The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Can Someone Spoiled Still Be Spoiled?

Apparently, yes. See, I'm spoiled for tomorrow nights episode. I admit it. But, I read the spoilers weeks ago and desiring to partake in chat tomorrow I thought I'd refresh my memory of what happens. So, I find a new summary and....

Taken from LJ user Perseohonemoon's journal - Full Synopsis Here.

Joss has added a new (jaw dropping) scene at the end. One that will force everyone to re-evaluate what they thought they knew and where this all was going. BE WARNED, it's big news....

It's shot in such a way as to let you know that there's a big reveal at the end. All one take, very careful framing. Eve arrives at her apartment, the interior of which is covered in mystical runes. She's speaking to someone we don't see, saying that everything went according to plan. They bought her "Senior Partners" explanation, Sirk disappeared right on cue, etc etc. At one point, the sound on the tape cut off (whether by accident or design, I don't know), so she says "You'll be happy to know [looooooooooong silence] didn't kill each other after all." As she's talking, she's undressing. As the scene ends, she crawls into bed, completely naked, next to an also naked, rune-tattooed LINDSAY MAC-FREAKING-DONALD.

OK, I wish I didn't know this. I mean, I'm thrilled but I would have liked the surprise. I didn't expect to find anything knew about the episode the day before it airs!

Now, I knew Christian Kane was coming back - making an appearance in episode 10 as 'Shawn' (now I have to reevaluate the whole dream situation in that episode). But to find all this out?! Lindsey and Eve are behind it! I was starting to suspect she may not be as closely associated with W&H as she has been leading Angel to believe, but this I didn't expect. Course, the question still remains, are they trying to take down Angel, W&H, or both? And why did they want/need Angel back? The mind boggles.
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