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It was an awesome weekend for TV, for me. Battlestar Galactica started it's final run of episodes and Friday Night Lights may have aired it's final episode. If it is the last, they ended it well.

I'm going to predict that of all the high school romances, Tyra and Landry's is the one that will last. We didn't find out what college Landry is attending, but I doubt very much it's the University of Texas. But no matter how far apart they are, no matter how much time passes between seeing each other, Landry is never going to leave Tyra and Tyra has finally realized she'll never find another guy like Landry. I think they are going to get married and have those babies, but after they both graduate from college. I actually teared up a little when she got her acceptance letter.

Tim didn't want to be "that guy" and proved himself to be the good boyfriend. Lila would have regretted the decision to pass on Vanderbilt the rest of her life and would have come to resent Tim for her choice.

I feared Tim was going to blow off college for Riggin's Rigs. Billy has more than his fair share of faults, but he's always tried to do what is best for Tim. And I've always respected that he's wanted Tim to do more with his life than he has. He doesn't resent his brother's talent or the opportunities he has because of it and he deserves a pat on the back for that.

If Mindy's pregnant, does that mean she has to give up her career? ;)

Why were Buddy and Tyra's mom so chummy? I hope it was just the alcohol at work.

Oh, Matt. I really, really thought he was going to find the courage to follow his dream. He's so damn selfless, but, at the same time, he has fears about leaving. I'm a little disappointed in his grandmother for not pushing him to go, but she seems just as fearful of what her future holds. I just hate to think of Matt spending his days managing the fast food joint and waiting for Julie to get out of school - though I did laugh when she broke up with him and he said, "No". I hope he can find some way to explore his artistic abilities. Maybe he just needs a year of community college before he decides he can move on.

From an interview I read several weeks ago I deduced that Eric was losing his job as head coach of the Dillon Panthers and likely becoming head coach of the Dillon Lions. On the one hand, it's a slap in the face for everything he's done for the Panthers and Dillon in general. On the other hand, it's a chance for him to build a team up from nothing and prove his importance. Not to mention, with any luck, kick some Panther ass.

And I was with Eric, what was he doing at Billy and Mindy's wedding? :p

As I've said before, I have very mixed feeling about a fourth season. Many of the characters I have grown to love are gone. Could I grow to love a new cast of characters? Possibly. But, thus far, I don't find J.D. interesting and I loathe Joe McCoy. I'm also concerned about having the story split between two schools. If we focus on both schools equally we'll likely be dealing with a heck of a lot of characters. If we focus on East Dillon, well, the show has been about Panther football for three years. I don't want anyone to be unemployed, but, personally I'm satisfied with the happy endings we got and the possibilities of what may be.
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I'll show my partisan colours where FNL is concerned - do you consider it to have shown a good ending for Tyra and Landry? I've a soft spot for that particular couple.
I thought Tyra and Landry had an excellent and very believable ending. Like I said, I honestly feel if we came back in ten years we'd see these two married with a baby, but with Tyra achieving a career as well.

After Tyra receives her acceptance letter, she chases Landry down who has just driven away after dropping her off home. He's been such a support to her, she needs to share that moment of opening the letter with him. And after she realizes she got in and is celebrating with Landry and her mom and Mindy, she and Landry are holding each other and each says, "I love you". I really don't recall her saying that before. And she's so at ease saying the words. They reminded me a bit of Tami and Eric in that they've reached that point of being so at ease with each other and, yes, they'll still fight, but they each know the other will still be there when they need them.
This means I'm probably going to have to buy the DVDs and watch S3, in that case - I'm heartened to hear that after appearing as a seperated couple at the start of this season, they're back together again. I know I'm a soft touch for these things, but the two of them always seemed like they'd not only be happy together, but good for each other as well...

Unless Landry tries to take Crucifictorious on the road, of course :P

Between your review and Bop's, it sounds like they've left the show at a very good point to declare an ending.

ETA: I keep forgetting to mention this, but the link you have for BSG Actor Convention Appearences is broken - it's got two http:// tags at the start. Every time I click on it, I think "I must remember to mention that" and then promptly forget ;)
Thanks for the heads up about the link. I'll fix it later. I haven't clicked on it in awhile and it may have changed.
I lurve FNL. This season was so fabulous. And I really do want it to continue. I kind of think of it as a reset. Book 2? The beginning of another series. I'd love to see Coach start from scratch with the Dillon Lions. Although, I'm pretty sure some of the team would defect and follow him anywhere. In fact, that's what I thought might allow him to keep his job. Sure McCoy has money and influence, but if the entire team said they wouldn't play for anyone but their coach, what choice would they have had? Anyway, either way, I hope the NBC airings have good ratings. They deserve some kudos.
The first thing that occurred to me when we found out about Eric coaching the Lions is that Buddy would likely follow Eric to become the teams star booster. Joe has stolen Buddy's position with the Panthers and this would be an opportunity to rebuild his reputation - in more ways than one - with the new team. I'd also love to see Joe's business, whatever it is, hit hard by the recession and thus he's unable to back up all his big promises.