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Quick Reaction Post to 'The Disquiet That Follows My Soul'

Wow. That was a lot to process and I'm still processing. I'll need to watch again before posting more substantial thoughts. It definitely felt as if they had to throw a lot at us now in order to get us to the finale. I'm not going to be critical of that. They likely could have used more episodes to deal with things better, but I think Ron felt SciFi was not going to renew them for another season. And I'm just relieved that we will get a finale and not a cliffhanger that we hope gets wrapped up in a two hour movie.

I recalled about half way through that this episode was both written and directed by Ron (no, I don't look closely at the credits :p). It makes sense that he wrote this given the amount of territory it was necessary to cover. And I was rather impressed with his directorial debut. I certainly prefer his style over EJO's. He might have gone with a few too many close-up though.

More later! :)

ETA: In the immortal words of Emerson Cod, "Oh, Hell No!" Jane Espenson to become the showrunner for 'Caprica'. I loved her work on Buffy, not so much on BSG.
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