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The Beginning of the End is Near!

I am ridiculously excited by the return of Battlestar Galactica tonight. I'm glad I did the rewatch because it reminded me how much I love this show, even when it stumbles on occasion. Oddly, now with only ten episodes left, SciFi is promoting the hell out of it. I've never read so many cast and crew interviews prior to a premiere before. I would recommend staying away from reviews of 'Sometimes a Great Notion'. I've read a few the past couple days at sources I trusted not to reveal anything major, but even the hints at what we'll be seeing tonight gave some things away. I was a bit disappointed since I was trying to be good and stay away from spoilage. On the other hand, I was spoiled months ago for at least one significant moment in the premiere and I'm sort of anxious to get tonight's episode out of the way because I really don't know much from here on out. Also, knowing what I do know, it allowed beccatoria and I to have some awesome email exchanges over the past few days as we speculated. :)

In other TV news, Friday Night Lights premieres tonight on NBC at 9:00est. For those that haven't had access to Season 3 yet, let me stress it's an AWESOME season on par with the glory of Season 1. Do check it out. I haven't watched the season finale yet, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

NBC had their day at the TCA Press Tour. The Good News: 30 Rock and The Office have been renewed for next season. The Bad News: No decision made on Chuck or Life. And The Possibly Good News Only To Me: Lipstick Jungle has not been canceled. Yes, it's my guilty pleasure show. :p

Also announced was the casting of Chuck and Elly's dad. And a familiar face will be returning to The Office.

Finally, I suck at More Joy Day and contributed nothing. It's been a weird week culminating in me falling asleep at 8:30 last night. Most of the stuff I was toying with doing was Battlestar Galactica related so maybe I'll do Ten Weeks of BSG Joy as the series winds down. But don't hold me to anything!
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I don't think I'd put it together that FNL was also on Fridays. I mean, yes, it was before, but I sort of stopped watching at some point in season 2 (sort of out of apathy and not being home--I have meant to go back and catch up on what I missed, but haven't ever gotten around to it), and it's been a while.

Is Sarah Connor still going to be at 8 when it moves to Fridays? So I could do SCC and FNL as they air, theoretically, and then get BSG on Saturday mornings as usual. This is way too much all at once, though. I will lose my whole weekends to TV analysis! I do like to try to watch things legally whenever possible, though, and I don't have any way to record things from the television, so it looks like trying to actually watch SCC and FNL back to back (unless they're conflicting) is the thing to do. So much for Dollhouse, which I was skeptical about anyway.

(ZOMG BSG!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
TSCC will be on at 8:00 followed by Dollhouse at 9:00. That's a problem for me because my intent was to support FNL on NBC, but then I miss back-to-back Tahmoh! :/

And DO watch FNL even if you missed Season 2 episodes. I don't think you'll feel lost at all and Smash has some amazing moments.

(ZOMG BSG!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


I read that Mary McDonnell goes above and beyond tonight in her performance. And it sounds like Lee has a fair amount of screen time so....EEEEEEEE!!!
And The Possibly Good News Only To Me: Lipstick Jungle has not been canceled. Yes, it's my guilty pleasure show.

Mine, too!
Hee. Apparently there are enough of us to force NBC to think about keeping it on the air. :)
DUDE you totally kept me sane. Now I just have to stay sane until I can actually watch it. *wrings hands*
Ok, I just saw that thing you were holding back from me and...I'm just stunned. I had a very bad feeling that it was coming and hoping I was wrong. I actually feel like crying, for both of them. :(
I nearly cried. The only reason I didn't was because the shock was all consuming. The irony is it's the first time I really enjoyed them as a couple.