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Someone needs to publish a book of Emerson Cod quotes. Preferably, a pop-up book of quotes. ;)

Pushing Daisies

Since the teaser established that Ned's father had failed to come to his rescue as a child, I knew it was going to turn out to be his father and not Chuck's that saved his and Olive's lives and cleaned up the Dixon mess. What I didn't see coming is...

GEORGE HAMILTON IS NED'S FATHER!!! Stunt casting or inspired casting? We shall have to wait and see.

Olive really is itty bitty. And the bordering on big hair makes her look even smaller.

The narrators "Oh, Hell no" cracked me up.

And the bright colors they use on this show, in HD, are threatening to blind me.


I didn't comment on last weeks episode because it was an improvement over the previous weeks, it showed signs that, perhaps, the show was getting back on track, and I convinced myself it was an aberration and the show would go back to sucking. But I really enjoyed tonight's episode! So, I'm going out on a limb and state that it's possible the writers have bought themselves a clue and are returning to the storylines they dropped (and we liked) from Season 1.

I shouldn't say YAY! to Dani drinking again. I do hope she can eventually put the bottle down and stay away from it, but she's been inexplicably sober and happy this season and it made no sense given the demons she was battling last season. I do believe the underlying reason for her drinking was her fears as to her father's involvement in Charlie's incarceration, but Tidwell's almost declaration of love and desire for her to meet his father was the trigger. She was confronted by his much stronger feelings for her than she has for him and, in combination with her lingering issues with her father and studying for the lieutenants exam, it overwhelmed her.

We also refocused on Charlie's passion, getting to the bottom of who set him up. It's consumed him once more to the point he left Ted in jail rather than play ball with the government agent. He did, however, make sure Ted was protected and it was interesting to see another life Charlie had touched, positively, while in prison.

Roman, as always, makes for a good villain. I like that Charlie was introduced to him in the course of a murder investigation and is slowly discovering he and Roman are connected in ways he still cannot see. And I suspect that secret room wasn't just constructed to imprison Roman's enemies.

I don't know what to think of Charlie's father at this point. Breaking into Charlie's house was bizarre and his attitude towards Charlie was perplexing. He's angry at him? The presumption has been he believed Charlie was guilty and kept Charlie's mother away. Perhaps it's not true. Perhaps Charlie's father was warned to stay away from him and he was actually protecting his wife and son. If that is the case, he needs to tell Charlie because, right now, he just looks like an ass.

Two things I found odd. Dani didn't know who Rachel was? I would have thought Charlie had mentioned her, you know, the girl he saved from bleeding to death after she had been shot. Or that Dani would have seen her name in a police report. And Charlie, with all the threats against him, doesn't check who is at the door before opening it?

Yeah, the contrived 'lost in space' situation and murder mystery is not working for me. Oh, great, it just hit me. It's 'Black Market' all over again!
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I agree with you on all your points and I'm just so giddy they were able to find their mojo again. It reached season 1 levels of fantastic and... just everything in this episode.

yeah, Dani not knowing who Rachel is or, actually she does, did when she was younger but not as Rachel Seybolt. I kind of think the reason why Dani didn't know this was the Rachel Seybolt was because she's still trying to be willfully ignorant about the Seybolt murders.
Rachel is a common name and I suppose it's possible she wouldn't assume it's the same Rachel, but given everything that has happened in the past several months, if I was her, I'd be thinking it's the same Rachel, even if I'm denial.

It also struck me on rewatch that the documentary was present. Haven't they been MIA for awhile?
It's 'Black Market' all over again!

LOL. Only with 100% less Lee. :D
As much as I would love to have more Lee, he's already suffered through one murder mystery indignity. Did someone not give Jane Espenson a DVD of that ep as an example of what not to do???
They are just lucky it's only three minutes of my life I'm wasting and it provides a distraction at work or else I don't know if I could follow this.


I KNOW! I think I'm leaning toward inspired stunt casting at this point, but we'll see.
Life would make a good comic book; in fact, I wish they'd throw away any pretense of reality. Have Dani drunk all the time. Hell, make her addicted to licking poisonous frogs or something (not a far cry from her boyfriend...). Because I think the show would be better off if it could just admit it's f'n looney toons.