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BSG: Sometimes a Great Notion

Thank you for not disappointing me, show. And thank you, Ron, for not dropping the ball with Lee. :)

It will probably be of little surprise to no one if I start by discussing Lee and Dee. Thanks to various summaries of the episode I was aware that the two went on a date…and the subsequent freaking out some fans did about that. I really didn’t believe Ron would revisit a relationship that by his own admission was not handled well. It had to be part of something bigger and more significant than just the two of them. But it wasn’t until the date ended that I got a very bad feeling about where Dee’s storyline was headed.

There was irony for me in the Lee/Dee scenes. It was the first time I enjoyed their scenes together and, dare I say, saw some chemistry. It even made sense that it would be Dee there to provide Lee with support and a pep talk. Kara was still down on the planet trying to resolve her own issues. Laura was losing her faith and purpose and falling apart. Adama, as usual, was wrapped up in his personal angst. And I liked what they were saying to each other, up until Dee called him Apollo. But, in light of what happened later, her choice of name made sense.

On second viewing, it was clear to me she had made up her mind as to what she was going to do when she saw Lee in the pilot briefing room. That was going to be her goodbye to him. But when Lee asked her to join him for a drink, she decided to have one last happy memory with Apollo.

In the past few years there were two things that gave Dee hope and kept her moving forward. One was Adama’s promise of taking them all to earth so they could lay down their burdens and begin new lives. The other was her love for Apollo. But during the course of Baltar’s trial she was hit with the realization that the man she fell in love with was not the man she was married to. The man she fell in love with never existed and watching him abandon the military and Galactica to become a Quorum delegate, then president, showed her dream of a life with him was just that. Still, she had earth and the promise it held for them all – until that was taken from her. In the raptor, heading back to Galactica, she kept repeating, “Just don’t give up.” It was an interesting parallel to Lee. He has that habit. Repeating a mantra over and over until he convinces himself that he can do whatever needs to be done. Dee just wasn’t strong enough or willing enough to keep fighting.

As gutted as I was to see Dee pull that trigger and end her life, my mind almost immediately went to Lee and what this will do to him. Unlike his father, Lee does do guilt and he’ll carry his burdens with him until the day he dies. I’m sure he’s asking himself what he missed and how he could have stopped her. The fact that he admits he’ll never know exactly why she made that choice gives me a glimmer of hope that he sees there were no clear signs. Gaeta didn’t have any idea of what she was about to do. And, as a viewer, I was in the dark until moments before her death.

And Dee’s choice made me recall the Lee we saw in late Season 2 and early Season 3. Lee nearly succeeded in ending his life. That has to be a troublesome memory. He’s now realizing what his actions would have done to those he loved and loved him. And Dee knew how that felt at the time. She sat by his bedside in ‘Sacrifice’; willing him not to give up. Yet, knowing the pain it would cause others, she made the same choice he did.

One thing that really struck me about Lee was how strong he was in this episode. Everyone around him was falling apart, retreating inward, and here he was trying to get answers as to what they do next, calming the Quorum’s nerves, and changing the white board number to reflect his own wife’s death. He had a sense of calm in the storm and I’ve never seen in him before. The world is falling apart, again, and this time he’s not. And it’s not that he’s closed off a part of himself. He felt the disappointment and pain of their discovery as deeply as anybody. And he did look like hell after Dee’s death. But Lee has fought so hard for humanities survival. He has watched his fellow pilots die for that goal and, as he said to Dee, he can’t let their deaths - and their lives - be for nothing. He no longer can see any option but to keep moving forward.

It may also benefit Lee that he’s always focused more on their ideological survival as a people, fighting to hold on to their humanity. That’s always has been his goal, his mission, their destination was a secondary concern.

I was spoiled for Kara’s discovery of her viper and body prior to ‘Revelations’ airing so her scenes didn’t hit me as hard as I’m sure they did others. The one surprise for me was Leoben’s terrified reaction. Kara finally was able to drive him away and it only took her death to do it. ;p

But, like Dee’s suicide, Leoben’s reaction makes a certain amount of sense. Unlike the humans and even some Cylons, his hope for the future didn’t lie with earth but with Kara Thrace. Now he’s discovered Kara is dead and he doesn’t know what to make of the person standing in front of him. Neither do I.

