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The Battlestar Galactica Rewatch Continues

Before I venture to watch the difficult part of Season 2, 'Pegasus' is next up, I figured I'd better post the rest of my thoughts sitting on my hard drive. As before, I do refer to events through the end of Season 4.0 so if you aren't there yet, don't read!

Kobol’s Last Gleaming Part 1 

  • It’s the 50th Day.  Assuming their calendar is close to ours, it’s been less than two months since the attacks.  It’s amazing to contemplate how much they’ve been through. 
  • Lee and Adama boxing still strikes me as an atypical father/son activity and that they are really going at each other, drawing blood, shows there are still many unresolved issues.  Would we see them sparring at where we are now in the show?  I don’t think so. 
  • Helo shoots Sharon for the first time.  Kara will eventually shoot Lee.  It’s shoot the one you love on BSG! :p 
  • Adama to Lee: “You don’t lose control…you got to lose control, let your instincts take over.”  I don’t agree with Adama here. Lee proves he has good instincts when he needs them, in crisis situations, but, perhaps because of my personality, I’m a supporter of control.  It serves Lee well and it serves the fleet well.  When Lee allows his emotions to overtake him, when he is quick to act, like his marriage proposal to Dee, we see how well it works out for him and others. 
  • When Lee blows up at Kara for sleeping with Baltar, he’s a jealous ass who has no right to be.  However, in pushing her, in asking her why, in his own clumsy way, he was trying to get her to talk to him, to share what she was thinking and feeling.  It strikes me that if she had answered him, they could have both gotten what – and who - they wanted. 
  • Six comments that the Sharon model is weak and always has been.  The Sharon models have been treated as second class citizens among the Cylon race.  It makes me wonder if she was purposely programmed differently, if it’s part of the plan, or in experimenting she turned out ‘flawed’ by their standards.   
  • The series has emphasized the role of religion and faith in later seasons, but one didn’t need to be a religious person, and Laura wasn’t before her cancer diagnosis and awareness of the prophecies, to believe in Kobol and the Arrow of Apollo.  Kobol exists, the arrow exists, and there is enough evidence to support the scriptures to be taken as fact. 
  • Laura goes behind Adama’s back and asks Kara to disobey orders and retrieve the arrow.  In less than two months, Laura has gone from worrying about protocol and working with the military to undermining Adama in order to do what she believes is right thing for the fleet.  She also is no longer listening to the opinions of others who warn against the action she is about to take.  Laura’s is focusing on her purpose, her destiny; she is the dying leader who will lead them to the Promised Land if Kara brings her the arrow.   
  • I had viewed the rift between Laura and Lee beginning with the Pegasus arc, but now I see it begins much sooner in KLG.  Laura has begun to not heed Lee’s counsel.  While she does continue to lean on him through ‘Home, Pt 2’, it’s because he has become her military commander and a needed ally in garnering support from the fleet.  Once she achieved her goal of finding the map to earth, once she was reestablished as the president, and once she and Adama made peace, she no longer needs Lee.  I don’t mean that to sound cold and calculating or that she sees Lee as disposable, but it’s the reality of the situation.      
  • I watched the deleted scenes for a few of the episodes.  With KLG there was a lot of deleted footage and the majority of it I can understand being cut.  Lee seems to have an idea that Kara got laid. So is it just that it was Baltar that bothers him?  Or was it the confirmation that upset him? Ultimately, I think his chat with Kara was cut because his sudden jealous reaction later would have made less sense.  And in a talk with Boomer, Lee tells her he wishes he had a whole squadron of Sharons.  That’s beyond heavy-handed foreshadowing.  Not to mention, Lee looks dumb for not realizing Sharon’s ‘accident’ was a suicide attempt.  One interesting thing, Billy tells Laura his dog back home was named Jake. 


