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And the Rewtach Heads Into the Final Ten

I'm thinking/hoping my thoughts on Season 4 will be much shorter.  Though, I have deleted scenes I haven't watched yet.   I will be done by Thursday!  Can you believe it?  Only six more days! 


The Eye of Jupiter 

  • I’m still confused about the contaminated food processing equipment.  Shouldn’t it be able to be decontaminated at some point?   
  • And I'm still not getting Kara’s ‘logic’ that marriage is a sacrament and she can’t divorce, yet it’s acceptable to “bend the rules”, cheat on her husband and hurt three people in the process.  From ‘Unfinished Business’ to ‘Taking a Break…’ we see Kara’s selfishness at it’s worst.  The truth is she used her marriage to run away from Lee and is using it again to not fully commit to Lee.  I’m also dumbstruck that she felt Lee would be OK with an arrangement where he’s the other man.    
  • Tyrol states the Temple is at least 4,000 years old, which lines up with the exodus of the thirteenth tribe.  Really?  First the exodus was 2,000 years ago, then 3,000 years ago, and now 4,000 years ago.  Can the writers please make up their minds? 
  • We learned of the Final Five from the Cylons and now we have the discovery of the Temple of Five.  Cylon and human religion are intersecting. I know some people are having problems with the possibility of humans and Cylons co-existing, but what if there has always been a connection?   What if they once co-existed?
  • Laura: “I don’t know, Lee.”   She’s calling him Lee now. :)
  • Lee compliments Sam on his speech to his people -  “You’d make a good officer”.  Perhaps that was a clue to Sam’s future job as viper pilot.  What does a former pyramid player do when the world ends?  He's proved his leadership ability - on the pyramid court, leading the resistance on Caprica and New Caprica, and protecting the temple on the Algea Planet.  Officially becoming part of the military was a logical next step. I do wonder if marine would have been more seamless fit.  However, he was of the mindset that he needed to continue Kara’s mission.  
  • Laura’s quotes from the scriptures, “Five priests devoted to the one whose name….”  Who is the one that cannot be named?  Is it God?  And if it is God, at some point in human history did they worship one god - like the Cylons - and not many gods?
  • Laura to Adama:  “Are we prepared to sacrifice Lee?”   They are on the verge of nuking the planet and who is the one person she is thinking about? ;)
  • I’m still having trouble believing Adama didn’t know about Hera.     


The Rapture 

  • Even though we know Athena is going to resurrect, Helo shooting her, and his reaction, is gut wrenching to watch. 
  • Dee suspects her husband and Kara are having an affair and she is, rightfully, hurt and angry.  However, Lee asked her to attempt a rescue, not risk her life in order to save Kara’s.  And about 30 seconds after getting off the phone with him her post came under heavy fire and the guy she was with was killed.  There’s also the fact that she had told Lee (in the extended cut of UB) that she knew the day would come when he’d leave her for Kara.  So who is she really angry at? 
  • Kara tells Dee she loves Lee, she hates Lee; she loves Sam, she hates Sam.  Truth is, it’s easier to say she’s a screw-up, she’s defective in some way, rather than she loves both men, wants both men, and she simply can’t decide. The divorce excuse was just that and, in her mind, it absolved her of her shitty behavior.  Sorry, I had a lot of Kara hate during the middle of Season 3. 
  • Hera recognizes her mother?  From the day they spent together before she was taken?  More likely she senses the woman holding her is not a stressed out mess like Boomer was. 
  • I actually feel sorry for Boomer when she announces she done with that part of her life and humans and Cylons should go there separate ways.  Athena has the life Boomer wanted and Boomer is stuck on a basestar surrounded by strangers and without purpose other than to care for another woman's child.   
  • Nice callback to Caprica's actions in the mini with Boomer threatening to snap Hera’s neck, in front of Caprica.   
  • Caprica, even with losing Baltar and her dreams for New Caprica, never lets go of the hope that humans and Cylons can live together.  “The future of the Cylon rests with that child.” Hera is the bridge between the two species and, for her, the last hope.   
  • Tyrol is unable to blow the temple.  Will his Cylon self not allow him to do it?
  • If not for Kara, Lee and Sam could be friends. 


