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Heads Up: 'Battlestar' Premiere to Run Three and a Half Minutes Longer

According to Sci Fi Wire:

SCI FI Channel is letting viewers know that the Jan. 16 return of Battlestar Galactica at 10 p.m. will run 3 1/2 minutes long, so make sure to plan ahead if you're watching live or set your DVR accordingly if you're not.

For those who miss it anyway, SCIFI.COM will post the extra minutes following Battlestar's West Coast debut, which ends at 11 p.m. PT/2 a.m. ET.

The final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica kick off with an episode entitled "Sometimes a Great Notion," which picks up the story from last June's cliffhanger

In other premiere news, word of the final Cylon has leaked thanks to Sci Fi. The braintrust allowed Propworx to list the script for 'Sometimes a Great Notion' on Ebay and, apparently, if you click on the photos for the script you can see who the final Cylon is. The Ebay listings can be found here. For the record, I didn't look and I'm desperately hoping I don't get spoiled in the next three days (THREE DAYS!). beccatoria, at least we have an answer to our question on when the reveal would take place. :)
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Oh god. I won't look. I won't look. I won't look. I won't look. I won't look.
Hee! I'm glad you are finding some of your enthusiasm for the show back. :) I actually could have found out months ago who it is and chose not to. If I'm this close to finding out in the ep itself and get spoiled I'm going to be pissed!
That makes me even GIDDIER (is that a word) for Friday. :) I'm staying unspoiled if it kills me..which may mean going offline!

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I wish I had that option, but, with a comm to run, I have to keep an eye out for Jamie Bamber news. Thank goodness he's tight lipped!
Oh, I'm so glad the reveal will be soon! Not because I'm dying to know (I mean, I want to know, but it wouldn't kill me to wait a few eps), but because I know the spoiler is out there, and the longer it goes, the higher my chances of getting accidentally spoiled.

And this also confirms that I'm going internet-dark from the time it airs until I have a chance to watch sometime on Saturday, just in case. I will not be spoiled, dammit!
I heard, originally, the reveal was to be in the mid-season finale, but the eps got re-edited and I've been worried for months the news would become general knowledge.
Thanks for the info on the episode length! I have stopped watching battlestar_blog for the duration so I hadn't heard this. And knowing that the final Cylon spoiler is out there, I'm even more glad I did stop.

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I saw the news on three sites this morning. I'm going to be very careful as to what I read over the next few days.
Wow, over three hours! Yay! I'm glad that it's all getting out early. No way fandom (or SciFi apparently) could sit on such a secret too long.

It makes me want to go underground and know nothing else for the whole season. I won't, but seriously one can not trust the SciFi channel.

And I hope it isn't who I hope it isn't. :-)
I know who it isn't, but I don't know who it is. And the person I most suspect right now I haven't asked about because they seem, to me, an obvious choice and I don't want to be disappointed after the long build up.
Me neither! And I just realized you wrote three and a half minutes, not hours. Hee! I really do need to stay away from news. I get it all mixed up!
I didn't even noticed you said hours instead of minutes. Heh. And it occurs to me I should probably change the subject line from "long" to "longer" because it reads as if the entire ep is 3 and 1/2 minutes!
I stopped watching battlestar_blog too; I do NOT want to be spoiled. For shows were I care about the storyline, I never want to know spoilers. I guess I'm going to be peering at LJ through my fingers for a while to come? ;)
Ebay apparently pulled the listing, but I did find a copy of the picture on another site. And to be honest, unless there were more pictures I didn't see, the page of script available is suggestive, but not conclusive. I'm very wary of saying anything specific in case of spoiling anyone, but basically there are a number of reasons I can immediately think of as to why the person in question might be appear in this context and only one of them is "X is the final cylon." It's a massive assumption, basically.

On the other hand, the circumstantial evidence of this script page combined with the fact that it's the same person I got spoiled about a few days ago, suggests that it might well be true.

Also I still don't think that we'll necessarily find out about the final one's identity this week since we always knew it was revealed in 4x11's script it's just the rumour is that it got recut into 4x12. :/

I JUST WANNA KNOW! *obsesses!*
The braintrust allowed Propworx to list the script for 'Sometimes a Great Notion' on Ebay and, apparently, if you click on the photos for the script you can see who the final Cylon is.

Geniuses! They're all geniuses over there. (The same way Wile E. Coyote is a genius, that is.)
Oh, it gets better! Propworx had about a dozen scripts listed on Ebay. I went to see what the bids stood at and found they were all gone. Turns out, NBC/Universal, which allowed them to have them, told them they had to remove them from the auction. Obviously, asking that they remove a script for an ep not yet aired is understandable, but why the rest???
OMG the Fianl Cyclon is....Billie MAYS!

I knew I couldnt trust him when he tried to sell me the Handy Switch
Thanks for the headsup. I can't believe after all my years in the Buffy fandom being spoiled rotten, I am completely unspoiled for BSG. I do find myself enjoying this show more because of it.
Yeah, but in 'Buffy' fandom we had to be prepared to deal with certain fans and the more advance warning of plot turns, the better! ;)
Thanks for the heads up, Asta. I will be sure to be extra careful on-line until then. Yikes.

THREE DAYS!!! I'm excited and dreading at the same time.