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Great Article by Mo Ryan on 'Sometimes a Great Notion'

Mo Ryan has posted Part 1 of on interview with Ron Moore which covers events and developments in 'Sometimes a Great Notion'. In addition to Moore, Mo has posted thoughts from writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle as well as the director, Michael Nankin. The most fascinating part of the article, for me, was reading about the thoughts and feeling of cast and crew as they filmed what many thought to be their last episode during the early days of the writers strike. And, I have to agree, the actors emotions informed their work.

Ron and I seem to be totally in sync on Dee. Woo!

I am a little concerned about the decision to make Ellen the fifth Cylon came after the other four were chosen and after Ellen was killed. But I'm willing to reserve judgment for now. And it seems Cavil will play some sort of role in her return, which I suspected.

Ron seemed to be dodging the earth question in the same way he dodged questions about Kara's death in 'Maelstrom':

That planet is Earth? We’re not going to find out, “Oh, there’s this other Earth over here...” This is the only Earth we’ll see?

They have found Earth. This is the Earth that the 13th Colony discovered, they christened it Earth. They found Earth.

He didn't say yes to "This is the only earth we'll see?" So, yes, I accept this is the earth the 13th tribe colonized, but is it our earth? Is it the earth they are meant to find? If the cycle of time keeps repeating, could there be a dozen earths out there?
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well, i've always been skeptical about earth, in the sense that i don't think i ever thought that we - ie, our civilization - would turn out to be the 13th tribe. and, because i am geeky and stuff, i went to look up the etymology of the word "earth". and it isn't a name. in its "eorðe" form it means "soil" in old english, as well as the "material world". it means pretty much the same thing in proto-german and old norse, and apparently it's been used to designate the planet we live in only since aprox 1400AD. so, semantics aside, they just named their planet land/world/etc, and it totally doesn't mean it's our planet. :)
Much though I could rant - again - about leaving the decision on what the missing 5 cylons were and which characters they were til so late on, the fact that this has been chewed over for more than two years now thanks to hiati worked against Ellen's reveal, I think. There's has been so much thought put in by the audience that the final Cylon was going to be a disappointment whoever it was; in some ways, I envy those who'll come to the show late, and watch it all on DVD. They'll miss the anticipation, but they'll get to read the novel in one long session rather than piecemeal.

The detail on Earth and on Dee was more interesting, though. RDM obfuscates as much as ever around the questions asked relating to Earth, but the symbolism of Dee as someone who decides to kill themself is striking. More than that, I like the way it acted on others - not just Lee, but the way it highlighted that Adama will never be there for Lee the way he needs to be, and also that Kara has grown enough that she can reach out to support another person.

Although I'm still annoyed that they didn't get the archaeological detail right.
I agree, the long wait for the final Cylon reveal worked against it and even if it had been Laura or Adama I probably would have had the same reaction. And I don't believe Ron or the other writers ever felt the fifth was the big deal it's been made out to be. Sure, they were trying to create some suspense, but not to the point of overshadowing other storylines.

RDM obfuscates as much as ever around the questions asked relating to Earth

The exact same way he did with Kara's death and Katee being gone from the series. So I just can't believe the earth we've just seen is the earth they are looking for. Or, if it is the earth they were meant to find it's a) not our earth and b) was never intended to be their final destination. Which I'm fine with. As dark as Ron can go, I just don't see him establishing that we wiped ourselves out - an argument strengthened by earth being inhabited by Cylons.
Interesting; I took his statement on Earth as definitive and an attempt to stop speculation. Like: "This is all there is to that, guys."
For me - knowing how coy RDM has been over the years, its pretty easy to read an AWFUL lot into that statement...but I'm really hoping you're right and that's all there is to that.
I'm willing to accept that was the planet they were meant to find and it is called earth, but I just don't know why it has to be our earth. And if everything has happened before and will happen again and the cycle of time (and destruction) keeps repeating then there could be a dozen earths out there.