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It's hard to believe there are only two episodes of Friday Night Lights left for this season. Or thirteen for those who had the patience to wait. ;)

Friday Night Lights

I almost stopped the episode at one point to look out my window to see if the sky was green and pigs were flying by. Lyla Garrity is getting drunk, staying up all night, skipping school and throwing herself pity party. Tim is being the responsible one, not only trying to get her to do the right thing, but doing so himself. He even took her to church. Usually taking blows to the head is detrimental, not so much for him. And when he told Lyla that he wasn't just in love with her, but he was madly in love with her, not only did I believe him, I got a little verklempt. He may actually be pulling his life together.

I'm still perplexed by Mindy's decision to have a tea party for her bridal shower. Maybe it was her own small way of trying
to show she's maturing. Tyra trying to organize the whole thing was very humorous. Of course, Landry is there to help her, but, this time, he volunteered to help. That's Landry, he's a helper. And Tyra was genuinely appreciative.

Poor Matt is finally having to admit he can't take care of his grandma anymore. She needs constant supervision and it's impossible for him to do, even with the help of his mother. We still don't have all the answers as to why his mom abandoned him, but I am glad she is there for him to leave on. And when she told him she's not going anywhere, I believed her.

I'm wondering if Matt's father knows Matt's mother is back in the picture? I have a suspicion Matt hasn't mentioned anything to him.

I did have two issues with this episode and both involved Joe McCoy. It seemed the episode was building towards a violent outburst by Joe and I was hoping they weren't going there. Parents can make their kid's life a living hell without ever laying a hand on him. Joe McCoy was clearly emotionally abusive to his son and was doing a tremendous amount of damage to the kid psychologically. But I'm not sure if he realized his controlling and domineering ways were doing damage to JD. Beating him up, there is no way he can argue he was oblivious to what he was doing. And it just wasn't necessary.

My other problem was Eric and Tami coming to the rescue, again. You all know how much I adore Eric and Tami. They are one of my all time favorite TV couples. But I'm growing tired of them always being in the right place at the right time. They've been available to help every single kid every time they needed it. The last instance was only a couple weeks ago with Tyra. Enough already. The whole plot veered into 'made for TV' territory for me.

I'm not sure how I feel about Dillion being split into two high school districts. Do they really have 2,000 students at Dillion? It's never seemed that crowded to me. I have a feeling Eric and Tami are going to find themselves working for two different high schools should there be a Season 3.

Speaking of a possible Season 3, as much as I've loved this season, I'm not sure about a forth. Smash and Jason are gone. Tyra, Landry, Matt, Lyla, and Tim will be graduating and most, if not all, will be moving on. They've only introduced one new player, JD, and, frankly, he's not that interesting a character. In part, because his father is rather two dimensional and his mother is almost a non-entity. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to quit while they are ahead creatively.


I had just a few quick thoughts on this episode.

I love that Casey not only got stuck with the wrapping station, but that he took his job seriously. I mean, he ran out for supplies!

When Casey was picked to leave the Buy More, he was very quick to suggest Elly take his place. Am I sensing a crush there?

Chuck's reaction to Sarah killing the Fulcrom agent threw me a bit. I guess he was still living in a world where he thought everyone else killed people, but not Sarah and seeing her pull the trigger showed him she's not so removed from Casey and the other agents. But it's her job to protect him, she told him she would do whatever she had to to do so, and Chuck told the agent he was the Intersect. She had no options.

Many of you have probably already seen them, but a couple of interesting trailers debuted last week:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I've seen some bloggers (AKA fanboys) complain about the lack of action in the trailer. I, on the other hand, am very excited by what I am seeing (accept for the helicopter stunt which looks ridiculous). Hugh Jackman has said that he wanted to make a more character driven film and this seems to be less a super hero movie than the story of a man who happens to be a mutant and becomes a super hero.

Terminator: Salvation

The film seems to be acknowledging the future has changed or is changing. I was concerned as to how the mythology of this film and the series would gel, but if they addressing that changes in the past/present have altered the world John is living end, then it may all work together.
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I think it's more that from what Chuck saw, Sarah killed an unarmed surrendering suspect in cold blood. She may have killed in front of him before, but if she did, it was in the middle of battle. I don't think he heard the agent threaten him either.

And I would love to ship Casey and Elly, but Devon is, well, awesome, so I can't.

But I also think it was stupid for the agent to go all Dr. Evil on Sarah with the "No matter where I go, no matter what you do, I'm coming for Chuck, mwahahahahaha." I think it would have been more powerful and less obvious if she killed him and we overheard her telling Casey something about how he knew Chuck was the intersect and it was too dangerous to keep him alive...instead of the Dr. Evil speech. But what do I know?
Yeah, that was a very dumb speech. What did he expect? "I threaten your ultimate asset! haHA!" Any of the team, from the Colonel on down, would have taken him out.
During the scene where the Fulcrom agent laid out his entire plan to Sarah I waited for Seth Green to jump out from behind a Christmas tree and chew him out. ;) Ever since Austin Powers I have been unable to tolerate any exposition for the villain. That film ruined my suspension of disbelief!