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TV Reminders

No content, just a quick reminder to all the Burn Notice fans that the show returns tonight at 10:00pm est. Tricia Helfer twice in one week! Woo!

And there are two new episodes of Bones airing this evening as well. The back-to-back episodes are thanks to Bush's screwing up the network schedules last week.
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Hells yeah re: Burn Notice! I was waiting for this to come back!
And, for those of us lucky enough to be working from home today, USA is running a marathon leading up to the new episode tonight.
Since I'd already asked for Tuesday off to watch the inauguration, I thought asking for another day off to watch a TV marathon might be pushing it. ;p
Thanks for the heads up on Burn Notice. I've been really interested in getting addicted to it :)
I don't feel addicted, but I've been looking forward to it's return and I can't say that about a lot of shows.