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I'm starting to worry about my BSG rewatch. I have 20 episodes to get through before the 16th. Though Season 4.0 I should be able to get through faster since those episodes are freshest in my mind and I doubt I'll have much to say beyond what I've already said.

Speaking of Season 4.0, I managed to get the Best Buy Exclusive Edition. I was there when the doors opened at 10:00am. Yes, I went in late to work in order to purchase DVDs. When I walked in and went to the BSG section they only had one copy on display. The gentleman who got to the section the same time as I did was kindly going to let me have the exclusive set while he settled for the other. I said, "No, they are supposed to have a minimum of eight in the store." So, I grabbed a saleswoman and I followed her and the guy followed me and we tried to track down where the other copies were as I repeated to her they were supposed to have at least eight copies. She looked the information up on the computer and found they were supposed to have thirteen copies. It took her asking two other employees where they were before it was determined they were in their 'exclusives section'. That section turned out to be at the back of the store by appliances. O_o Anyway, the guy trailing me around thanked me for my help. :)

Btw, if you go here at the Best Buy website they have two deleted scenes available for download (yes, download, color me shocked) apparently not included on the DVDs (sadly, not shocked).

Zap2It has a Q&A posted about various shows including BSG. Ron and David did a conference call this afternoon and one non-spoilery bit about the finale was confirmed:

Seems the tenth and final episode does actually stretches three hours. Sci Fi hasn't yet decided if they will chop it up into two installments for its original airing, but Moore and Eick said there are plans to air it in its entirety at least once.

Also, today, I picked up a couple packages from my apartment complex office including a Christmas gift. Part of the gift was 'The Making of Horatio Hornblower', which is awesome on it's own, but when I opened the book to flip through it the page it opened to was Jamie's. People, the book knew!

In news not related in any way to Jamie Bamber, this weekend, after living in Michigan my entire life, I finally visited The Henry Ford Museum with a group of friends. zarniwhooper had been planning the trip since early November and, due to a series of circumstances, the trip kept getting postponed. Our mission was to see the costume exhibit that ran through the middle of this month. After the build up I think we all concluded the exhibit was rather 'eh'. There were a few interesting pieces, my favorite was Luke's severed hand from The Empire Strikes Back, but many pieces were not originals, such as Indy's jacket from Last Crusade, and a couple of pieces I suspected were worn at Dragon Con. ;p But the museum was far more interesting that I thought it would be so I consider the trip worth it. Plus, there was a lot of fandom discussion in the car which is always nice. :)

Unfortunately, I've been battling some strange rash since returning home Saturday night. It's not hives and it's pretty much located on my stomach and one arm. I didn't eat anything I hadn't eaten before and I have no cuts or scratches. Unfortunately, I can only take Benadryl before I go to bed because it knocks me out so whatever it is is not healing as fast as I hoped it would.

Some TV shows are starting back up. I recorded Scrubs for later viewing and watched The Mentalist because The Pretty will always win out in live viewing. I felt tonight's episode actually made some sense. And I liked the team pulling together like it did.

And then there was 'Leverage: The Stork Job'>. My favorite moment may have been when Elliot was told his hair was too long. :) I also wondered if Dean Devlin was making a dig at the SciFi Saturday Movie. A film about NATO soldiers being killed by werewolves shot in an eastern European country with no budget has to be a SciFi film! To bad they couldn't get Michael Shanks to do a cameo.

I'm still not a Parker fan, but she was less annoying in this episode She was shown as being capable of taking something seriously. And they did a nice job of tying her motivations to help the children with her backstory. We also learned a little more about Hardison and that he, too, grew up in foster care, but had the good fortune of being placed with a woman who genuinely cared about him. It also appears that Hardison has a little crush Parker.

It occurred to me that while TNT is known as the Law & Order network, Tuesdays could be known as Christian Kane/David Boreanaz day. There's Angel from 6am to 8am, Bones at 6pm and 11pm, and Leverage at 10pm. Not that I'm complaining. ;)
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I don't see anything wrong with going into work late so that you can collect DVDs :) It's the sort of thing I'd love to do - although it's been a while since there was anything I wanted that much. I'd ask why the Exclusives Section wasn't near the DVD section, but I suspect the answer would make my head hurt ;)

Are you sure that the book isn't enchanted in some fashion? I've been watching the Friday the 13th tv series lately on Zone Horror, re-living my youth, and I'd hate to think of you being sucked into an alternative dimension populated by clones of Jamie Bamber with evil intent...

What was the sci-fi film, by the way? One of my favourite films is Dog Soldiers, which is a UK film about werewolves killing British soldiers on exercise, shot in Scotland and Luxembourg...
The sci-fi film was nameless. It sounds as if it could have been inspired by 'Dog Soldiers' though. As danceswithwords said below, there have been several references in the series (Christian Kane talked about conventions in the pilot) that would lead one to believe there are fanboys writing the show. With Dean Devlin as executive producer it isn't hard to believe.
Crazy me would have thought the display would be at the front of the store, not at the end of the maze of aisles next to the washers and dryers.
Yes, I went in late to work in order to purchase DVDs.

You mean some people don't arrange their lives around television?

A film about NATO soldiers being killed by werewolves shot in an eastern European country with no budget has to be a SciFi film!

Oh yeah, they totally went there, and it was hilariously accurate. There have actually been a few little asides by various characters that lead me to believe all of the writers are fanboys themselves.
I was thinking of you as I watched last night and wondering if you had the same realization. :) I also felt Timothy Hutton did an excellent job as Fake Movie Director and I loved the original directors excitement at being able to trade up to 'The Hills Have Eyes 6' filming in Vancouver. Hee.
I put a charm on the book so it would open just at that page :)
I got the Best Buy exclusive too, but for me it involved leaving earlier than normal for lunch (11:30) so I could beat the lunch crowd to the store. At the store I went to it was shelved with all the other new releases and they had like 20 copies. But I'm glad I went over lunch instead of after work cause I would've just been stressed all day, nervous that there wouldn't be any left by the time I got there! I haven't dug into the set yet, but I'll probably dive right in over the weekend. I can't believe we're close to a week away from the premiere!
I was reading over at battlestar_blog that some stores sold out early in the day so I think we were wise to go when we did. I haven't opened my set either, but I have to start watching Season 4 this weekend if I want to complete my rewatch. :)
Asta - quick question on the BSG set: just picked up a copy and before I open it - Mr. Indi noticed that the discs say Razor, Disc Two, Three, and Four. I am assuming Razor is Disc "One"? Didn't want to open before I make sure that that's the correct set. :)

I had momentary panic too. ;) Yep, Disc 1 is Razor. I just finished watching 'Six of One' on Disc 2. :)
Thanks so much! :) Disaster averted. How are the dogtags - solid, substantial? Mr.Indi doesn't quite understand why I had to get the Best Buy edition. *g*
I haven't opened the dog tags yet. No cons to wear them to. ;) But the booklet is nice!

Tell Mr. Indi I'm actually debating getting the regular edition when Amazon has one of it's good sales just so I can also have Lee/Jamie on the cover. :)
hee! I'm still wishing I'd ordered another copy of the auction catalog (though not specifically for Lee). :) I hear ya!

thanks Asta!