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Obama is Now REALLY Our 44th President

Apparently, some people, including members of the media, questioned whether Obama was actually president since Roberts screwed up the oath of office. So, Obama had a do over this evening! He tried to make light of it with the press corp, having the second swearing in while he and Roberts were seated on a couch and joking that they had so much fun yesterday that they thought they'd do it again, but Roberts showed up in the robe which means it was serious business. The thing is, according to a little thing called the Constitution, Obama became president at noon yesterday, oath or no oath. I just wish we had pictures of the oath version 2.0.

Some random thoughts about the past two days...

* I was watching ABC News earlier and the first time they said "President Obama" I couldn't help but smile. :)

* Joe Biden is still smiling. I swear, he looked happier than Obama yesterday.

* Why can't Bill Clinton smile? He looked grumpy yesterday and even today as he stood at Hilary's side as she was sworn in as Secretary of State. She's moved on Bill, so should you.

* Shirtsleeves are now acceptable in the oval office. I had no clue Bush had instituted a dress code requiring a jacket be worn at all times.

* Obama didn't show up for work until after 8:00am. He's a man after my own heart. :)

* And it seems he got more done today than our former president got done in months. Unless you count helping destroy the economy. :p
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watched the inauguration
I'm smiling. I was lucky yesterday. Even though I had to work, I work for a company that has great access to TV. (That's what we do)I removed myself from a meeting and disappeared for an hour. I found an empty conference room with a 42 inch TV with a fiber optic HD connection and surround speakers and I watched the inauguration. Several people joined me near the swearing in time. It was a good day.
Re: watched the inauguration
I was lucky that I could take Tuesday off, but I'm sure several of our conference rooms with the big screen TVs had the inauguration on and my friend said she streamed it online starting at 8:00am. I heard that the TV audience for Obama's inauguration was smaller than Reagan's, but the internet wasn't even in it's infancy yet.
I'm pretty sure he's bitter because, had she been elected president, he was planning to help her run things (regardless of her wanting or needing his help). With her position as Secretary of State, he's not going to have the power he dreamed of having again.
One or both presidents could be napping at noon on the 20th and the transition still occurs.

I heard a commentator make essentially that same statement. I think George Stephanopoulos hit the nail on the head this morning when he said that you just new someone was going to file a lawsuit and by doing this they put the issue to rest and could focus on to the work that needs to be done.
Bill is acting like a spoiled child. Cindy and I were joking that he likely had to be dragged kicking and screaming away from the Oval Office in 2000. Hilary is the grown up.

"President Obama" definitely has a nice ring to it :)
Bill didn't get to co-president (which I'm sure was his plan) and now he's Mr Grumpy Pants.
It looks like President Obama had a productive day, yesterday.

I'm somewhat amused to learn that Bush had installed a dress code in the White House; water boarding is legal, but working in the White House without a jacket? Ok, that's a cheap jibe, but...
Cheap jibe, but accurate. ;) Yeah, with all the crap going on in this country it was important to adhere to a dress code. :p
Maybe they thought it best to stand up for the actual re-swearing in. ;)

I saw the photo this morning and heard a poor quality recording of the event. I actually feel a little sorry for Roberts. No matter what he does on the bench, this is probably what he'll be remembered for. :p
Pictures from Obama's first day at work. Including several of Clinton looking happy! :) Oh, and congratulations on your new President!
Some people on CNN are still questioning the swearing in, because we only got to see pictures of it, and apparently there's an audio file, BUT NO VIDEO. If it's not on youtube, it didn't happen, I suppose.

We did see him signing those executive orders on Gitmo and torture this morning. I watched it live, and I squeed.
I just read some of the griping about the absence of a camera crew at the redo. My mom heard it was Roberts idea and it was all thrown together rather quickly. The press who were on the premises were invited to witness the event. I guess they were supposed to wait until the next day until they could make a huge deal of it, but I thought the point was it wasn't supposed to be a huge deal?