Taking A Break From All Your Worries

  • Baltar attempts to kill himself at Head Six’s urging.  It reminds me of when Baltar convinced Boomer to kill herself.  While Baltar fears what is to become of him, I also believe part of him feels he’d be helping protect the fleet.   
  • On the surface, Laura wants to interrogate Baltar for information on the Cylons and learn if they know the way to earth.  But it only takes moments before she begins to attack Baltar over what happened on New Caprica  Laura isn’t focusing on the future; she’s already trying to punish him for the past.     
  • I hate EJO’s directing in this episode.  Subtlety seems lost on him. Laura is screaming to the point of shrillness and Lee’s falling down drunk and weeping in Galactica’s corridor.   
  • I’ll say one thing for Kara, she is being more honest with Sam than Lee is with Dee.  Sam asks her if she loves Lee and gets a “maybe”. 
  • Dee pisses me off in her speech to Lee.  She saw this coming and was naïve enough to marry Lee anyway.  She was "lucky to have him for as long as he or Kara would let her”.  What?  I don’t want to absolve Lee of his behavior, he’s made a lot of mistakes, but she’s telling him, again, that she married him knowing full well she was second choice and not that her fears are being realized it's his fault.  She’s responsible for her own unhappiness, not him.  And instead of releasing him from the lie to go to Kara, that’s when she should have packed her bags and walked out and taken back control of her life. 
  • Kara does pull a 180, asking Lee if he’ll leave Dee if she leaves Sam.  So much for that sacrament she couldn’t break. :p   And she has the audacity to get angry at him, “Think about it Lee, it’s what your best at.”  Yes, thinking is something he’s good at.  It’s a strength and, in EoJ, it’s clear he had thought about it when he suggested they both leave their spouses and be together.  His fear that he’ll leave Dee, Kara will change her mind (again) and he’ll end up alone isn’t right, but it is understandable.   
  • Lee/Kara’s marriage woes juxtaposed with Baltar’s torture was an odd mish mash.   
  • When Lee declares to Dee that he asked her to marry him because he was in love with her, just as he’s in love with her now, I don’t know if he’s lying to her or to himself.  He seems so earnest, yet we know better.  I will agree that she is good for him, yet is it enough? Ultimately, he and Kara made the safe choices.   


The Woman, King

  • This episode was not as bad as I remembered it (it’s certainly a stronger character episode fro Helo than ‘Black Market’ was for Lee), though it’s not without its share of problems. I know Ron laments not having explored life on other ships more and with this episode we are introduced to the darker aspects of Colonial society, the prejudice and racism against the Sagittarians. ‘Dirty Hands’ and Baltar’s memoir will later expose the classicism that exists.  Unfortunately, we had no build up to any of this so when Tyrol and Tigh after revealed to be racists it’s not only off putting, it’s confusing.   
  • Zarek’s warning to Laura about Baltar’s trial leading to civil unrest and a situation the fleet has not yet seen seems excessive.  It will definitely open up old wounds, but to the point of needing to declare martial law?   
  • Tigh’s remark to Helo about snuggling up with his Cylon wife while they were down fighting a resistance on New Caprica shows that animosity still remains between the two.  Sadly, it wasn’t explored any further.   
  • Helo confronts the fact that his defining characteristic has become that he’s a guy married to a Cylon.  It’s a good motivator for why he fought so hard for the truth.  He wants to remind people what type of officer he is and, essentially, step out from Athena’s shadow. 


