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The Battlestar Galactica Rewatch...The Rest of Season 2

By this weekend I should be upon 'Unfinished Business'.  To watch the aired version or extended cut - that is the question. 

I notice my notes are getting shorter as I progress in the rewatch.  I don't know if it's because the episodes are more recent or I find them less profound. 



  • Kara is certainly like Adama in one way, she loses all common sense when someone she cares about is at risk.  Leaving seven vipers and one raptor behind to protect the fleet while she goes off to rescue her wanna-be boyfriend?  And it’s going to take at least 241 jumps for Galactica to reach Caprica.   This is outrageous even by Kara standards.
  • In a discussion of the current batch of webisodes with beccatoria (I think) brought up the red line and we were trying to recall if it had been mentioned since the mini series.  It had! Adama, in shooting down Kara’s ridiculous plan, states that once you jump the red line navigational error creeps into every single jump calculation you make and it could take twice as long to find Caprica.   
  • Awww, they were so happy to see Pegasus.
  • Razor cleared up any doubts as to whether Fisk was joking about Cain killing her XO.  I find it a little hard to believe Adama wasn’t as horrified as Tigh by Fisk’s information and that Adama argued context was important.  I know the writers were setting up that Cain would read Adama’s logs and not know the full context, but Adama brushing off a possible murder seemed like ill-conceived writing. 
  • Pegasus is twice the size of Galactica.  It never seemed quite that large to me.   
  • I love that Adama had written in his logs that his own son had been insubordinate, even mutinous, yet Cain criticizes Adama for being way too close to his officers.  I hate to think of what he writes about the people he doesn’t like! I’d disagree that his affection blinds him to people’s weaknesses.  It's that he chooses to focus on strengths rather than weakness - Lee’s military successes instead of his anger and self-doubt, Kara’s outside the box thinking rather than her violent outbursts, and Tigh’s ability in a crisis rather than his drinking.  
  • Adama tells Lee and Kara that the Galactica crew has gotten use to bending the rules, having their way, and letting things slide. True, but Cain's criticisms of Adama and his people don't look at the situation they are in now.  She’s living by the old set of rules that can't always be applied to present circumstances.
  • Kara tells Lee that having him fly a raptor humiliating.  Why?  Does Kara look down on the raptor pilots?   
  • I’m extremely glad they went with the near rape of Sharon rather than the actual rape depicted in the extended cut.  Putting aside it felt unnecessary to go there given what we knew Gina had endured, they would have either had to take time to show Sharon dealing with the aftermath of being raped or been criticized if they had not.   
  • Wouldn’t Cain have bugged Gina’s cell?  It’s hard for me to believe she trusted Baltar to reveal all the details of his time with Gina.   
  • Was Cain so far gone that she Cain honestly believed she gave Helo and Tyrol a fair trial? 
  • Adama launching the vipers and Cain targeting the Galactica – neither of them really thought their plan through, did they? 

Resurrection Ship, Part 1


  • I love how Kara gets praise and a promotion for the recon mission while Lee nearly gets tossed in the brig, has his flight status revoked, and is demoted when it was his idea.   I know, Cain sensed a kindred spirit in Kara.  I also suspect Cain felt she could better manipulate Kara.  Given how Adama allows his personal feelings to bleed into his military decisions I would guess that his logs had more than a few personal observations and opinions.  And Cain would have known, from the logs, that Kara wanted to go back to Caprica and that Adama had lied to her.  She used that.  What would she have had to use against Lee? 
  • Cain: “We’re at war.”  Adama said the same thing in the mini series.  He came to realize that the war was over, they lost, and there is no possible way to win a war against the Cylons.  But Cain is still of the mindset that a war continues.  I can’t even say she has a death wish.  It’s that she can’t imagine any other way to live.  Even Laura Roslin couldn’t have tempered Cain’s opinion, as she did Adama’s.  Cain would have had her killed had she been part of her fleet.  As critical as I am of Adama he does see the value in the lives of every member of the fleet and the importance of keeping humanity – in every sense of the word – going. 
  • At least Stinger also gets demoted for letting Lee contact Kara.  I really wish we knew what happened to Stinger. 
  • Laura informing Adama, “We gotta kill her”, has become a less surprising declaration to me.  By this point we know Laura is about putting the fleet first and ensuring their survival.  She crossed Adama and the military to do what she believed was the right and, now, she sees Cain, correctly, as a danger to them all.  In a different time and place, Laura’s words would have been horrifying, but their options are limited.  Like Laura, I'm glad that they didn’t have to go ahead with their plan and retained a part of their humanity for awhile longer, but Laura never showed regret for her chosen course of action.   
  • Tyrol: I thought the Cylons were the enemy

      Lee: Yeah, now it’s us

            Oh, Lee, once again you see what others fail to see. 

