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Our 44th President

How cool is our president? I actually had mixed feelings about televising the Neighborhood Ball, but coming out to share the first dance with all of us and talk to us as if he didn't already have the job ;) and once again lay out what we all need to do, it really hit me how different an Obama administration will be. For the first time, I feel like I really am part of the United States government and can be part of the solution to our troubles. And how adorable are Barack and Michelle? So much so I won't even talk about the dress. :)

As for the inauguration earlier today, awesome speech. He covered such a variety of concerns, yet the speech didn't turn into a laundry list of issues. And it was hopeful without ignoring the reality we live in.

And whatever your feelings about previous administrations, there is something wonderful about seeing so many past presidents and vice presidents gathered together. I was reminded today that, yes, I am fortunate to live in a country where the passing of power is a peaceful event and I've never had reason to believe it would be any other way.
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