of saying he wants to go rescue his boyfriend and Tigh is considering his request. Seriously? This is not Buffy. There’s no shirking of your responsibilities while you go off to save your boyfriend.

I did love that they acknowledged (excluding the Six’s) that all Cylons look like all the other Cylons in their model line. I’m hoping we were supposed to laugh when the Sharon asked Gaeta if he recognized her.


Does Mark Sheppard guest star on every TV show? And was it just me or did anyone else see Romo without the glasses?

Parker still isn’t working for me. I’m assuming she’s supposed to come off as quirky, but I’m finding her rather dumb. The writing is somewhat to blame, but the actress’s delivery is severely lacking.

And it only took three episodes to work in Christian Kane singing! For those not aware of his other career as a singer that was his voice and his song playing near the end of the episode. We also got him sans shirt and making out which are two other good things.

I saw the news earlier today that Jack Black and Jessica Alba would be guest starring on the post-Super Bowl episode of The Office. I envisioned several members of my Flist not reacting well to this news. But, after reading TV Guide’s description of what is planned, it may end up being entertaining.
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Yeah, Jessica Alba is the devil and all and I hate stunt casting(one of the reasons 30 Rock is a turnoff for me and gives me flashbacks to Will and Grace and Friends in later seasons), but the concept of the episode and the way the stars are going to be used makes me really curious and excited to see how it will play off.

And yeah, this is still, in a way, stunt casting, but it's post-Super Bowl episode plugging. I love my show and all its integrity, blah, blah, blah, but I also get the importance of the slot. So, here's hoping!
I'm not a fan of stunt casting either. More often then not it's a failure. Though Kevin Bacon playing Kevin Bacon on Will & Grace was pretty funny. I think the concept is key here. And what may really make it work is if Jessica and Jack are starring in some really bad movie....or sequel to one of their movies. ;)
I wasn't a fan of the Hoshi/Tigh scene either. If Adama had granted the request (and interestingly, the commentary from Espenson says that they originally wanted these webisodes to take place with Adama but couldn't get him for scheduling reasons; it's a real shame since I think using Tigh kills some of the Cylon-Suspense plus scenes like this don't work) I'd be more inclined to accept it. I don't know; supposedly these take place during the first episode of 4.5, so I guess if Tigh's had some relationship-affirming discussion with Caprica or something maybe it would work. Though that would have its own problems because seriously, it shouldn't be that easy.

I was kind of okay with the jump going wrong for two reasons.

1) I thought it was possible Gaeta was covering for the ECO who might have put the co-ordinates in wrong because he knows that they're in a bad way and didnt want to raise the tensions in the ship by providing someone to blame.

2) Jumping in the mini was a really big deal. It wasn't like going to warp speed in Star Trek. I liked the "What really? And FTL jump we have to calculate ourselves?" kind of fear. So based on that, and the fact that we know the calculations are incredibly complex and the machinery is glitchy, I'm kind of okay with it. I mean, it's a McGuffin, no questions asked, but one I can live with.

More confusingly, though, is this talk of the "red line" which we haven't heard of (I don't think) since the end of the mini series when Adama says, "We've jumped way past the red line," so...why is it a weird big deal that they've jumped past it now? They were already past it!

My fanwankery is that the red line is a relative term: the maximum distance a ship can safely jump in one go (like the raptors going back to Caprica in 2x19; there were limits and they had to jump multiple times). After that something sciencey happens and previous navigational data is invalidated or something and calculations become "non linear". Over the red line really just means, "Shit we went too far and now we're really lost."

Um, finally! Eights! I didn't laugh per se, but I did think that we were supposed to take her "You don't recognise me?" as somewhat naive, but then...the Eights are.

I think this has the most potential just because it establishes a continuity between the rebel cylons and the cylons responsible for New Caprica. Which of course makes perfect sense because New Caprica was an attempt - from the cylon perspective - to move further toward co-operation and further from OMG ANNIHILATE ALL HUMANS, so this is another step on that journey. But from the human perspective, New Caprica was a total effing attrocity, and I imagine that this alliance is extremely tentative and based largely on the ability to see these cylons as an ally through the "enemy of my enemy" mentality and wilfully choosing to believe that they're...if not the "good" ones, at least not the same ones who made their lives a living hell. Kind of the way I think that Helo must consciously deny a lot of the time that Athena was a willing participant in genocide and instead focus on her choice to switch sides.

...and stuff.

Also I really need to catch up on TSCC.
As I watched the webisode I thought if it were Adama instead of Tigh the scene would have played better. Adama himself risked the fleet in AoC/YCGHA to save Kara so having Hoshi come to him asking for just a raptor and pilot to go on a search and rescue would have been interesting to see Adama's reaction. But given Tigh sacrificed his own wife for what h saw as the greater good, I have a hard time buying there is some sentimentality within him that would allow a key member of the CIC go off in search of his boyfriend.