Kobol’s Last Gleaming Part 2

  • Helo = whipped.  Sharon informs Helo he’s only alive because she has kept him alive and tells him to take the tough guy attitude and shove it up his ass.  Then she walks away and he follows her. Did someone forget who the prisoner was? 
  • Even though I understand why she did it, Laura was wrong to ask Kara to go back to Caprica for the arrow.  She has a responsibility as president to protect and preserve the fleet’s future, yet mucking around with military decisions, risking a valuable asset (the raider) could undermine the protection of the fleet.  Remember how angry she was with Adama and Lee in YCGHA because they made military decisions based on their personal feelings? On the other hand, what right or authority does Adama have for asking for her resignation and terminating her presidency?  It is, in fact, a military coup he is staging.  And Lee so excellently points out later that they cannot sacrifice democracy because the president makes one bad decision.   
  • If Adama knew his son at all, he would have realized it was not a good idea to put Lee on the strike team. 
  • I’ve always questioned who Helo is in love with, the woman he’s married to or Boomer.  Helo tells Athena, “I don’t love you, I love what I thought was you.”  He’s in love with an idea rather than a person.  It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Boomer had not been murdered and both she and Athena lived aboard Galactica. 
  • Six to Kara: “Hello, Lieutenant, something I can help you with?”  How does Six know who Kara is?  And she seems jealous.  I’ve never believed Head Six to be a chip, but Six needs to be getting her information from someone. 
  • Laura asks for the guns to be put down once Lee is in danger. I’m just sayin’.   
  • The Sharons on the base ship tell Sharon they love her and always will.  That will certainly change.    
  • I’m slow sometimes.  I just noticed there were eight banners in the opera house and there were eight known Cylons at the time.
  • Laura is taken to a cell and Lee is taken, in cuffs, to CIC to be degraded and chastised in front of everyone.  I guess military commander will always win out over dad no matter what he claims. (And the show really wanted to show off Jamie’s arms, didn’t they?  The way he’s holding them is not natural.) 
  • Deleted Scenes:  Laura explains to Lee that she is “making a logical, reasoned, factual proposal” and lists the discoveries they have made thus far.  Lee explains that while he feels her argument may hold water, he’s sworn to obey the orders of the fleet commander and has a duty not to dishonor the oath he took. Didn’t he have a duty to report to his father what he knew or suspected, even if he wasn’t sure she would act without talking to Adama?  Again, this was probably cut because, while it helps to support why he chose to help Laura, it makes his actions as a military officer murkier.



  • Lee is beginning to lose his faith, in what he believes in as well as himself.  With his father fighting for his life and he and Laura in the brig, he believes he “did it for nothing it turns out”.   He took a stand and it ended in failure.  Though, frankly, given when and how he took a stand I don’t know how else the situation could have turned out. 
  • Helo is adamant that Sharon is not like the others.  He has no proof of this and, in fact, she had to have been part of the Cylon plan to destroy humanity.   
  • Tigh states, “I don’t want a command.  I never did.”   I’m much more sympathetic to Tigh now than I was when Season 2 originally aired.  He’s a lousy commander, unable to handle the pressures of day to day fleet operations, and not much of a people person.  However, in a crisis situation, he does know what he’s doing and I think that’s why Adama has more faith in him then Tigh feels is warranted.  He may not be a born leader, but it doesn’t mean he’s unworthy of the uniform.


Valley of Darkness 

  • I know they didn’t have time right after the attack to send a crew to check on the heavy raider that crashed into Galactica, but couldn’t they have done a sweep from CIC? 
  • Explosive rounds are the only way to take down a centurion.  Regular rounds won’t work.  That lasted for one episode. 
  • Whatever happened to Corporal Venner? 
  • Centurions are throughout the ship and Laura refuses the gun Lee offers her.  In Season 4, she’ll take the gun Kara offers her and pull the trigger.  If that is not a clear sign of how threatened she felt by Kara and Kara’s destiny. 
  • As Lee is about to leave Laura, she, very concerned asks, “What about you?”  Seriously, why didn’t more people ship these two?!?! 
  • The mandala makes its first appearance. Who knew some paint on the wall would become so important? 
  • Watching Dee and Billy, I can see some foundation for Dee/Lee being laid.  Dee is critical of Billy for being distant for two weeks while he helped the president spark a mutiny (funny how she’ll later be willing to help rig an election for that president).  Or was he waiting until he was desperate and needed a shoulder to cry on before making a move?  By the end of the episode, it’s Dee who reaches out to Billy because she needs a support.  She grabs on to what she can, when she can.  This seems to be a habit for her.  It’s not calculating, it’s just the way she is.  She developed an interest in Lee and at a time when he, too, needed someone to lean on, and they fell into a relationship. 
  • Apollo taking out the Cylon is a scene I can watch over and over.  It’s just so cool! 
  • Lee: “I am not fit to wear the uniform.  And maybe I never was.”  Again, we see the lack of confidence in himself, in what he is fighting for, slipping away from him.  I have to believe now, if asked about his fitness to wear the uniform, he’d have a very different answer. 


  • It’s only after the crisis passes that Tigh begins to lose it. 
  • The Quorum arrives from the Zephyr.  I thought the Quorum resided on Colonial One now.  
  • Six informs Baltar that the child will be there salvation and he must accept his role as a father and guardian.  He states he’s not ready for that and that he’s not a moral leader capable of leading anyone let alone a baby. Heh.  I have to wonder if this is one of those happy accidents or if there was a plan for Baltar’s rise to religious leader.   
  • Poor Crashdown.  Not only is he not a good leader, he can’t handle a crisis situation.  
  • Tigh dissolves the Quorum and declares martial law – something he said Adama would never want to be part of.  If his goal was simply to fill in until Adama could return to duty, he should have continued to do what he believed Adama would have done.



