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And the Rewatch Ends

And I'm done. As I suspected, with the episodes much fresher in my mind I didn't have quiet as much to say about them.  Still, I noticed a few things I hadn't before none of which involve deducing who the final Cylon is.  If there was a clue, I missed it, again.   Oh, and in case anyone hasn't seen them yet, I recapped the deleted scenes.  This is the first time where I felt the deleted footage didn't add much to the plot or character development, accept for maybe Boomer and Athena.

He That Believeth In Me

  • It’s still rather unbelievable to me that Seelix and Sam would be part of the fire fight, but, the first time around, I missed Adama’s order that everyone who ever held a stick to be out there. 
  • The raider recognizes Anders, breaks off, and the Cylon fleet withdraws.  For those questioning Sam’s value, he needed to be rescued from Caprica, become a member of the fleet, be scanned by the Cylon raider, and save humanity! :)
  • When Kara protests, repeatedly, that she was only gone six hours I wish someone would have pointed out the length of her hair.    
  • Lee: “What if Kara was the clue we were supposed to find?”  Good point Lee!  After all, Laura is part of the prophecy as the “dying leader” so why can’t Kara herself be the next sign post? 
  • Lee to Adama: “Is she (Laura) still staying in your quarters?”  Jealous, Lee?  ;) 
  • Lee feels it’s time for a change and needs to move on.  When you work for your father and he tells you you’re a liar and a coward it’s best to start looking at other careers. 
  • Lee: “What if Zak had come back to us in that viper?  Would it matter if he was a Cylon as long as he came back to them?”  I don’t know how Zak could be a Cylon and, in many ways, he’s a too obvious choice.  But I still feel Zak was brought up, after such a long period of time not hearing him mentioned, for some reason.  We really didn’t need the Zak comparison to show us how important Kara was to Lee and Adama. 
  • Has Kara even been back 24 hours?  And she’s whining that no one has taken her picture down. 

Deleted Scenes: 

  • In an extended discussion between Adama, Laura, and Lee we find out that the picture Kara brought back matches only four of the twelve star patterns they saw in the Tomb of Athena...hmmmm.  And  Kara learns Laura’s cancer has come back.
  • Kara goes to Helo’s quarters to apologize for her earlier outburst.  Athena is there and the two talk.  Kara tells Athena she never appreciated how hard it was for her when she first came to Galactica.  Athena shocks Kara by telling her, “No one will be watching more closely then I will.”  It’s because she knows how devious the Cylons can be.  Athena believes the president was right and she would have airlocked Kara rather than risk her destroying the fleet. 
  • The Kara/Sam scene at the memorial wall is extended. Kara tells Sam about the visions she had in the ‘Maelstrom’ and we see her flashbacks.                                                                                                               

Six of One

  • Yes, Kara, you and much of the fleet trusted Laura based on a vision.  The difference is she has facts that back up the vision. 
  • Kara has never exactly thought her actions all the way through, but she’s acting particularly non-sensical here. The fleet is supposed to alter course because she has a feeling about where earth is. She pulls a gun on the president -  not the way to get someone to listen to your story.  And, finally, she goes and pisses off Adama.  Seriously, Kara, what were you thinking???
  • Amongst the Hybrid gibberish I caught, “Transformation is the goal.”   Could this be alluding to some melding of the races with Hera being the first product of that? 
  • It’s hard to completely grasp where Boomer is now coming from given how little we saw of her in Season 3.  Still, her choices are interesting.  She sides with the ones, fours, and fives because she’s worried about the Sixs, Eights, and Twos reaching out to humanity and brokering a truce.  She’s become very embittered by her experience with humanity.  They imprisoned her.  They killed her.  No one mourned her (that she is aware of).  She was replaced.  And, on New Caprica, when she tired to help, no one wanted it because she was one of ‘them’.  So, she became one of ‘them’.  Yet, at the same time, she is acting in a very human way by exerting her individuality and going against her line.    
  • Helo dragging Lee by the arm.  He sooooo wants you Lee. ;)   
  • I never found the Lee/Kara kiss particularly romantic, but it occurred to me on this viewing that a guard is sitting there watching them and that really is a mood killer for me. 
  • Adama sends Kara off on her mission because while the president has been right all along , he’s tired of losing the things that matter to him.  Ya know, Bill, some of that is YOUR fault.  You’ve dissed your son one too many times! 

