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A few Battlestar Galactica links of note:

The LA Times talks with the final Cylon. I don't know what kind of spoiler warning to put on this. The person does not give away any specific upcoming plot points, but does put the kibosh on a couple of theories I've read. And one thought about the article...from a story standpoint maybe Ellen wasn't the best choice, we shall see, but given Kate seemed to be at a rather low point on the day she got the news she'd be returning, I am very happy for her.

The TV Addict talks with Ron Moore and the final Cylon. The same warning as above.

And some behind the scenes photos from 'Sometimes a Great Notion'. Why couldn't I wander onto a BSG set?

As for other TV shows...

I totally forgot House returned Monday night. I got home around 8:30, turned on the TV, which happened to be set to FOX, and realized I'd missed half the episode. I was upset for about two minutes, then I started watching the episode and realized I hadn't really missed anything. It hit me how the show is stuck in a rut and I just don't care anymore.

I caught the premiere of Lie to Me which was OK. Yet another well made procedural on the air. I didn't check the ratings, but I wonder if it will be hurt by The Mentalist premiering first. The acting is good on both series. The production values about the same. But I'd actually give Lie to Me the edge in writing. The plots are much better conceived, imho. However, while I can definitely see myself watching the show again, if I miss it, that's fine. The problem is I've already grown to like the cast of characters on The Mentalist so why should I go out of my way to watch their copies on another show?

I'm going to lump together my thoughts on the last two episodes of Leverage.

I loved, loved, loved watching Chef Eliot. He takes his work seriously no matter what he's doing. But Hardison had my favorite line of the episode, "Did you just kill a guy with an appetizer?" Hee.

I'm enjoying how they are handling both potential romantic relationships. Hardison must really like Parker because no woman would look good in that bridesmaids dress. And Nathan is trying to make it clear to Sophie that he is interested, but still dealing with the death of his son and failure of his marriage. I actually respect the fact that he's trying to deal with his crap instead of dragging her into it with him. Now if she can just learn to be a little more patient.

What I'm not liking about the show is the need to make everyone around them look stupid. I'm not a cheerleader for the FBI, but, sorry, the level of incompetence they attributed to the two agents on a very important stakeout was insulting. And this week we had the bumbling security guards. But what I found even more problematic was that this elite team of criminals wouldn't think a building such as that would have key card access which locks down the building every night. My office building is far less high tech and I have to carry a building access card with me at all times to get from floor to floor. And on weekends we can't even use the stairwell, we have to use the elevator. I hate lazy writing.

Awwww, poor Campbell. I actually liked him. But I can understand his frustration with always coming second to Michael.

Not only did they get the guy's money back, they got Rachel to spill her guts to the police. I like it! And I actually did not see that twist coming.

I'm sure Michael and Fiona are destined to be together, but Michael and Carla have some nice chemistry. :)

The humidity in Miami was doing quite the job on Tricia's hair. I've never seen it look so pouffy!

Did anyone watch the second episode of Bones last night and go, "Kendra!"?

I also caught a commercial for Dollhouse...and cringed at one point. I know, the FOX marketing monkeys cut the commercials, not Joss, but, still, I worry.
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