  • Tyrol: “I’m not a Cylon /  Me: “Oh, yes you are!”
  • And we are introduced to Sam Anders, one of the most polarizing characters on the series.  Who knew?   I’m not sure why he jumped to the conclusion that Helo and Kara were Cylons.  If he and his team survived, couldn’t some military personal have as well? 
  • I’d forgotten what a whiny, selfish, little brat Cally could be.  She blackmails Baltar after he saved her life. 
  • I should have known the BSG subtlety train was going starting to go off the rails when Dee is shown checking out Lee’s ass.   
  • The L.01 Brig looks like Lol Brig.  Hee. 
  • Tigh is listening to Ellen’s leadership advice.  Nuff said.   
  • Sam:  “You have a soul, you swim in the stream, we’ve heard it all before.”  Sam is quoting Leoben.  I thought that was just Leoben’s spiel.  Either Sam had contact with a Leoben model or it’s something all Cylons believe.   
  • Lee to Laura: “I am right with you.” Yes, you are Lee, and no one can convince me otherwise.   
  • Jammer is helping build the cell for Boomer and Tyrol.  He’s not just following orders, he readily accepts that Tyrol is a Cylon.  His behavior establishes that he believes what is told without question and it’s easy to see why he was recruited by the Cylons on New Caprica. 


The Farm 

  • Lee is unable to renounce his father.  While they have had their differences, crossing that line meant there was no hope for reconciliation.   
  • Laura not only plays the religious card, but acknowledges she’s doing it.  In her determination to find earth, she’s becoming more ruthless. 
  • It strikes me that Adama’s later fixation on Athena is Adama trying to understand how it was he was deceived by Boomer.  Boomer was perceived to be a vital, living person. He asks Tyrol, “Could you love a machine?”  But he’s not really asking Tyrol, he’s asking himself.  Adama, who regularly blurs the line between family and those he serves with, between the personal and the military, can’t fathom how he grew to care about this person who is a machine.  And he’ll try to prove he wasn’t wrong to care about Boomer by proving Athena is more than what she is. 
  • Adama: “No one’s going to follow her.  No ones going to believe this crap.  No one’s this stupid.  Anyone that wants to make a suicide run, please, let them.”  Again, Adama is only seeing circumstances as they affect him.  He’s discounting people’s faith and their need to believe in something, in earth, in a new home.  He, himself, lied to the people to give them something to believe in and forgot how that kept them all going.    
  • When the prisoners kneel before Laura, she states it isn’t right, it isn’t who she is.  Her pragmatism led her to take on more than she counted for.     
  • To this point, Athena still hasn’t told Helo she loves him.  Instead, she tells him he’s the father of her child and she won’t lose him.  I think Athena loved her baby first, then came to love Helo.     
  • Lee and Zarek had more in common than they realized.  Neither was convinced Kobol would help them find earth, but both saw the mission as a means to their ends.  While Zarek was out to steel command of the fleet, Lee’s goal was to return Laura to the presidency and reestablish democracy.  If the way to do that was to prove Laura was right, then that’s what he had to do. 
  • I’m still confused by the baby machines. It was a horrific image seeing those women with  the tubes going in and out of them, but what was the purpose?  Were they pumping them full of hormones and harvesting eggs?  Were they forcing them to carry one fetus after another?  Were they trying to accelerate the growth process?  It seems that we have much more refined methods for harvesting and implanting fertilized eggs than the Cylons have.   
  • Will we ever find out about Kara’s missing ovary?


