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Ron Moore Interview

Alan Sepinwall Interview with Ron Moore. Though it was posted today, Ron talks about the BSG film, The Plan, being written so this must have taken place some months ago. I saw no spoilers for the upcoming episodes. In addition to talking about BSG, there is a discussion of Caprica that addresses a couple of my concerns about the project. And Sepinwell has a series of questions as to whether certain plot points will be dealt with. Ron answers yes to all of them. My favorite:

Will "All this has happened before and it will happen again" be explained in some way?


And an acknowledgment I appreciated:

Other than the toasters getting free will this year, what are some other stories you had to drop that, all things being equal, you wish you could have done something with?

The big one that we had to make a shift on in the first season is we never got out into the civilian fleet and showed those other ships. I always felt like different cultures would be on different ships, and as time went on, would develop into their own little mini-societies depending on their circumstances. Over here, you have one captain and 50 people, and here you have four captains and 500 people, those are very different worlds that they're trapped in. For production reason, we were never able to leave Galactica for any length of time. That's a big open chapter that I never got to write.

Things I would have done differently was the Lee and Dualla romance. It sounded better in theory than the way it worked out, and I would've laid more pipe to get there in the beginning if I had known. As it was, it felt a little too thrown together and punched in too quickly.
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It seems I may need to go read me an RDM interview while I eat my lunch. :) Thanks for the link!
I have been rewatching season 4 on DVD and have the extras to go through on Season 4.0. I have also been enjoying The Face Of The Enemy webisodes.
I forgot Season 4.0 was being released on Tuesday until I saw a commercial for it a few minutes ago. I'll be curious to see if the deleted scenes are the same as the ones for the Region 2 release.
Thanks - that was an interesting read - both in all the "yes" answers of things that will be addressed. That at least gives me hope.
I was surprised he answered yes to ALL the questions. I feared there would be quite a few questions left unanswered, but it seems the major plot points will explained and wrapped up. :)
I'm pleased that RDM appears not to be completely winging it has/had something of a plan, though as bad as it was I am glad we didn't get yet more of the Lee/Dee romance. ;0P