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The Killing Time Until 'The Office' Post

If there was a Super Bowl ad you loved and want to see again or you didn't want to sit through the Super Bowl just for the ads, Hulu has them all posted for viewing. What did we do before Hulu people???

Speaking of Hulu, I loved their commercial, though Alec Baldwin looked a bit odd. The bit that got me was, "What are you going to do? Turn off your TV and computer?" Wow. They really get the multitaksing that goes on. And the tag line was pretty awesome. "Hulu: An evil plot to destroy the world." Hee.

My other favorite commercial was NBC's promo for the Monday night lineup returning tomorrow night. Can anything top Casey dancing with his gun? I think not!

As for the movies, G.I. Joe didn't look as bad as I feared, but I still fear some of the casting. Star Trek isn't feeling like a Star Trek movie to me. And if the first film was called The Fast and the Furious, isn't calling the fourth in the franchise Fast and the Furious going to be confusing?

Things that amused me during the actual game:

Al Michaels, after he saw Cuba Gooding Jr. in attendance and recounted his experience of watching him film a pivotal scene for Jerry Maguire and John Madden asked if he was in the film, announcing he just received a $26 dollar residual check last week.

Fanfic has ruined the game of football for me. When Madden commented, "He gets penetration on both sides", well, you don't want to know where my mind went.

And totally unrelated, last week The NY Times did a piece on the new dress code at the White House. One part of the article has been contradicted (people had been photographed in oval office in shirt sleeves during the Bush years), but it's an interesting glimpse into the Obama routine. And I fully support not showing up to work until 9:00am. ;)
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