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Weekend Wrap Up

I was going to save my lovely new icon for sdwolfpup's More Joy Day, but it brings me such joy I couldn't wait. :) And before anyone cries spoiler (I wish!), it's a behind the scenes photo from the book given to the cast and crew at the end of shooting. The full picture (I cropped out a few people) can be found here at the SciFi forum as well as Jamie's contribution to the world of poetry.

I watched 'The BSG: Ten Things You Need to Know Special' which, as usual with these specials, was almost a total waste of time. One bit of information did stand out for me. Ron commented that when they find earth it's been devastated for thousands of years. The thirteenth tribe left Kobol somewhere between 2,000 and 4,000 years ago (depending on the episode). So did they settle there, build cities, and destroy themselves in record time? This timeline coupled with Kara's discovery of earth matching only four of the twelve star patterns (according to a deleted scene in 'He That Believeth in Me') is still making me suspect the earth they found is is not the earth they are looking for.

I also caught up on Friday Night Lights: Underdogs.

The X-Men comic next to Tim's bed cracked me up. My screen is too small to tell, but my guess is Gambit was on the cover.

I'm really perplexed by Tami not wanting to report Joe McCoy beating up JD. Putting aside that by law, as the school principle, she is required to report the abuse, it's just beyond me that she wouldn't feel personally compelled to report it. She pressed Tyra into reporting the attempted rape because it was the right thing to do and best thing for her so why back off here? More disturbing is Katie McCoy was devastated by her husband's actions in the previous episode and now is pissed off at Tami for calling children's services. Though, sadly, I know there are mothers like her.

Tyra using Applebee's as a metaphor in her college essay - hee!

I was angry at Matt's grandma for dismissing his dream of being an artist until I realized she has the belief he desires and can achieve a career in football. She's so proud of his accomplishments on the field, she isn't able to see he doesn't quite have the talent to be a professional.

I loved Lila telling Buddy it's OK he blew her college fund because now she can go to San Antonio State with Tim. I thought he might have a stroke right there at the restaurant.

I made two predictions about Matt. As a wide receiver he'd have his moment to shine - and he did on a nationally televised game - and/or JD would crumble at some point and Matt would quickly have to shift back to the quarterback position. Either I'm brilliant or the show has become a little predictable. ;) If it's the latter, I don't care because I adore Matt and I loved that the last game of his high school career was an awesome one for him and, because of him, they almost grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat. As Eric gave his speech about that championship game being the best damn one he'd ever seen, a game that people will be talking about for years, and Tim just smiled I had to smile along with him.

My To Do List for the weekend:

* Finish Season 3 and half of Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica - I actually managed to get through six episodes.

* Write up Season 3 thoughts

* Work on stuff for More Joy Day

* Catch up on the backlog on the DVR

* Go through auction catalog

* Finish betaing fic

* Reply to comments

The fic I beta'd was beccatoria's awesome BSG AU fic from 'The Hub', The Body is a Myth. It's epic. It involves nearly all the characters on the series. It deals with life, death, rebirth and the cycle of time. It's even a teeny tiny bit shippy. And it's one of the most ambitious, complex, and thought provoking fics I've read. I actually wanted to mention some aspects of her fic in my episode recaps, but I didn't want to steal her thunder. ;) So, go read!

Oh, and good news/bad news. The good news is think I figured out what the mystery rash is - Keratosis Pliaris - and it's the result of really dry skin. The bad news is there is nothing much I can do for it accept moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize until it clears up.
That pic is AWESOME. As is your icon.

Re: FNL -- Lyla was wonderful in the diner scene. She was so enjoying pouring salt into the wound, I thought it was delicious. (Buddy had it coming.)

I understood why Tami was hesitant to call the authorities on the McCoys. She'll know (or at least have reason to believe) from talking to Katie that this was a singular event and the first time this happened -- the guy snapped, which is bad and really shouldn't happen again, but that Tami thought this could make matters worse, I understood. The problems the McCoys have aren't very likely to be solved by child protective services, especially if the guy feels himself unjustly accused of being a child abuser.

I'm so glad things are looking up for Matt, by the way. The stuff about his grandma not wanting him to leave was heartbreaking.
Even if it was the first time Joe hit J.D., I think they should have fears it won't be the last time. Joe's rage has been building over the course of the season and now that J.D. choked in the championship game, how is he going to react? The best way to ensure it won't happen again is to get the authorities involved and hope they do keep an eye on the family.

There have been numerous happy endings on the show, but Matt better not be the one they decide doesn't get one! Though I am having a hard time picturing him in Chicago. ;)
that photo of jamie and mary is made of huge amounts of win! i suspect i may have to print it out. :)

what i think amused me most in the whole top ten things... is that that david eick literally said what i sad about the final few minutes of resolutions. like... literally. how did that happen?
They just need to do another con together so I can get them to autograph a copy. :)

Maybe David is reading your LJ? ;) Or maybe we are smarter than they give us credit for. They still claim we won't figure out the finale. I've seen some interesting theories as to how it all ends and my guess is some of those people are close.
they do tend to go to cons together! been talking about that with someone not long ago, desperately trying not to read too much into that and failing terribly. :D

that entry was locked! unless david is secretly on my flist or something. :D who is he, i wonder?!?


Thank you! :D

(And, obviously, thank you for such a lovely recc!)

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