Very cool! I'm not quite caught up on S1 but really enjoy it so far.
Have you seen the wedding episode? That may be my favorite thus far. :)

I really need an Eliot icon...
Is that the show with Academy Award winning Timothy Hutton in it? ;-p

Great news.
I think there's going to be a backlash against all these "obviously not in the real world" shows. The one against Lost (finally coming out as a sci-fi shennanigan) is bound to be pretty strong: a lot of "average viewers" feel betrayed. I mean, Leverage, landing a plane on a highway and then managing to get off without the government tracking down everyone who was involved? I think that pushes past the breaking point of the average viewer who wants something more exciting than CSI but not THAT outside the realm of possibility. I think Lie to Me is going to come out on top of the procedural stack because of that, even though its longevity is probably circumscribed by its limitations, too.

Also: Psyche gave Mentalist a shout out. :P
The episode involving the plane was a mixed bag for me. I really enjoyed the scenes with Hardison in the office, but the stuff on the plane was ridiculous. And my big pet peeve is that in every episode that have to make everyone else look stupid to show how super clever our 'heroes' are. As I said to someone the other night, I hope (and think) they'll use the hiatus to see what is working and what isn't and make it a better show in Season 2. With BSG being so dark and emotionally draining and monopolizing my brain, it's nice to have some fun, mindless entertainment. Plus, Christian Kane to watch. ;)