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Podcast for 'A Disquiet Follows My Soul'

This week’s podcast was unusual. Terry joined Ron for the podcast and while she can provide interesting insights, she also can get Ron off track. I really didn’t care to hear about the auction during what I consider are significant scenes. And Ron, as a first time director, talked a lot about directing the episode. It may be fascinating to some people, but I want to hear about the characters motivations, not how a scene was blocked.

One important revelation, as with ‘Pegasus’ and ‘Unfinished Business’, this episode is getting the extended cut treatment on the DVD release. Woo! I’m truly excited about this since it sounded as if quite a bit of potentially interesting footage had to be cut for time.

Ron introduced Terry as Terry or Mrs. Ron. Terry said he should maybe not call her the latter since she had heard there was talk of it being misogynistic.

Ron wrote the episode knowing he was going to direct it, which meant he included things he was interested in and he thought he could tackle.

The poem Adama read was by Emily Dickenson. Ron had written that as part of Adama’s daily routine; he would read something to himself every morning. It was something Ron did when he worked on Roswell. It was random that Emily was on shelf, EJO pulled that book, and happen to select a passage that had resonance with the episode. Ron wanted to give a little insight as to how Adama began his day, everyday. He also wanted to show that, after ‘Revelations’, people were trying to go back to their daily lives and daily routines.

The press conference was originally going to be a meeting with Adama and the Quorum. The intention was the same as what we saw - a lot of people hollering at Adama and wanting answers.

The actors caused a change to occur on set. They questioned who would know about the final five and Ellen being the fifth. Originally, the line Lee delivers referring to the fifth and believing “she” is dead was to be blown off by the press. The actors argued that, no, there would be a much bigger reaction. They also needed to show in the conference that it was something they knew, but were keeping secret. Jamie came up with the idea of saying, ‘She’s dead’ so we’d realize what they were aware of.

The scene between Zarek, Adama, and Lee was done at the end of the day and, in the middle of one of the last takes, Eddie changed the blocking. He chose to walk forward to Zarek’s desk and it made it a more personal moment. Ron wanted to work with Eddie’s take, but he’d shot all the other coverage already. Earlier takes had Eddie doing his lines with Lee present, but he had no Lee coverage there. It’s why the editing may seem off.

The camera following Adama out of the bathroom and into the room – we’re coming back to Adama and where he is in his routine. (At this point I realized why we got so many shots of Adama brushing his teeth.)

Ron mentioned Gaeta’s simmering animosity starting to bubble to the surface.

Ron discussed the difficulty of shooting with a child. They tried to catch a moment when ‘Nicky’ could be on set and waited for his mother to tell them he was in a good mood. As soon as he was ready, the soundstage got incredibly quiet, and they rushed him in with his parents just off camera. Ron didn’t yell action, but the AD quietly said it. They filmed the scene as many times as they could, which wasn’t many. Kerry was “amazing”, keeping ‘Nicky’ amused and happy.

Once they decided Tyrol was going to be a Cylon, they had to ask what they were going to do about Nicky. It had been established that Hera was the only hybrid between human and Cylon and Ron didn’t want to change that. Somebody in the writer’s room said, “What if he’s not the father?” They all laughed, but decided it was the way to handle it. The problem went away. Then the question became who is the real father? They back tracked it in. Cally’s relationship with Tyrol had come out of nowhere. They were married suddenly and off camera in that missing year. It gave them a tremendous amount of leeway as to how those machinations came about. Ron (I think only half jokingly) wanted to make Figursky the father, but cooler heads prevailed.

There is a missing scene with Gaeta and Tigh confronting each other outside Adama’s quarters.

Mary had requested that there be something up really high because there was a specific stretching exercise she wanted to do

Two notable comments about the Kara/Gaeta scene: It was important to include shots of the background players to show how people are slowly starting to listen. And AJ ad libbed, “I guess a mercy frak is out of the question?” Ron loved it and decided to keep it which surprised AJ.

There is a longer version of the scene of Zarek talking to Quorum. We’re only seeing about a third of it. Again, the extended cut will be on the DVD. In the first part of the scene Lee is giving a speech to the Quorum which Zarek interupts. (This would explain a promo shot of Lee standing at the table speaking). Ron had to cut to the chase.

Ron talked for a bit about Richard Hatch. How he is the most prepared actor in the world. How he has his lines memorized at the table read. How he’s a consummate professional and lovely person. I’m thinking Zarek is doomed. ;p

The sequence of Adama waking up and Laura jogging was conceived of and filmed much differently. Adama receives a phone call from CIC and is informed that ten vipers are offline with maintenance problems. He then, angrily, goes down to the hanger deck and chews out Figursky because people have been calling in sick and neglecting their duties. Ron then had the idea to cut the entire hanger deck sequence and, instead, intercut the footage of Adama with Laura jogging. Then, when the phone rings and he shows up with Laura, you assume someone called him about her. He’s then angry because she shouldn’t be jogging, but receiving treatment. It becomes a more personal reason for him being angry.

The way Ron wrote the meeting between the Adama and Laura, Adama was not pleased, he was more pissed off, and very stern with her. Eddie’s instinct was to play it softer, more intimate. The scene is very important to their relationship in the show. She’s gotten to the point where she just wants to live a little before she dies. Terry referred to Laura as being delusional and talked about Adama being there for her. He lets her win this argument, lets her be, and he’s willing to let the fleet go to hell for Laura. It’s a place he goes to frequently – his gut and heart will send him in a different place then his head will.

There are several shots of Eddie with his hands in his pockets. The uniforms don’t have pockets, but Ron wanted his uniform this time to have them, so he’d be able to stick the scraps of paper in them. Eddie was lording it over everyone that he had pockets and walked through ship with hands in pockets just to annoy the other actors.

There was another Baltar scene. Yep, it will be on the DVD.

The little boy in front of Baltar is Ron and Terry’s son, Robin, and their daughter, Roxie, is also there.

An interesting bit of trivia - Ron bought Baltar’s cigarette case at the auction.

Adama’s, “Some days I hate this job”, had been cut because David Weddle thought it took away from the seriousness of the moment. Ron put it back in because he liked the dark humor and it shows that Adama is just really tired.

The Adama/Zarek scene was longer and the head of it got lopped off. Adama throws the paperwork down and Zarek asks if it’s his execution order. Adama states, no, that would be a single sheet of paper.

Eddie and Mary believe Adama and Laura have been sleeping together for quite awhile – on NC and at various times since. In Ron’s mind, this is the first time, but he admits it can be open to interpretation. Mary couldn’t move around much because of the bald cap. If she turned her head at all you’d see the back and it would give away the secret of the bald cap. (The secret of it?!)
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