  • Kara: How you doing?

Lee: Oh, you mean apart from being demoted and finding myself working for one of my pilots. Great, never better. 

Once again, Lee tries to use sarcasm to deflect how he’s really feeling.  CAG may not have been a job Lee wanted, but it still has to hurt to have worked so hard to excel at it, then have it taken away and handed to Kara.  And it’s just one more thing taken from him.  He’s no longer Laura’s adviser and confidant and his faith in she and his father, the fleets leaders, is about to be stripped away as he learns of their plan to murder Cain.  His resentment also plays nicely into his confession to Kara in ‘The Captain’s Hand’ that while Kara bucks authority and gets away with it, he takes risks and loses. 

  • What happened to Gina was horrific and unforgivable, but I find it interesting that she doesn’t seem to fully understand the rage directed at her and her role in the apocalypse.  She was a soldier, she had a mission, and she carried it out.  Her only regret is that she didn’t die to be reborn. 
  • Lee was visibly bothered by Kara being asked by Adama to stay behind.  Again, he’s left out of the loop.  All he gets is a “Stay focused son”. 
  • In talking to Fisk about the transfer of marines to Galactica, Cain describes them as “completely reliable, completely loyal, razors”.   
  • Again, Adama doesn't think a plan out. Sending Lee and Kara to CIC to execute Cain was sending them to their deaths.  I can’t believe he was willing to sacrifice them.   
  • Deleted scene: There was a nice scene between Lee and Dee in the pilot’s rec room I wish hadn’t been cut.  As Lee’s knocking back drinks, he shares with Dee that he’s not sure what matters anymore and how fraked up things have become.  Dee states that he means since the Pegasus arrived and Lee says, “Yeah…no, no, I don’t know.  I guess I thought it was them.  Now, I’m note sure we’re that different.”  The reason they are going out and fighting and dying isn’t clear to him anymore.   The reason they are living isn’t clear to him anymore.  It’s a scene that helps better explain his depression and why Dee was eavesdropping outside his quarters in RS Part 2.  She understood his mindset while drifting in space. 


Resurrection Ship, Part 2


  • Lee:  "People have to have this, Kara, trust, your word, my word, we don’t have this we really are no different than the Cylons." Lee made a good point.  Do the Cylons have trust?  I don’t think so, especially given recent events. 
  • Why didn’t Adama talk to Lee directly about the mission?  Why did Kara have to do it?  Was it just too obvious to ask both to stay behind? 
  • It’s all been building, but when Adama tells Lee of the assassination plan, Lee is a combination of taken aback, upset, disappointed, and hurt.  It’s the moment that he breaks.  He actually looks like he wants to cry. 
  • Given the impact of the debris with the Blackbird, Lee shouldn’t have survived the accident. 
  • It occurs to me that oxygen deprivation could have played a role in Lee’s attempted suicide.  And Dee heard his, “I’m sorry Kara”, and knew he was intentionally not responding to her.  Another reason her concern led her to eavesdrop.    
  • Baltar was wearing a red shirt similar to Lee’s in this episode.  It just doesn’t do the same thing for me. 
  • Baltar really should have killed Gina when she asked.  He tries to be kind and it will, literally, blow up in his face. 
  • Cain:“Frak you.”

     Gina: “You’re not my type.”   Accept she was! 

  • At Cain’s funeral, Kara says, “We second guess, we worry…we were safer with her than we are without.”  Adama really should have told Lee and Kara about the Sila and her former XO. 