Deleted Scenes: 

  • Beginning with this batch of deleted scenes I noticed that we may not have gotten shorter versions of scenes, but entirely different versions.   
  • Kara and Adama in the brig.  Adama tells Kara she didn’t just go after the president, she went after a sick woman. (Don’t get me started how the ‘sick woman’ needs Adama’s protection.)  Kara states she’s sick of the way she’s been treated in her own home and goes on about the sense of clarity she’s feeling.  She had to do something.  Adama counters, “No, you had to do it your own way”.  She couldn’t let him handle it and he asks if he lost her trust.  It’s a very long scene.   
  • Kara is pleading with Mathias and another marine stationed at the door to turn the ship around.  More emphasis on the crazy! 
  • Boomer talks to Leoben, Nathalie, and Sharon.  Six half questions/half states, “You love him?”, referring to Cavil.  Boomer tells them change terrifies her and Cavil makes her feel safe.  (There are so many things wrong with this scenario I don’t know where to begin.)  She realizes she’s made herself an outcast.  She sided against her model just for him.   
  • The Lee/Kara scene, again, seems like a different take and, again, was very long.  In addition to more kissing, touching, and longing looks, Lee tells her, “You make them believe you” and gives her the Aurora figure, which, for some reason that escapes me, Adama gave to him.  She’s to hold on to it until they see each other again.  It makes me suspicious Lee knew what Adama’s plan was.   
  • Adama tells Tryol to get Kara’s viper ready because he wants to take it up.   
  • The scene between Helo, Kara, and Adama at the end I don’t find much different. 


The Ties That Bind

  • Poor Lee.  It’s his big press conference and the first question goes to Laura.   
  • It’s Day 22 for the Demetrius mission.  Wait, it took three weeks to get Lee confirmed for the Quorum seat?
  • I’m still not sure why Kara turns on Sam the way she does.  And the “make me feel something” is such a Buffy moment.   
  • Aww, Laura, Lee is trying to support you at the Quorum meeting, don’t piss him off!   

Deleted Scenes: 

  • Tyrol watches Cally sleep, then tries to kill her.  Sadly, it’s a dream.


Escape Velocity 

  • Racetrack and Skulls crash their raptor into Galactica. I’m trying to decide if they have the worst luck or best luck of anyone in the fleet.
  • The Sons of Ares – will it be picked up again?   
  • Tigh asks Caprica how she can live with what she’s done.  That’s an interesting shift in perception.  Tigh’s been one to argue that Cylons are nothing more than machines and now he’s asking her how she’s living with guilt, a human concept.  Of course, realizing what he is would change his opinion of what it means to be a Cylon.       
  • Tyrol just lost his wife, believes he’s to blame for her death, and lashes out at Adama in order to be punished.  I guess Tyrol is part of the family since Adama is as blind to his pain as he is to that of his children.   
  • Laura limits public gatherings, supposedly for the protection of everyone in the fleet, but her dictate only applies to Baltar’s cult.  It’s interesting that as the Quorum fears what this will mean for other, less mainstream, religions, Laura brings up Baltar’s actions on New Caprica. She’s unable to let go of her anger at what he did in the past as everyone else is trying to look towards the future.    
  • Nice parallel between Tyrol and Tigh.  Tyrol looks to Adama to be punished for his sins, while Tigh seeks out Caprica to punish him for what he did to Ellen.  The one difference is Caprica has a clue as to what is really going on. 

Deleted Scenes:

  • There’s more of Tigh changing Nicky and it’s hilarious, which is probably why it was cut.  And Tory regurgitates Baltar’s words to Tyrol, telling him they’re perfect and don’t need guilt.  Tyrol has a hard time buying into what she is saying.   

The Road Less Traveled

  • Day 58 of the Demetrius mission.  I’m still having a hard time believing that Helo and Athena left Hera for two months.   
  • Kara’s going more coo coo. 

Deleted Scenes:

  • Head Six and Baltar talk a bit about God, how he’s finally become the man she knew he could be, and that as one journey begins, others must end.  Baltar realizes she’s leaving him.  Six tells him he’s not alone anymore, he has his faith now, and, as he thanks her, she fades away…which looks really cheesy. 
  • Athena tells Helo Starbuck’s been wrong ever since she came back; she’s not the Kara Thrace they knew.   She goes on to say she’s lived that miserable emptiness that comes with being a Cylon and wants nothing to do with them.  Helo tells her she can’t deny what she is.  Sharon then shares that as frakked up as the mission is, it’s the first time she’s felt accepted.   
  • There’s a little more conversation between Helo and Kara.  Kara asks him to take a look at her and tell her what he sees.   Again, more crazy.  


