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Happy Christmakuh Everyone!

People are posting today?! Which says a lot about us, in the good way. We feel compelled to take time out of our day with family to send good wishes to each other. I'm waiting for my stew to finish cooking. I had a debate with myself last night on what to make for dinner today. Pork originally one out since I was too tired to do the prep work for the stew after I made a cheescake, but, this morning, I felt inspired. So, at 10:45 in the morning I have dinner and dessert done. :p I'll be off to mom's in awhile and wondering how I'm going to transport all this.

I think I may actually open the stack of cards I have on my dining table before I go. Yes, I only open mail about once a week. And I have one Christmas package waiting to be opened and several others being held in the apartment complex office. Everything around here has either been closed or was nclosing early this week because of the weather which makes it impossible to collect packages.

A lot of people have been doing daily posts on things that make them happy. While I couldn't commit to daily posts - yes, I am that lazy - I did feel compelled to share that the best presents can come without packages, boxes or bags. Yesterday, in my email, I discover a Law & Order: UK promo photo featuring Jamie. It was a surprise for many reasons, but, mostly, because the sender was on vacation. If anyone want sto check out DS Matt Devlin, you can see him here.

And speaking of Jamie, Fancast has a very nice interview with him. I wanted to point out this particular interview because his comments about the finale are some of the most hopeful, relatively speaking, this is BSG, I've read. I also liked his answer as to what he would put on Lee's imaginary tombstone, "Dad, it’s not you – it’s me.” Or something like that." Hee!

Everyone have a happy, safe, and warm day.

Oh, brynnmck I'm thinking of you right now. I'm watching Costas Now and he's talking about the Rays. ;)
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My LJ/email buddies are definitely part of my family. After all, many of us have hung together since The Board That Shall Not Be Named. Annie and I met over X-Files fanfic when X-Files was big and have corresponded daily since.

Have a great day!
I was just thinking about The Board That Shall Not Be Named recently. It brought a tear to my eye...followed by laughter. ;)

Hope you and Mr. Mir had a great day as well!
I'm watching Costas Now and he's talking about the Rays.

HEE. It's hilarious to me that some of the folk in DS fandom are all a-squee about that name; I cannot wrap my brain around mixing those particular two of my fandoms that way. DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS. Heeee.

Merry Christmas!!! *hugs*
::hugs back::

Sorry you got snowed in, again. The main roads were clear here, but my parking lot turned into a lovely sheet of ice thanks to a partial thaw yesterday.
I had a nice day. Though my mother had projects for me to do. Including setting up the new phone and answering machine I bought her. Yeah, I probably should have thought more about that purchase. ;p

Hope you had a good day as well. :)
Your mother is braver than my aunt. Ever since my uncle died a few year ago she refuses to use her DVD player because she's convinced she'll push the wrong button and break the TV. :/
Happy Christmakuh to you to!

Online friends are like the family you actually get to choose - so it seems only fair to include them in the festivities :)

That is a really nice interview with Jamie - I do like that he doesn't stint with answers, and always has something interesting to say.