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As If I Needed Another Reason to Love Jamie

Jamie did a brief interview with Nothing spoilery and we're getting to the point he's being asked the same questions about the end of the series and giving out the same answers. However, there is this portion of the interview that is very interesting in light of the upcoming prop auction:

Q: What did you steal from the set?

Bamber: Everything, everything. I'm not going to give you details, but I've got everything. Everything that I wanted, I got. Everything I could fit in my yard!

Q: Was there anything you had to have a tug of war with Katee Sackhoff over?

Bamber: No, because the stuff I took was basically mine. They were cool – [The execs] would probably clobber me. I know the vultures were circling to sell it off on eBay for General Electric's profit. But we took it upon ourselves to desecrate it all and take as much as we could, and I think we did a good job with it.

Let me say this, the prop catalog is gorgeous and I'm very happy I bought a copy, but I've had suspicions since the auction was first announced about the authenticity of many of the items. Jamie stated long ago that he had taken his flight suit. And Aaron Douglas had his orange jump suit at Dragon Con. And I found it hard to believe other cast members weren't packing up items as they left. So when I read Jamie's comments I felt it was his way of telling us to save our money. :) I also love the swipe at GE. Tina Fey needs to call him about doing a guest stint on 30 Rock. ;)

In other news that makes me happy - and it's not even More Joy Day yet! - TV Squad has a sneak peak at the February 13th episode of The Sarah Conner Chronicles which is pretty cool. I still can't tell if it's real or her imagination.

And you all need to go check out chalia43's awesome BSG crack vid set to Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire', HERE.
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