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Friday Night Lights

It was an awesome weekend for TV, for me. Battlestar Galactica started it's final run of episodes and Friday Night Lights may have aired it's final episode. If it is the last, they ended it well.

I'm going to predict that of all the high school romances, Tyra and Landry's is the one that will last. We didn't find out what college Landry is attending, but I doubt very much it's the University of Texas. But no matter how far apart they are, no matter how much time passes between seeing each other, Landry is never going to leave Tyra and Tyra has finally realized she'll never find another guy like Landry. I think they are going to get married and have those babies, but after they both graduate from college. I actually teared up a little when she got her acceptance letter.

Tim didn't want to be "that guy" and proved himself to be the good boyfriend. Lila would have regretted the decision to pass on Vanderbilt the rest of her life and would have come to resent Tim for her choice.

I feared Tim was going to blow off college for Riggin's Rigs. Billy has more than his fair share of faults, but he's always tried to do what is best for Tim. And I've always respected that he's wanted Tim to do more with his life than he has. He doesn't resent his brother's talent or the opportunities he has because of it and he deserves a pat on the back for that.

If Mindy's pregnant, does that mean she has to give up her career? ;)

Why were Buddy and Tyra's mom so chummy? I hope it was just the alcohol at work.

Oh, Matt. I really, really thought he was going to find the courage to follow his dream. He's so damn selfless, but, at the same time, he has fears about leaving. I'm a little disappointed in his grandmother for not pushing him to go, but she seems just as fearful of what her future holds. I just hate to think of Matt spending his days managing the fast food joint and waiting for Julie to get out of school - though I did laugh when she broke up with him and he said, "No". I hope he can find some way to explore his artistic abilities. Maybe he just needs a year of community college before he decides he can move on.

From an interview I read several weeks ago I deduced that Eric was losing his job as head coach of the Dillon Panthers and likely becoming head coach of the Dillon Lions. On the one hand, it's a slap in the face for everything he's done for the Panthers and Dillon in general. On the other hand, it's a chance for him to build a team up from nothing and prove his importance. Not to mention, with any luck, kick some Panther ass.

And I was with Eric, what was he doing at Billy and Mindy's wedding? :p

As I've said before, I have very mixed feeling about a fourth season. Many of the characters I have grown to love are gone. Could I grow to love a new cast of characters? Possibly. But, thus far, I don't find J.D. interesting and I loathe Joe McCoy. I'm also concerned about having the story split between two schools. If we focus on both schools equally we'll likely be dealing with a heck of a lot of characters. If we focus on East Dillon, well, the show has been about Panther football for three years. I don't want anyone to be unemployed, but, personally I'm satisfied with the happy endings we got and the possibilities of what may be.
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