We’ve learned that the Final Five can be reborn and travel through time in space. Yet, if Ellen is the Fifth, then what is Kara? I don’t have any concrete theories at this point. I do wonder if the ‘Ship of Lights’ storyline from the original BSG is being worked into the current storyline. I also wonder if the maelstrom was some sort of time/space vortex. That Kara arrived at ‘earth’ 2,000 years ago and was killed in the war, but it wasn’t her time to die so perhaps the gods tried to fix the mistake by sending a copy back. Yeah, it’s a pretty far fetched theory, but I’m so confused at this point.

If the show is heading for human/Cylon reconciliation, I’m actually quite happy they are establishing that the 13th Tribe was Cylon. Perhaps they were a persecuted minority and when the thirteen tribes left Kobol they were told they weren’t welcome at the new settlement. Or maybe they started the trouble on Kobol. If they destroyed themselves on ‘earth’ and then had a role in the destruction of the colonies, they would be quite the war mongering race. But if the cycle is to be broken, maybe they have to find a way to live together by the time the series ends. Maybe it’s why Hera is so important. She is, as far as we know, the first human/Cylon hybrid to be born.

As for Ellen being the Fifth, I wish we had some independent confirmation of that besides Tigh’s recollection of her telling him they’ll be reborn. In some ways the reveal works for me. Adama suspected she was a Cylon in ‘Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down’. And it amuses me greatly that the one Cylon above all others who doesn’t want to talk about the Five, Cavil, ended up frakking one of them.

I guess my main problem with the reveal of Ellen as the Fifth is that she hasn’t played a direct role in humanities fight for survival. Tigh and Tyrol are both military. Anders was a resistance fighter on Caprica and New Caprica and is now a viper pilot. Tory has been an aid to the president. What has Ellen done other than be Tigh’s wife?

And where the hell is Ellen? With her being a Cylon, and a unique one at that, I can accept she resurrected from the poisoning, but what happened after she woke up? Is she still on New Caprica? I can’t imagine them backtracking to find out. Or was she taken prisoner aboard a Cylon ship? Did she find a Cavil and latch on to him? D’Anna specifically talked of Cavil showing back up at some point. Will he find Ellen with him?

I don’t have much to say about Laura. Mary, as always, was awesome. I, as well as others, have talked before about Laura’s identity wrapped up in being that of the dying leader who will show them the way to their salvation, to earth. And now she’s confronted with leading them from one nuclear wasteland to another. Everything she believed in she now believes was untrue. Who is she now? What does she do now? Her immediate reaction is to give up. Just not on her faith, but on herself. She doesn’t see how valuable she is to the fleet. The role of dying leader superseded that of president, but they still need a president. Both Lee and Adama see how important she is to keeping the fleet together, but, right now, she can’t see it herself.

I’ve given up on Adama. Lee is standing over his wife’s body, trying to make sense of her actions, and a drunken Adama shoves a half empty bottle at Lee then proceeds to make Dee’s death ALL ABOUT HIM. Way to be there for your son, Bill. I’m glad Lee walked out of the morgue. It’s not his job to pick up Adama yet again. And if Lee has to deal with his own problems and grief, he can leave his father to do the same.

And Adama went on to show just how weak he is, emotionally, by trying to get Tigh to kill him. Not only was Adama at his ugliest, EJO showed he doesn’t grasp an understanding of subtlety. Every other actor I thought did a wonderful job of underplaying their emotions. Shock and numbness will do that to a person. But Eddie opted for scenery chewing and it left me not really caring about what was going on.

Pity, since it was rather a huge moment for Tigh. Not only was he sober – yes, he had been drinking, but apparently not to excess – I felt as if we might be seeing a new Tigh from here on out. He finally hit bottom and he can either wallow in guilt and misery or move forward and help the fleet find someplace they can call home.

A few random thoughts…

Oh my gods, Hera was happy! The child is adorable, but she’s either been morose or creepy up until now. I did love seeing Helo, Athena, and Hera laugh and play together. Not only did the episode need a lighter moment, it showed that, yes, people have to go on and Helo and Athena have a reason to.

Not sure how I feel about D’Anna’s choice to stay behind. She’d rather die alone on a radiated planet then take her chances with the fleet?

Why were only five of the Cylons on 'earth' reborn? Did the rest of the Cylons die or were they reborn on the real earth and the other five were sent to help reunite the races?

SciFi Wire has posted interview with Kandyse McClure in which she talks about last night's episode. Obviously, it has spoilers. She provides some interesting insights into events.
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