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And the Rewatch Continues

And only twenty episodes more to go.  In eight days.  Eep!  Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend.


  • The Cylons came to New Caprica to find a new way of life, to live in peace.  Why not just leave the humans alone and live separately?  Hey, it worked for fifty years for them. 
  • I forgot that Jammer had been largely absent from the show in the latter half of Season 2 until I saw him here.   
  • Tyrol, Sam, and Tigh are leading the resistance.  Laura and Gaeta are aiding them.  One of those two would be logical choices for the final Cylon.  Yet, if we believe Ron and the final Cylon is not present in the Last Supper photo that rules Laura out.  And Gaeta seems such an obvious choice at this point. 
  • I love that Lee (rightly) argues with Adama about pushing the pilots in training…and then an accident happens. Heh. 
  • Adama tears into Lee for becoming weak and soft, both mentally and physically.   Adama is the one who chose Lee to command Pegasus because he had faith in him.  If Lee has changed so much, why not ask him what’s wrong?    
  • Was Helo living with Sharon in her cell?  Adama certainly allowed her every other comfort.  I was originally confused as to why Adama had reached out to Sharon, of all people, but I suppose he felt she was someone that he could relate to and vice versa.  They were both isolated at that time, feeling very much alone, and dealing with a great deal of anger.   
  • Sharon confesses to Adama that she was filled with rage for everything that had happened to her, but she came to realize it was all just guilt.  She was angry at herself for the choices she had made.  You would think that would include having a hand in the near annihilation of humanity, but, no, she only talks of betraying her people and losing her baby.   Sharon’s motivations continue to confound me.  She does love Helo and her child and she knows they cannot be a part of her world so she must be a part of theirs.  And I believe she feels loyalty to Adama because he has shown her trust.  But what if she lost all of that?  Then what would she do? 
  • Dee’s “you’re a soldier who needs a war” was the beginning of the end of her marriage to Lee.  She really believed what she was saying, not realizing that while Lee needs a mission, something to fight for, he doesn’t need it to be war.  And when he takes up the mission to defend Baltar, not because he believes he’s innocent, but because he has a right to a fair trial and not to be humanities scapegoat, she walks out on him.   



  • At the planning meeting for the rescue, Lee makes several good points, yet is made to look like the bad guy.  Funny, no one actually disagrees with anything he has to say.   
  • Adama shares with Lee that Sharon has informed him that the Centurions are unable to distinguish the humanoid models. The Cylons didn’t want the Centurions to become self aware and suddenly start to resist orders.  They didn’t want their own robotic rebellion.  Well, that plan went to hell.   
  • Cally tells the one Cylon that might be able to help her, Boomer, that she’d  shoot her again if she had a gun.   ::head desk::  Cally’s stupidity should have gotten her killed back on New Caprica. 
  • When did Sharon and Helo marry?     
  • Zarek looks pretty good for being in detention for four months…hmmmmm.


Exodus Part 1 

  • I’m no expert, but wouldn’t a child Kacey’s age be asking for her real mother?   
  • Religion and mysticism continues to play a greater role in the show.  How could the Oracle know Helo and Sharon’s baby is alive?
  • Why is Cottle saving badly injured Cylons if they can download? 
  • Cavil mentions that the downloads are getting worse and worse.  Downloading, living indefinitely, appears not to be the gift we and they once thought it to be.  The original Cylon aim was to be close to human, but better.  The Cylons believed love was needed to create life and some even came to believe that death was necessary to understanding and cherishing life.  Perhaps the flawed downloading process was by design? 
  • At some point Sam must have learned of Helo and Sharon’s child.  When Sam was asked by Laura to protect Maya and Maya’s child at all costs, shouldn’t he have suspected the child was Hera? 
  • Sharon to D’Anna:  “Adama wouldn’t lie to me.” I seem to recall Kara saying that same thing to Laura in KLG. 


Exodus Part 2 

  • Lee to Dee:  “Am I that easy to read?”

Me:  “Yes, you are that easy to read, Lee.”  Which is why I fail to understand how Dee and Adama can’t see what his real issues are.  Oh, yeah, they want him to be the man they want him to be, not the man he really is.   