Home Part 1


  • Shouldn’t Sharon have waited on the ship until Kara explained her presence? 
  • Did Lee know Laura was lying about putting Sharon in a holding cell?   He knew what she did to Leoben.   
  • Kara wasn’t too willing to defend Sharon, who rescued her, after hearing about Adama’s shooting. 
  • Lee: “Great to see you again Kara.  Thanks for bringing in the trash.”  Lee, I love you, but you can really be an asshole sometimes. 
  • Adama sees the ship as a family, telling Captain Burke he loves everyone on the ship as much as he loves his sons (a statement either proving how messed up his perspective is or a lie).  And Adama stresses to Tigh that Burke will be loyal (a dig at Lee), something that is of the utmost importance to Adama.  His plan is to rebuild the family with those that chose to stay behind, those that remained loyal, to him, yet it’s in his power to reunite the entire fleet, the family, if he set aside his hurt feelings and stubbornness.      
  • If the Cylons knew about the tomb and the arrow, then why not move sooner? 
  • Helo didn’t think their return would go down as it did.  Really?  He thought the fleet would welcome the Cylon with open arms? 
  • Lee is really being a jerk in this episode, and a hypocrite, condemning Kara for disobeying orders when he did the same thing.  I love Kara telling him to clean off his halo and pointing out he has no idea what happened to her on Caprica. 
  • Something interesting is set up here that will continue through the series - Lee sees a Cylon whereas Adama sees Sharon.   
  • If Zarek doesn’t care about earth and simply wants control of the fleet, what’s his long term plan?  Float around in space forever?   Here, at least, it’s all about power for him, though he disguises it as a quest for freedom and liberty.   
  • I’ve always had mixed feelings about the pyramid ball scene.  Lee is trying to gloss over his previous assish behavior by kidding around and Kara is being petulant.  They act more like adults when he’s with Laura and she’s with Sam. And, as always, he tries to get her to talk and she’ll have none of it.     
  • Adama is consistent, I’ll give him that.  I’ve lost count of the times he’s failed to listen to Lee, Laura, Kara, and Tigh – the people closest to him – yet he’ll turn to Dee, Athena, and others for advice.  Dee is right, Adama is angry because he failed.  When the moment came and he had the opportunity to reconcile the fleet, he let his hurt feelings get in the way.  He made a promise to find earth, find a home, together and he’s broken that promise and allowed the fleet to divide.  He needs to put the family back together, but, to him, family means loyalty, and he’s having trouble seeing that family means having differences and still being a family.


Home Part 2


  • It was nice to see Adama acknowledge that Laura has visions and whether or not he believes in them, she does. 
  • Zarek has to take orders from Lee.  Though he’s tried to manipulate Lee on numerous occasions, he’s always been under his thumb. 
  • Adama tells Billy Laura thinks he’ll be president one day.  Did they know they were killing Billy off at this point? 
  • OK, the Lee/Adama hug still gets to me.   
  • I love the Adama/Laura conversation.  She owns him.  Examples: 

      Adama: “You interferred with a military mission and you broke your word to me.”

      Laura: “It’s the second part that really bothers you.” 

      Adama: “I forgive you.”

Laura: “I didn’t ask for your forgiveness.” 

  • The arrow didn’t open the tomb of Athena, but opened the celestial chart.  An early indication to not take the scriptures too literally. 
  • If they are standing on earth, did someone fly back to Kobol to leave the map?  Why?  Why not venture further to the colonies and say, “Hey, guys, this is where we are living now.” 

The Final Cut

  • D’Anna has been trying to access to Galactica for months.  Since days after the attack?  They’ve only been in space for months! 
  • I know the military doesn’t have a big hang up about nudity, but wouldn’t they close the door to their quarters while getting dressed? 
  • Lee: “Pilots put their lives on the line every day for a fleet more interested in what they do wrong than what the do right.  We’re not asking for pity, but deserve your respect.”  I know the civilians have their own problems to deal with and many live in horrible conditions, but the fact is, if not for the pilots, they’d all be dead.  And they do focus on the mistakes they make, rather than the successes they have and don’t stop to realize that there isn’t a group of people in line to replace them.  What they have is what they have. 
  • While it’s easy to criticize Tigh for his errors in judgment and question why he isn’t replaced as XO, Adama makes a good point in that they can’t afford to lose people.   
  • I wish they had had more of a build up to Kat’s stim addiction.  She’s fine one moment and strung out the next. 
  • Whoever thought of not showing the firefight, but showing the reactions of those in CIC to what was happening, had a brilliant idea.  At various times we’ve seen how difficult it is for Kara and Lee to be outside of the action, listening to their fellow pilots struggle and die, but to see the entire CIC have to deal with the situation on a regular basis is even more powerful.  And I like how D’Anna’s running around to document the event mirrors the chaos that is occurring during the battle.


Flight of the Phoenix 

  • The family is back together, but as happens with families, they are at each other’s throats.  The Sharons aren’t the problem, having down time is.  They finally have time to let it all sink in, to deal with their losses and the reality that this is it, this is their lives and these are the only people they have to spend the rest of their lives with. The documentary was probably a contributing factor as well – an acknowledgment that there old lives are gone.   
  • Cottle tells Laura she has weeks, a month at the outside.  She was originally given six months and it appears the cancer spread faster than anticipated.  Though, given they stopped telling us how many days it’s been since the attacks in Season 2, the math starts getting a little wonky. 
  • Kara: “Someone’s a tad aggressive.”  If Kara is making that comment, you know there is a problem. 
  • I’m not sure why oxygen deprivation led to Kara’s giggle fit. 
  • I still find the Lee and Dee sparring scene more awkward than hot.   
  • They can’t detect Cylons, yet Sharon can plug herself into the ships computer system?  There has to be some difference between Cylons and humans for that to happen.

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