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Happy New Year

For some it is already 2009 (How's the year treating you? ;) and for others, like me, it will arrive in a couple hours. I may or may not be awake for it. As I feared, I had a longer than expected and aggravating day at work. Oh, and my boss left early while me and two coworkers stayed to make sure everything that had to be done got done. Not that I'm bitter.

But 2009 is a new and I'm determined to make it better year. Not that 2008 was the worst year ever, just I strive for improvement. I'm not making any resolutions or declarations. I've done that in the past with mixed results. I've been setting small goals for myself and doing a much better job at tackling those then big goals I've set previously. I will declare that on the To Do list for tomorrow is:

* Mail out last two Christmas presents and thank you letter to uncle

* Pay bills and possibly set up some more accounts online to save on postage costs

* Write up and post my next batch of BSG rewatch thoughts

* Continue watching Season 3 of BSG

* Think of something to do for More Joy Day

* And work on one other thing I hope to get posted this weekend

Now I think I'll get I snack and watch last night's Leverage. I feel asleep at 9:30 last night. Thank goodness for DVRs.
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Happy New Year!

Keep forgetting when Leverage is on. Must look into DVR's. Did not make it to midnight...not even 11:00. ;)
More Joy Day?

Happy New Year! It sounds like you're having a very productive year already!
I only accomplished five of the six tasks I listed, but I still feel productive.

More Joy Day is something that sdwolfpup came up with. There have been two such days so far and another is scheduled for the 15th. I couldn't come up with anything to contribute last time, but I'm determined to this time and I have at least one thing I think will work. I'll link to her LJ when she posts more details.