  • Galactica jumping into the atmosphere and launching it's vipers is still one of the coolest and exciting effects shots I’ve ever seen. 
  • Four basestars.  I guess they should have listened to Lee. And didn’t he take out three of the four?  Yet, he gets NO thanks.   It’s Adama to the rescue.   Not that I’m bitter… 
  • If  Hera was to help D’Anna find the true meaning of love and D’Anna quickly bonded with Hera then why did we never see her with Hera again?   
  • Convenient how Kacey’s mother just happened to be on Galactica and on the deck when they disembarked.  ::rolls eyes:: 



  • As much as I love Laura and do feel she is the president they need, I find one aspect of her conversation with Zarek disturbing.  Zarek tells her he’s a realist and that Adama has made it clear he would put him in a cell if he remained in power.   Laura tells him it would be impossible to govern without the backing of the military.  Zarek is, by law, the president.  Adama is, again, threatening an illegal act to remove the president from power.  And Laura is, essentially, working with Adama to oust Zarek and take over the presidency.  That is a dictatorship and potentially not a benevolent one. 
  • Sam to Kara: “I’m done.  The wars over for me.”  Really? Because I don’t think it’s over for any of the nearly 42,000 people in the fleet.   
  • I know there are fans that view Sam as a pale imitation of Lee who was just brought in as a way to keep Lee and Kara apart.  But it’s not Sam that is the problem here, it's Kara.  Kara does to Sam exactly what she has done to Lee in the past.  She tells Sam she’s in a different place now, but won’t elaborate as to what that means.  She won’t open up to Sam, just as she won't with Lee.  She’s destroying yet another relationship. When she declares, “I just want to hurt someone and it might as well be you.”, it could have just as easily been Lee.  Kara was in such a painful and destructive place at this point, I'd say it was a good thing there was an existing wedge between she and Lee. 
  • That Kara has to repeat  everything Gaeta told her in front of everyone in order for his life to be saved is...really unrealistic. 
  • Zarek was right, making the trials public would consume the fleet for months, even years.  It happened with Baltar’s trial.  And Laura fell into the trap Zarek warned her of, she did become the “executioner in chief “ as the need for justice blurred with the need for vengeance.    
  • So was Laura “extending a general pardon for every human being in this fleet” a loophole?  Baltar was not in the fleet when she granted those pardons.   



  • Cylon projection was an interesting idea and I appreciate how it emphasized the machine part of the Cylon, but the concept went nowhere.   
  • I feel I should care about Baltar’s time on the basestar, but I really don’t.   
  • Now the Cylons want to make earth their new home.  Why is everyone hung up on this planet.  It’s not that awesome. ;p 
  • Lee Adama has discovered the best weight loss plan ever! 
  • After her reckless flying, Lee grounds Kara and she actually stays grounded.  No reprieves from Adama this time. 
  • The Lee/Helo workout scene – they really wanted to find a way to get Jamie’s shirt off.   
  • Racetrack calls Sharon Boomer, to which Sharon quickly responds that Boomer is someone else.  Even though many of the pilots did accept Sharon into their ranks, it’s interesting to note they didn’t necessarily see her as an individual and different from Boomer.  
  • Once people settled back into a routine, the divisions between those that were on New Caprica and those that remained in the fleet surfaced.  What Tigh and Kara did to destroy cohesion and morale is wrong, but I have to agree that life on New Caprica was much harder than life aboard Galactica. 
  • Six shares with Baltar that most of the Cylons feel the words of the Hybrid are meaningless, a sign of madness.  Only Leoben believes every word out of her mouth and that God speaks to them through her.  Is Leoben’s connection to Kara because of the Hybrid?  Leoben had to learn of Kara’s special destiny from someone/something.  And the Hybrid is the only other individual/thing that seems to have an extensive knowledge of Kara. 
  • Was the infected beacon left by the thirteenth tribe?  Did it come from earth?  Will we ever find out? 
  • If Kara, who has always been loyal to Adama as well as a concerned senior pilot/CAG, is now “a malcontent and cancer”, in other words, not acting as the Kara that Adama has known for years would act, shouldn't he ask what happened?  What is causing this change in behavior?  It’s just like Lee’s weight gain.  Adama sees the changes, but has no desire to find out the cause of those changes.   
  • Deleted scenes:  D’Anna turns over the care of Hear to Boomer and she’s none too happy about it.  D’Anna makes the same assumption as Racetrack, the Sharon’s look alike and spent time amongst the same people, so they are interchangeable. 


