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BSG: A Disquiet Follows My Soul

My onscreen guide and imdb have the title as ‘The Disquiet That Follows My Soul’, but the SciFi site has it as ‘A Disquiet Follows My Soul’. I guess I’ll go with SciFi on this post.

Tigh may need a drink to help him prepare for impending fatherhood, but he seemed genuinely happy about the event. Both he and Caprica were beaming. But I fear for the unborn child. Nurse Ishay (Mrs. Bamber! Well, technically Mrs. Griffith ;) didn’t look happy as Caprica talked about the survival and perpetuation of the Cylon race. She was also eager to reveal that Nicky was not half Cylon. Will she be part of Gaeta’s mutiny?

I loved the Tigh/Caprica scene. Tigh was laughing! With Caprica! And happy! And Cottle had some fabulous lines. My personal favorite may be “working up a profile on this savior”. And while he didn’t seem too concerned about smoking in front of the expectant mother, Tigh quickly put out his cigarette.

The number on the white board this week is 39,644. Before Dee’s death it was 39,651. Seven suicides didn’t seem like a high number to me given the current circumstances. And it turns out it’s only four because, according to Mo Ryan, the webisodes with their three human deaths took place between last week and this week’s episode.

The writers have done an excellent job of building upon Gaeta’s resentment and bitterness and motivations for helping to spearhead the mutiny. His downfall (?) started two years ago with Baltar’s complete failure to live up to his expectations. That was followed by almost being blown out an airlock by, as it turns out, two Cylons and a woman married to one. A third Cylon is responsible for him losing a leg. Then there is the betrayal by the Sharon on New Caprica, Dee’s suicide, brought on by Laura Roslin’s failed promises, and having to wait for medical treatment as Cottle attends to a former Cylon prisoner. Finally, Adama announces that the people who have taken so much from him are to be their allies. I believe Gaeta’s plan to be ill conceived and, ultimately, it will cause him more pain. But I understand why he is making this choice and his arc has been a fascinating one to watch.

I realize Kara is trying to deal with the discovery she made on earth. She still doesn’t know who or what she is. And Gaeta was in her face, forcing her to talk about things she wasn’t ready to talk about. However, I found her comments to Gaeta deplorable. Gaeta lost his leg on Demetrius, a ship under her command, because her husband rushed to her defense. Both lied about what happened and neither received any punishment. Instead of getting up and walking away, the ugly side of Kara Thrace resurfaced and I just can’t find any way to defend her comments in that scene

Tom Zarek, don’t make me agree with you! Zarek’s comments and actions are selfishly motivated. And, in the current political vacuum, he’s making yet another power play. Yet, he also made some damn good points. The XO, the second in command of the fleet, is a Cylon. Adama, Mr. I Won’t Allow Networked Computers on My Ship, has OK’d Cylon technology to be installed on all ships in the fleet. The President is now living aboard Galactica and has not been seen or heard from. And Adama either a) expects everyone to go along with his wishes or b) for Lee, alone, to sell his plan.

But, for me, the big ‘Seriously?’ had to be the Cylons desire to be citizens *and* have a seat on the Quorum. I would have jumped out of my seat too, Lee. While the latter request actually makes some sense given they are, in a way, descendants of the thirteenth tribe, having the race that wiped out fifty billion humans suddenly be considered equals with a say in humanities future, yeah, that is hard to fathom.

I flashed back to Lee’s conversation with Laura in ‘Guess What’s Coming to Dinner’, the one in which he convinced her to talk to the Quorum. He’s trying to get her to do that again, but she’s not taking his calls. He was right the last time and he’s right this time. I don’t believe Laura could convince the entire Quorum and that she and Adama’s path is the only they can follow. However, I do feel she could have swayed a few of the Quorum delegates to her side and at least stopped a rush to judgment and, as it turns out, a rush to mutiny.

I’m not sure what to say about Laura Roslin at this point. Her characterization seemed a little bit off to me. I understand her breakdown. I understand she’s feeling she sacrificed so much personally, so much of herself, and it led to nothing. She’s no longer seen as humanities savior; she’s just another unfortunate survivor. So, now, she’s looking to “live before she dies”. I get it and I don’t begrudge her finding some happiness. But there’s also a selfishness here that seems extreme. She knows the fleet is falling apart. She knows Tom Zarek is making a power grab and has all but assumed the presidency…and none of that seems to matter to her. We’re really to believe she doesn’t care if humanity destroys itself?

Adama left me confused as well. Or, more precisely, some of Ron’s writing left me confused. Why did we have to watch Adama brush his teeth twice? Was this important? He can’t prevent the fleet from falling apart, but he can prevent tooth decay? Was he trying to get the smell of alcohol off his breath? And while I know Tom Zarek is capable of some dirty dealings, has he really been as corrupt as Adama claimed he was and selling the office of the vice president? Yes, Adama was bluffing, there was no file, but Zarek seemed to believe Adama had dirt on him. And, if he was that dirty, Laura stood by and did nothing? It all seems hard to believe.

As does Cally’s dalliance with Hot Dog which resulted in Nicky. Thanks to images of the Frak Chart from the cast and crew yearbook floating around, I was spoiled for a Cally/Hot Dog hookup, but I had no clue they were going to make Hot Dog Nicky’s biological father. While it helps to keep Hera special, there are other reasons it doesn’t work. When Cally went to the airlock to kill herself, why take Nicky with her? She hadn’t helped to create a hybrid. Why not leave the child with Hot Dog? Or Cottle? I smelled a retcon and guess what? I was right! From Mo Ryan’s interview with Ron:

So you had to sort of retrofit...

Yeah, we had to retrofit that. We knew that was going to be a problem back when we decided that Tyrol was a Cylon. We said, “OK, how are we going to deal with that?” And [someone] said, “Well, maybe at some point we just find out Tyrol’s not the father.” And we all kind of laughed. And then we said, “Actually, that’s a very elegant solution to it.” We just say, “Tyrol’s not the father,” and we move on.

Random Thoughts…

• Lee, I can’t believe you slipped up like that either! So it looks like Tigh fessed up about Ellen being the fifth. I’m glad. Keeping secrets was destroying him and he needs to be coming cleaning about things.

• Zarek asking Lee if he’s president again? Heh. I think Zarek was speaking for the entire audience there.

• Nice bit of continuity with Cottle stating that abortion is illegal, but there are ways around it.

• Baltar has gone from talking about the gods, to preaching of a single god, to now, apparently, going the route of an atheist.

• Gaeta supported Baltar as president and now Zarek. He sure knows how to pick them!

• Honestly, for all you Laura/Adama shippers, I’m happy. But, no, I’m not commenting on it. :p

• I was going to ask, “Where the hell is Anders?” But I’m having trouble recalling when they resumed filming and when Michael Trucco had his accident so it’s possible he wasn’t available for this episode.

• Non-spoilery comment regarding the promo for next week’s episode – Narcho! I’m not entirely sure why, but I have a fixation on this character.

And since I referred to it, Part 2 of Mo Ryan’s Interview with Ron Moore. No spoilers beyond this week’s episode.
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