  • Sam panics and shoots Gaeta.  Given what we saw in the webisodes and what’s been hinted at in previews, I suspect Gaeta had to be shot and left more than a little bitter in order to set up future actions. 
  • Which would help to explain why Kara decides Helo was right AFTER Gaeta is shot.
  • Athena is revered by the other Eights because she was the first to say no to the entire plan and show they didn’t have to be a slave to their programming. Boomer, who voted against her line, is an outcast.   Yet, both are exerting their individuality.  And when Athena condemns the other Eights for wanting to lead a mutiny against the Sixes, she informs them they have to pick a side and stick with it, not cut and run when things get ugly.  Though, in a way, Athena did just that.  She never attempted to stay with the Cylons and change from within.  She’s trying as hard forget she’s a Cylon as Boomer is trying to cast off the remnants of her humanity.   
  • Most of what the Hybrid tells Kara and the others can be easily figured out, but what of “The children of the one reborn will find their own country”?  Is Kara the one reborn and does it tie in with “You will lead them all to their end.”  The end could be a new beginning.   

Deleted Scenes: 

  • Athena tells Helo she is just as responsible for the mutiny and Gaeta’s shooting.  She took an oath and wears the uniform. 
  • Adama and Laura talk a bit more about her visions of the afterlife and how Cottle believes them to be an autonomic reflex.  And they end up listening to Baltar’s broadcast.


Guess What’s Coming to Dinner 

  • Laura to Lee:  “As long as I am in this office the welfare of this fleet is not something you need to worry about.”  Heh.  That will soon change. 
  • Tyrol: When they unbox the D’Anna's, they can find out who the fifth is.

      Tigh:  All it’s going to do is crowd the airlock a little more. – HEE!   

  • I love the conversation between Lee and Laura in this episode.  He talks and, for the first time in a long time, she listens.  He reaches her when no one else has been able to.    
  • Hera isn’t just drawn to other Cylons, it’s specifically the Six model.  I’m curious as to the reason for that.    
  • Nathalie died before the Hub was destroyed. If there happened to be a resurrection ship nearby, we could see her again.     

Deleted Scenes:  

  • Adama meets with Helo, Athena, and Kara to talk about them bringing the Cylon rebels back to the fleet.   Adama asks Athena if she believes them.  She does because they were willing to shoot one of their own.  All of them lie about Gaeta’s injury. Kara claims it was an accident.  Adama wonders if Mr.Gaeta is going to say the same thing when he gets out of sickbay with only one leg.  He then tells Kara that every time she comes back they find confusion and chaos.  Kara flashes back to the Hybrid. 
  • A much longer version of the discussion between Baltar and Tory while they are in bed together, but nothing of any importance.   


Sine Qua Non

  • There is an entire laundry list of things Athena did wrong in shooting Nathalie, but according to Adama, “More importantly, you betrayed a promise to me.”  Way to make it all about you, Bill.   
  • Zarek pulled strings and called in favors to get Lee appointed.  I can’t believe Lee was that hard a sell. 
  • Zarek was elected to office which, yes, is more than Roslin can claim.  But Zarek goes on to say, by keeping him on as vice president, it helped legitimize Laura’s coup.  Huh?  Sure, Adama made it clear he wouldn’t recognize Zarak as president, but Zarek never pushed the issue of his presidency with the Quorum, he gave up.   
  • Zarek states they haven’t had a government the past five years, but a casting agreement between a military strong man and a political strong woman to rule together by fiat.  Some truth to what the government has become, but five years?  In ‘Revelations’, Adama says he’s lead the fleet for three years.   
  • Did Zarek get that civil defense force formed?  If so, I’m worried.  .   
  • I wish Laura would have found out about Adama jumping away and leaving the fleet defenseless.  She would have kicked his ass. 

Deleted Scenes: 

  • Romo was trying cases all over the fleet under Roslin’s tribunal system until a contempt charge sidelined him.   
  • Lee: “An actor for president?”   Romo explains that they are looking for an understudy until the principle returns and he always liked the guy’s movies. 
  • Tryol also comes up as a candidate for president, but with the death of Cally, his recent behavioral problems, and becoming part of Baltar’s cult, Lee rules him out.   
  • There is a little more discussion between Adama and Tigh after their fight.  Adama: “I think you loosened my bridge.” 