  • 189 days ago Laura was diagnosed.  OK, it was six months. 
  • Laura recalls seeing Baltar with Six.  Er Oh. 
  • I completely forgot about the sabotage storyline and those wanting to negotiate with the Cylons.  Yeah, I think that shows how well it was written. 
  • Laura orders Sharon’s pregnancy terminated.  I’m still not sure why some abnormal test readings would warrant Laura seeing the baby as a danger.  Were they worried it was going to tear it’s way out of her stomach, grow into a killing machine, and slaughter them all?  
  • Lee and Tigh go at each other in the CIC.  An after effect of Lee’s suicide attempt. 
  • And Lee is rather pissy and bitter with Kara who comments she hasn’t seen much of him since his space walk.  He’s been hanging out with Shevon, presumably.   
  • Gina tells Baltar that the fleets crumbling and when he’s president he can turn the fleet against Adama and pave the way for the Cylons to save them.  I never felt we got a clear idea of what Gina’s intentions were.  Was she a supporter of human/Cylon coexistence (she is a Six model) or was she pushing for a Baltar presidency knowing it would weaken the fleet and she could help to destroy it? 
  • The fetal blood miracle cure still remains highly questionable. 
  • Baltar gives Gina the nuke.  I think we knew that wouldn’t end well. 


Black Market


  • Watching some episodes again, I’ve found them not as disappointing as when I first watched them.  I wish I could say that about this episode.  These are less observation and more a WTF list. 
  • Trade, I understand, but a thriving black market?  Criminals going unchecked?  The fleet isn’t that big.   
  • Up until this episode, Fisk seemed like a decent enough guy living in fear of Cain and what she could do to him. 
  • In the mini, Lee showed remorse for his mother, but we’re to believe there was a woman he might have been in love with and carrying his child that died and this is the first we are hearing of her. 
  • Where is Lee getting the money for a hooker?    
  • There is way too much flashing back in this episode – to his suicide attempt, to the girlfriend, to previous meetings with Shevon, to the murder.   
  • How could Fisk raid ships and Adama not know?  Not a single captain reported him?   
  • Too many girlfriends – the dead one, the quasi-one, and the future one (Dee).   
  • Phelan attacks the Admiral’s son and brags Adama can’t do anything to him.  Seriously? 
  • A pedophile ring?  I can believe there might be a pedophile or two that survived the attacks, but enough to warrant a ring?     
  • Shevon’s psychoanalysis of Lee – him wanting her as a replacement, his fear of being a father and running away – might have made sense if I squinted if we had any foundation for this backstory. 
  • In the deleted scenes, Lee explicitly says the girlfriend was pregnant.  In the aired version, Shevon says his girlfriend wanted to have his baby.  I’m glad they made the pregnancy vague.  Given Lee’s upbringing, being the child of an absentee father, I can’t see him as abandoning a child even if he wasn’t ready to be a father. 



  • Kara is shown to be drinking a lot more, to the point of falling down drunk.  It seems to be a habit of Adama and his extended family to turn to the bottle in times of emotional crisis. 
  • Kat’s being a self-righteous bitch for someone recovering from a stim addiction. 
  • Kara sure has a habit of thinking of other men when she’s with a man.  Putting aside I’m not a shipper, I’m really glad Kara and Lee didn’t sleep together in ‘Scar’.  She was hung up on Sam, everything was about Sam, and it would have been unfair and hurtful to Lee since it was obvious he wanted more then just getting laid. 
  • Kara’s showing a bit of a death wish herself. 
  • Kara running down the names of the dead pilots certainly cooled Kat’s celebratory mood.  Good move Kara.




  • Dee did the right thing in turning down Billy’s proposal, but she should have been completely honest with him.  Why was she waiting to tell him about Lee?  I have a feeling the writers just wanted the awkward meeting on Cloud 9 and to add to the angst of his death. 
  • Ellen really fraked up the rescue.  And who was Kara shooting at?  She was just shooting blindly and that’s not Kara. 
  • Dee: “Lee, you can’t leave.  You have to stay, you have to really stay.”   Meodramatic? Yes.  But it’s a nice bit of continuity.  He did give up on life recently and she had reason to be worried.