More confusingly, though, is this talk of the "red line" which we haven't heard of (I don't think) since the end of the mini series when Adama says, "We've jumped way past the red line," so...why is it a weird big deal that they've jumped past it now? They were already past it!

I don't think we have heard about it since the mini. It was a huge deal at that point, but not so much now. Every jump is taking them to a part of space they haven't been to before. And how many times has a ship gone off course or missed a jump?

Kind of the way I think that Helo must consciously deny a lot of the time that Athena was a willing participant in genocide and instead focus on her choice to switch sides.

I know it will never happen, but I'd really love to here the conversation that comes from Helo asking, "Sharon, sweetie, what is it you did before we met?"
I've been more excited about the BSG promos than the webisodes because Gaeta and a bunch of 8s are just eh to me. I did think the most interesting snippet so far was one of the 8s comments about Cavil pursuing them. So it looks like they are going to be fighting the "other" cylons.

Leverage I've been loving, but I feel like you about Parker. I was telling lyssie that she seems Faux-awesome to me, they're trying so hard to make her quirky/cool that it's too much for me. I love all the rest though and their group chemistry. And I'm so happy Christian is back on my TV. I knew that had to be his song--hee--not bad, not bad. Did I miss the sans shirt part? Or am I just having a mental block? I might be.
I don't think the Cylon civil war is over, but will it last until the end of the series or will their be a winning Cylon faction?

she seems Faux-awesome to me, they're trying so hard to make her quirky/cool that it's too much for me.

That is a good way of putting it. And she seems out of place with the rest of the characters who are just normal, sane people who happen to have a particular talent. I don't know why they felt they had to try so hard with her.

I'm so happy Christian is back on TV *and* on a show that doesn't suck. :) The sans shirt part was brief. His ex asked what happened to him after he told her he'd only be gone three weeks and they cut to him, shirtless and bloody, being dragged through a hall by soldiers.

And I think I need an Eliot icon. ;)
I wonder how they figured they'd fight off the "bad" cylons even if Earth was lovely. They had to have seen that war coming. I'm guessing the fleet will triumph in the end. They have to right? That would be a really long build-up for a miserable ending.

The flashbacks for Parker really annoy me too. They're also faux-some.
I'm digging the show as it is, but wonder if they're ever going to try to reach for deeper things with Eliot, Parker and Hardison in their backgrounds. As much as I love the humor, I'm not sure how they're going to reconcile these crackish flashbacks if they every make an attempt at deeper characterization.

(Christian is so pretty! It was tough to choose which Eliot icon to go with.)
Yesterday, I read that a future episode of Leverage will delve into the backstories of the characters. I think they can reconcile the crackish flashbacks with deeper characterization. The flashbacks, thus far, have been from the character's POV and it's likely they are coloring events to protect themselves from painful memories. Future flashbacks used to reveal how these people got to this point in their lives we will likely witness from our POV.
Oh nuts! I keep forgetting when Leverage is on, and I missed Christian singing! Nuts. I feel the same way about Parker. I think it's more the actress than the writing. She's just not very good.
I read some criticism of Christian's performance, but I felt they weren't familiar enough with his acting style. The actress playing Parker I'm just at a loss as to what they saw in her when casting her. She might get better, if not, given the show's premise, it would be easy enough to replace her.
She's Jason Lee's wife. I don't know if that gave her any kind of cache. (I just happened to catch a hot second of her in the Chipmunks movie a few days ago and remembered that.) (Awesome Max icon!)

Edited to add: Love Christian but I do think his acting is not so good in parts here. A tad over-the-top. I love him anyway.

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She's Jason Lee's wife

Huh. Interesting. But I doubt that had anything to do with her casting. Unless the casting agent was his cousin. ;)

Christian I don't feel has the range of some other actors and his performances, I feel, tend to contain a significant portion of him. I saw him at a con years ago and he's not all that different from what you are seeing on screen. But he does take his work seriously, I know he's doing the best he can and I've endured watching actors with far less talent. I just like the guy. :)
The only thing I don't like about Christian in this show is his hair ;)
From what I can tell there definitely seems to be more excitement over the promo at the end of TSCC then for the episode itself!

I'm certainly excited to see Jonathan Jackson will be back in some way or other and as long as they don't mess with character and his history I'm all for it (which I guess mean's I'd be pissed off if they made him a terminator! I guess I figure he's some kind of hallucination)
Unless they somehow manage to explain he gets sent back in time twice, I'm thinking he's a hallucination. It's probably no coincidence the first time she sees him is in a hospital.