The Hub 

  • I wanted to check to see if I had commented on something in this episode in my initial review of it and, wow, was I harsh when it first aired.  I don’t know if it’s my enthusiasm for the new episodes or marathoning episodes and being able to put them in a better context, but I didn’t have nearly the issues with ‘The Hub’ as I did previously.   
  • Helo tells Laura he doesn’t believe the Eights would break their deal.  You mean, like Boomer who went against her entire line or Athena who has turned her back on her entire race?   
  • D’Anna kills Cavil, the attack begins, and Boomer runs off.  I’m assuming she gets off the ship, but where does she end up?  Back in the fleet?   
  • Oh, irony.  Helo ended up being part of a plan to help wipe out the Cylon race after all.   
  • Why was there no blood stopper in the med kit Laura had unlike the one Kara had on the Demetrius? 
  • I still have issues with Elosha/Laura’s subconscious telling her she can’t love.  The woman loves all of humanity!  She’s put her more personal feelings, the chance for any kind of relationship, aside to, ya know, save them all.  But, I had an epiphany.  ‘The Hub’ was written by Jane Espenson.  Jane Espenson also wrote the Buffy episode, ‘Intervention’.  'Intervention' was about Buffy feeling as if she'd become hard, unable to love and losing her humanity.  She went on a vision quest where she’s told by the long dead First Slayer that she’s really “full of love”.  ::head meet desk::   


Deleted Scenes: 

  • Helo and Laura talk more in the raptor. Helo thinks the mission is too risky.  He also shares that the Sharon helping him has Athena’s memories and remembers life on Galactica.  Laura realizes colonial military information was released to the Cylons, something she had warned about at the time he shot Athena so she could rescue Hera.  Helo looks pissed, Laura realizes this is not the time for ‘I told you so’, and apologizes for her insensitivity.  She then says it must be confusing for him and asks he he’s alright.   
  • And more of the discussion between Helo and Laura about Laura talking to D’Anna alone and keeping earth for humans only.    
  • There’s quiet a bit more footage of Helo, Faux Athena, and D’Anna trying to escape from the Hub.  Helo kills a Simon to save Sharon/Athena.  D’Anna talks to Helo about seeing the room full of Athenas.  He states there is only one Athena.  She asks him how his daughter is and says she’d love to see her.   Faux Athena gets angry, “You will not see her.”  D’Anna realizes Faux Athena has Athena’s memories and states Eights don’t automatically share memories with a download, she chose to unlock them.  D’Anna then teases Helo about having a fresh mommy every time Hera needs one.  Again, Faux Athena gets angry, tells her not to say her name, and holds a gun to D’Anna’s head.    
  • Baltar and Laura talk about Hera and the visions of the Opera House.  Baltar says he will protect that child and that Six told him she was their child, he was the real father, and “Maybe I am.” 
  • Back on the basestar, Sharon stops a Six to ask what is happening.  Six tells her some Simons and Dorels have boarded the ship.  Just after Helo reveals Laura has changed the plan and Faux Athena realizes she’s been stupid, a Cavil kills her.   


  • If four are in the fleet, where’s the fifth?   
  • Everything that has happened to Lee, Kara, and Laura over the years and it’s when Tigh is outed as a Cylon that Adama totally falls apart. .   
  • Tory’s saying she knows Lee and that he’s bluffing cracks me up.   She’s seen him in Quorum meetings.  Just when did he ever back down?   

Deleted Scenes: 

  • On the hanger deck Adama threatens to take D’Anna hostage.  Lee takes Adama aside. Adama asks him if he’ll give her the Cylons.  Lee says, “Never. But I’m asking you to back my play like you would Roslin’s.”  Adama’s response? “You’ve got the ball, don’t fumble.”  WHAT?  Yet another great vote of confidence from father to son.   
  • D’Anna asks Tory why the others haven’t come.  Tory explains Tigh’s loyalty will always be to the fleet and they may need to threaten to kill a hostage to get him to come around. If he comes to them, so will the others.  Really?  Again, she shows she really doesn’t know these people. 
  • Tigh and Dee talk about the plan.  Dee tells him it’s better to die than betray the uniform. 
  • Laura and Baltar discuss if four are in the fleet, then the fifth might already be there (on the basestar). Baltar: “Could be you. Could be me. It could really be me.”  Laura replies that if he was the fifth, he’d already be at the controls with Tory and leading them to earth.   
  • There is a little more to the D’Anna/Baltar conversation and Baltar stresses she could be a peace broker.  

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