A Day in the Life 

  • It’s the start of Lawyer Lee!  I’ll give the show credit for introducing this plot development now instead of springing it n us in ‘The Son Also Rises’.  And it provides an interesting look at the current state of the Lee/Laura relationshipc.  Laura asks for Lee to chair the legal committee she’s forming because she needs people who, regardless of legal experience, know the difference between right and wrong.  Lee is surprised that Laura has asked for him to fill the position and Adama informs him she’s going to need someone she trusts and he definitely fits that.  It’s a reminder of what Lee once met to her and a reaffirmation that his counsel still remains important to her.  It also nicely sets up their emotions in ‘Crossroads’.  Lee is pained to have to go after her on the stand (though I’d hazard to guess he was easier on her than Romo would have been) and Laura feels betrayed by the trust she gave to him.  
  • 49 days without a Cylon sighting.  I that a record? 
  • I really like the conversation between Lee and Adama in the briefing room.  We find out that Adama is proud of his son andd feels he's been “coming into his own, especially the last few months.”  But Adama's struggling with his subconscious.  Carolanne asks Adama if Lee knows how Adama feels.  Does Lee simply know the admiral is going to give him a good performance review or does he know his father loves him?  Deep down, Adama understands what Lee wants and needs to hear, yet, as we know, he can never bring himself to say the words.
  • Lee to Adama: “A kick in the butt is worth a thousand words.  Gods knows you kicked mine enough.”  That statement speaks volumes. 
  • Adama tells Laura Lee never expressed any interest in the law, yet Lee reveals he was fascinated with his grandfather’s papers and law books as a kid.  Gee, Bill, that might have been a hint that he did have an interest.  And Lee shares his dashed dreams - all the things he flirted with doing before joining the military and how none can come to fruition now.  The CAG doesn’t have time to dream.   
  • I still have problems with the reveal that Carolanne was an abusive alcoholic.  It means both Lee and Kara had very similar childhoods.  At least they cut the part where it’s revealed Carolanne was pregnant with Lee at the time of the marriage.  Yeah, he needs to blame himself for his parent’s unhappiness.   
  • Carolanne tells Adama he's the leader of men who screwed up the biggest decision of his life.  And if he stopped to admit he made that mistake it would call into question all of his other decisions.  I find it fascinating that deep down Adama knows his faults, is acknowledging them, but refuses to do anything to make amends or to change his pattern of behavior.  In fact, he'll continue to wear that wedding ring as a reminder of his biggest failure and it seems Lee wears his for the same reason.    


Dirty Hands

  • Another episode that raises interesting questions, but fails in it’s execution. 
  • I know Laura has become more hard line, but she’s extremely dismissive of those working on the refinery ship and it seems out of charcter to me. 
  • All the pilots and officers come from the rich colonies.  Really?   Again, new news.
  • Jobs are being inherited.  Parents are passing on their skills to their children. Tyrol raises an interesting question, what if they are on those ships for ten years?  Laura is so focused on finding earth and believing they will find it, soon.  She hasn’t stopped to think about what they will do if they fail in their mission.   
  • Originally, I thought Adama arresting Cally and threatening to put her up against a bulkhead and shoot her, then the rest of the deck gang, was one of the most bizarre character moments ever on the show.  Besides not seeing Adama as a murderer, they had just established Seelix couldn’t go to flight school because she was so damn important in her current position, yet Adama is going to wipe out his entire deck crew to end a strike?  But, with the ‘Pegasus’ arc recently viewed and ‘Razor’ on my mind, it occurs to me they were drawing some sort of parallel between the person Cain was and the person Adama could have been.   
  • Ensign Seelix was a nice moment. :)  


  • There is a psychiatrist in the fleet.  He/she must be busy.  And Hera’s traumatized by what happened on New Caprica, not the freaky Cylon basestar? 
  • The Oracle in Dogsville knows about Leoben and that he sees the truth about Kara and her destiny and knows her better than she knows herself.  She even repeats Leoben’s words from ‘Flesh and Bone’.  This is the second Oracle we’ve seen who’s been dead on in reading people and the future.  Add to that the repeated images of the maelstrom, the shared visions of the opera house, and Kara returning from the dead, mysticism has played a role in the series for quite some time and seems to be building to something big. 
  • Kara’s mother told her she was “different from other kids”.  Did she know something about Kara and her destiny even as a child?   
  • Lee may have carried guilt over Kara’s death, but I still feel he did the right thing in not grounding her.  Kara’s identity as a steely eyed viper jock was helping to hold her together.  And Kara needed someone to believe her, to believe in her.
  • I believe Lee when he says things with Dee are the best they’ve ever been, but is it merely because it’s a safe, comfortable life devoid of drama?
  • I believe there was a heavy raider in the nebula.  We don’t just see it from Kara’s POV, we briefly see it from Lee’s.  Could it have been some sort of mini resurrection ship?  
  • Kara’s fear of death I’m still iffy on, but she needed to die to become what she really is.  She needed to die to be reborn.  As what, I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s a Cylon. 
  • Kara: “They’re waiting for me.”  Who is waiting?  I don’t think she meant her mother or Zak.   