A Measure of Salvation 

  • Not only did the Cylons not upgrade the plumbing, they didn’t find a way to dodge the flu.    
  • I listened to the tech mumbo jumbo, but I still don’t now how a disease can be downloaded.  It gives new meaning to the term computer virus. :p   
  • The Cylons want a new beginning on earth, like they did on the Colonies.  So is the plan to wipe out the thirteenth tribe should they be there?  How do you have a fresh start if you keep slaughtering people??? 
  • I know Ron was toying with the idea of having Lee become a marine.  The idea made little sense to me considering how intertwined, by necessity, the various military divisions had to become after the attacks.  And while Lee has always had tunnel vision when it comes to the Cylons, Lee comes off a little too hard core here.  It’s not that I can’t see him coming up with the plan to wipe out the Cylon race or lead the execution squad because he’s not the type to send others to do the dirty work.  Perhaps it’s that he seems so devoid of emotion and that’s not like Lee. 
  • I still cannot believe they had Helo say, “They tried to live with us on New Caprica.”  And why was Helo even part of the conversation?  It was Lee’s plan.  Adama would have to initiate.  Laura would have to approve it.  Helo was the acting XO, but Tigh was seldom present at planning meetings between Adama and Laura. 
  • Here’s where D’Anna’s motivations get confusing for me.  Baltar tells her, “If we knew gods will then we’d all be gods.”  Does she aspire to be a god?  Does she repeatedly have herself killed in order to see the faces of the final five because, by seeing them, knowing them, she elevates herself?  Is it about truth or power?  And what of Baltar in all this?   When he declares, “I believe in you…I love you with all my heart”, he’s talking to Head Six, but D’Anna believes the words are directed to her and she seems genuinely moved by them.  Why would Baltar’s love change her? 
  • Helo risked the lives of everyone on the fleet by sabotaging Lee’s plan.  It would have been interesting if some of the pilots had died and Helo had to deal with the ramifications of that. 
  • In KLG, we're told the ruins on Kobol are around 2,000 years old.  Yet, in AMoS, Cottle states that the virus is an exact match to one reported over 3,000 years ago, right around the time the thirteenth colony left Kobol.  There seems to be a bit of a descrepency there.
  • Deleted Scenes:  There was *a lot* cut out of this episode.  Caprica/D’Anna jealousies are hinted at.  Kara confronts Leoben.  Adama talks to the pilots about the president’s decision.  Helo’s asked to be relieved from duty.  Lee reinstates Kara the mission.  Kara cockily stares at Lee.  Sharon stares at Adama.  Only that last moment I would have appreciated being kept in.  Sharon had to be more disturbed by what she was asked to do then we had been shown. 



  • This episode is a continuity headache.  Suddenly, Adama has a command before Galactica, the Valkyrie.  And Bulldog disappeared three years ago, a year before the attacks, when Adama was supposedly already stationed on Galactica.   
  • Not only does Adama believe he started the attacks, we are meant to believe he had a hand in it.  Yet, we know Caprica Six was on Caprica for at least two years prior to the attacks and Boomer was aboard Galactica.  Cylons were already spread throughout the fleet and the colonies.  They had a plan, not Adama's bad luck.
  • We never did find out why the Cylons let Bulldog go.  Was it just to kill Adama?   
  • Oh, there are other doctors in the fleet besides Cottle (I don’t count the crazy one shot doctor in ‘The Woman, King’.  Cottle tells Bulldog to have Dr. Stopha call him as soon as Bulldog arrives on his new ship.


 Unfinished Business 

My main reason for doing a rewatch was to see if I noticed anything new about the plot arcs or if my opinion of them had changed.  ‘Unfinished Business’ really has nothing to do with the overall arcs, it’s about the characters, mainly Lee and Kara.  As many of you know, I’m not a fan of the episode.  And while, with the exception of a few moments, I loathe the extended cut, I decided to watch the extended cut.  Rage would best describe my emotions as I watched.  Most of that rage was directed at Kara.  The interesting thing is as a mentally listed all the reasons I hated Kara Thrace in this episode, I had an epiphany as to why I love Lee Adama so much…but I’m not going to talk about that here.  Yes, I’m evil.  Actually, it occurred to me that it needs to be a separate post.  With any luck, I’ll have something put together next week. :)    


The Passage

  • I didn’t work out the exact math, but it seems to me with the number of pilots they have, number of raptors they have, and the number of ships in the fleet they didn’t need to make five round trips.  And if they only needed to make two jumps and could rest between trips while people were moved from Galactica back to their own ships, why would they need stims?  I do understand that some vipers and raptors would have been left on the other side of the star cluster to protect the rest of the fleet, but it still doesn’t work out for me. 
  • As I mentioned before, D’Anna’s motivations are perplexing to me.  Hera was to show her love, but she pawns the kid off on Boomer.  Baltar proclaims his love and she’s hooking up with him.  Then she decides to kill herself to see the final five and perhaps the face of god.  Yet, she believes the Hybrid speaks nonsense.   
  • Baltar is hoping for a get out of jail free card.  If D’Anna has seen his face in the afterlife it could mean he’s a Cylon and there’s a reason he keeps betraying humanity. 
  • Added to the jumbled storytelling is bad editing.  We jump into the middle of a confrontation between Kara and Kat (deleted scenes show the scene was much longer and more fluid).  Add to that an out of nowhere revelation that humans suspect Cylons infiltrated Caprica via criminals. 
  • So what if Kat lied about who she was?  Wasn’t the fleet desperate for pilots?  Why should her past matter?  

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  • I'll Stop Updating Now

    My one thought on Rescue Me - it sucks to be Tommy. wisteria_ brought to my attention that the latest BSG video blog features Jamie…

  • For The Sake of My Sanity

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