The Captain’s Hand


  • Would Lee really need to be sidelined from duty for a month because of that gunshot wound?  Adama was back in command much sooner after two shots to the chest.   
  • Tory! 
  • Interesting that Adama reminds Laura of her words about the fleet needing to have babies and, essentially, supports a ban on abortion. 
  • I’m not sure if Kara is pushing Garner and Lee because, thanks to Adama, she has no fears about being insubordinate or if she is trying to get a rise out of both men.   
  • Baltar tells Laura the human race will be extinct in 18 years if they don’t start having babies.  Is he telling the truth or is he setting her up so when he announces his candidacy he has a ready made topic to challenge her on?   
  • Anyone breaking the executive order will be subject to criminal penalty.  Isn’t Cottle their only doctor?   
  • Lee: “I have the comm.” still is one of my favorite moments. 


  • Head Baltar telling Caprica what she wants to hear reinforces that Head Six is something Baltar created. 
  • The Cylons began making the Sixs individuals by giving Caprica her name, yet they are troubled by Sharon still insisting on calling herself Sharon.   
  • Tigh: “It’s not a baby, it’s a machine.”  Heh.  I’m assuming his opinion has changed. ;)
  • D’Anna almost killed Sam.  He has to be the robed figure in the opera house that D’Anna apologizes to in ‘The Rapture’. 
  • Why isn’t the radiation having any effect on the Cylons?  Are they all taking anti-radiation meds?  We saw in ‘The Passage’ that radiation can affect Cylons.


Lay Down Your Burdens Part 1


  • Heavy Raider technology now allows them to make the trip to Caprica in ten jumps.  How convenient! 
  • By the time of this episode, I feel Lee had come out of his depression. Commander Adama had proved something to himself and had a new found purpose to focus on.  Once the colonization of New Caprica began, and he became redundant, his depression returned. 
  • Brother Cavil! 
  • Everyone looks really good in this episode.  Do I credit Rymer? 
  • Racetrack gets lost and discovers New Caprica.  At the pilot briefing she joked with Lee about discovering earth while they were gone.  Coincidence or could she be the final Cylon?    
  • Zarek encourages Baltar to make the planet an election issue, to argue for permanent settlement and give up on earth.  Once again, Zarek uses a situation to suit his needs and is incredibly short sighted. 
  • Tory: “People vote their hopes, not their fears.”  It’s like the 2008 election!   
  • Tyrol fears he might be a Cylon and not know it.  Perhaps it’s why he adjusted better than the others – he always suspected.  It’s also feeling as if it was inevitable, with so many hints, that Tyrol be revealed as a Cylon.  
  • Team Starbuck?  She named the team after herself.  Someone has a high opinion of themself.


Lay Down Your Burdens Part 2


  • Laura tries to negotiate with Baltar to table the settlement issue until after election.  Did she really believe he would agree to this while being so close in the polls?   
  • Sorry to the Sam detractors, but, when Kara introduces him to Adama, you can tell she really cares about him. 
  • Helo claims that Sharon didn’t ID Cavil because “She didn’t know.”  Right.   
  • I can’t use Kara’s drunkenness to excuse her behavior with Lee.  She asks Lee if he’s still fraking Dualla as if her relationship with Sam is real and important, but his relationship with Dee isn’t.  Granted, I think her feelings for Sam were stronger than his for Dee and in ‘Scar’ it was clear he wanted to be more than just a lay, but her comments are dismissive, rude, and self-centered.  And I’m not sure if Lee is upset about seeing Kara with someone else or he’s envious of the kind of joyful, free, exuberant relationship she has with Sam. 
  • Cavil claims the Cylons have abandoned Caprica, but I have to suspect it may have been a trap.  Not that the fleet could resettle there, but they could decide to return to gather more survivors and then be wiped out by the Cylons.  There is something to what Cavil says though about not being true to who they are and, instead of pursuing their own destiny and path to enlightenment, they hijacked theirs.   
  • Tigh and Dee, like many others, didn’t want to see Baltar as president, but there was never a clear explanation as to why they would take part in election fraud.    
  • Adama, Laura could have lived with stealing the election. 
  • I mentioned earlier being unclear about Gina’s motives.  Did she set off the nuke because she never recovered from her torture and was still suicidal?  Did she want to take as many humans, her enemy and abusers, with her as possible?  Could she not escape her programming?    
  • How did Galactica and Pegasus not detect an active nuke? 
  • Fat Lee didn’t look so ridiculous here.   
  • I recall, after the episode first aired, people claiming Lee was refusing to give Kara the antibiotics she needed for Sam.  The call was interrupted by Cylons.  He never had time to answer!
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