The Son Also Rises 

  • I really like the Lee/Sam scene on the hangar deck.  They are both in so much pain and reaching out to each other.  Why is there not more Lee/Sam fic? 
  • It’s interesting that Skulls says, in reference to Baltar, “He gave the Cylons our location.”  We know it’s not true and it has never been established on the show.  There is a widespread presumption of guilt in the fleet. 
  • Romo can see Lee’s pain after spending a few minutes with him, yet his father can’t.:/ 
  • I get Adama’s misdirected anger at Lee.  Lee is all Adama has left, he's terrified of losing another child, and Lee could have died in the raptor bombing. And I think Lee sees where the anger is coming from.  But I continue to be dumbstruck by Adama’s obliviousness as to how close Lee and Kara really were.  Didn’t half the ship know about what was going on after ‘Unfinished Business’?  Yes, Bill, his loss is deeper than yours.  Gods forbid your son even one up you in that department.    
  • “Serial contrarian” – one of the best descriptions of Lee ever. 
  • I love the last scene between Lee and Adama.  Yes, with Zak and Kara gone it's down to Lee to carry on the family military tradition.  As Lee tries to speak, to share what he wants to do, Adama reinforces, repeatedly, that Lee is a pilot.  And when Adama states he will not look across that court and see Lee sitting on the other side, Lee FINALLY confronts him, “See me or see someone else?”  YES!  Lee finally admits to himself, to Adama, what he’s always known.  Adama has never seen Lee Adama, he’s seem Captain or Commander or Major Adama.   


Crossroads Part 1 

  • While I can see how Baltar’s manifesto on classicism and prejudice within the fleet would strike a chord with people, I’m at a loss as to why anyone would want him to bless their child. At what point did  he get elevated to spiritual figure? 
  • 5,197 died on New Caprica or were left behind.  Yikes.  I didn’t realize it was that many.  And what happened to those left behind?  Did the Cylons take them or is there a colony still trying to survive there?   
  • Romo is right. It was surrender or die and they owe their lives to the decision Baltar made. 
  • Why would Lee assume the tea had Camalla in it?  It seems like a big leap to take. 
  • Is Lee sticking it to the old man or sticking up for truth, justice, and all those other lovely things?  It’s primarily because he believes in the system, but he’s lying to himself if he doesn’t think it’s also a bit of the other reason.   
  • Adama accuses Lee of telling Romo about Ellen. How would he know? If Lee did know and Adama didn’t share the news with him than shouldn't he suspect it’s news among the crew?  And Adama solidifies his role as worst father ever.  he jumps to the defense of his friend who showed up drunk for court at the cost of the relationship with his son who he calls a liar and a coward.  He also ends up pushing Lee to go after Laura himself. 
  • As painful as it is, the confrontation between Lee and Laura in the courtroom still remains one of my all time favorite Lee/Laura moments.  “Captain Apollo, you remember that?  I always thought it had such a nice ring to it.  I am so, so sorry for you now.”  It’s such an awesome shout out to the mini while reminding us how close they once were and how much both have changed.  And I love the devastated look on Lee’s face when he learns her cancer has returned.  They still care! 
  • Dee tells Lee the system of justice is broken.  What kind of system would she put in it’s place?   I’m also wondering if his representation of Baltar was an excuse for her to leave.  Dee is coming to realize Lee is not the person she married, he’s not Apollo.  But she doesn’t walk out at the start of the trial, she walks out after he resigns him commission, after his first day as Mr. Adama, and after he stands up in court in a suit rather than a uniform. 
  • So they used the Tillium ship as a decoy…per Lee’s suggestion.   


Crossroads Part 2 

  • Poor Seelix.  First she has a crush on Tyrol and now Sam and they both fail to see how awesome she is. :( 
  • Lee brings up on the stand that Laura issued a blanket pardon and all was forgiven. Woo!   
  • Lee was a little harsh on himself on the stand, but it’s typical Lee.  He is like his father in that they’ll fixate on failures rather than successes.  At least Lee will admit he does do guilt.   
  • The look Laura shoots Lee after the verdict?  Priceless. 
  • Romo comments that he knew Lee was an honest man, unlike his grandfather.  Lee seems to remember Joseph Adama very differently.  I wonder if any of this was a set up for Caprica?

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