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Holiday Recap

Hello All. I hope you all had nice holidays. Mine was uneventful, which I suppose is a good thing. No exciting gifts from my mom to report. Though she did give me a sizable check which is always nice. And I got some lovely and surprising gifts from friends. sdwolfpup and brynnmck sent me a coffee mug with my drawing of Jamie on it. Hee! It's next to the Lee Adama mug someone had made for me a couple years ago. If I feel motivated later on, I'll take a picture and post it.

I got a ton of cards and I know the thing to do is to list all the swell folks who sent them to me, but, um, I'm lazy and that's a lot of html code! Let me just say they are all very much appreciated. Though I'm trying to figure out if I owe the U.S. Postal Service $.20 for sweet_ali's booby trapped card. ;)

The Detroit Lions finally proved what I've been saying for decades. They are the worst team in football EVER. 0-16! Woo! What kills me is they tried to win the game. Look, if you are going to suck this bad, embrace the suck.

I got over the 'Black Market' hump, it was very difficult, and have made it through Season 2 of BSG. I think I'll start on Season 3 then work on my next post. I have to say, for people who have been critical of the show's missteps, and I readily admit there have been missteps both minor and major, the series holds up remarkably well on rewatch. I'm much more sympathetic to certain characters given later developments and certain couplings are making more sense to me. Though 'Black Market' I can never forgive them for. I missed seeing Jamie at Dragon Con for that! posted a bunch of the BSG webisodes yesterday. Surprisingly, they remain up. Webisode 9 is still missing, but all the rest are there. I haven't been a fan of this batch of webisodes. They seemed pointless to me and full of plot holes, which is more of a problem when you are dealing with such a short running time. But in the final minute of the final webisode I saw what they were leading up to. For anyone skipping the webisodes, I do suggest watching them before the season starts because they throw light on an upcoming plot point. Yes, I'm slightly spoiled.

I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which I forgot about until I saw it mentioned on my Flist. I don't find I have anything to say. It was OK, though I felt it dragged more than previous Christmas specials.

Amazingly, I got a lot done around the apartment this weekend, including reorganizing my CDs and DVDs...then remembering I had a bunch of DVDs in the other room. :/ I also took advantage of sales online and bought some shoes and clothes. I'm trying to get a jump on one of my perennial New Year's resolutions to stay on top of things and not procrastinate. Maybe this coming year I shall succeed.
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